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  1. Jakon Semdesyat dva was an hunter that lived in chernarus long before the infected ocupated the area. He moved to chernarus from norway in the hopes of getting away from all stress in his old life. The reason he chose Chernarus was becasuse his dad came from there, his mother was norwegian. he enjoyed going out on walks and being surrounded by nature. He hunted animals for a living and earned more than enough on doing so. He was a great hunter, he grew up hunting with his father back in norway. He would hunt deer, rabbits and foxes. Local farmers would pay him off to hunt wolfs that killed their sheep. He lived in a cabin alone west of berezino.
  2. His character was beeing kind of annoying and did not fit into the group. growl was the leader of the group and wanted to rob him so i followed along with him.
  3. I was not aware that i killed @Sleepyhead. We were all shooting infected at vmc. there were an unusual amount of them there. I believe she was in the middle of them all hitting them. I never saw her die so i must have either missed a infected or my bullet probably went through a infected and hit her if that is even possible. she asked me in discord voice if i killed her and i told her i was not sure. I'm sorry for killing her, i had no idea.
  4. Me and growl decided to take sm1ley into the forest because we didn't feel like he fit our group. We took him west of stary sobor into the woods where we pointed our guns at him telling him to drop his guns and radio. He hesitated with dropping the gun even tho he had two guns aimed at his head. he kept asking "why?" every time we told him to drop it. he eventually did drop it. He quickly started standing alot in one place for a while, it looked like he kept tabbing out. We had to tell him several times in ooc chat to not tab out in the middle of rp. He would be very quiet and not answer us alot. When we were moving locations i asked him why he were hiding a radio from us and he just told me something like "I don't want to talk" He would tab out so often that it was completely imersion breaking. I told him if he did not listen to me when i spoke to him i would just end his life but he did not seem to care too much and kept tabbing out of the game. My video pov:
  5. Me and thegrowl was drinking at a waterpump when a group of people surrounded us being pretty friendly until they suddenly told me and my friend to drop out gear and follow them into a forest a 5 min walk away. we did as they said the entire way there. when we got into the forest they tied us up to a tree and told us to say a few lines they had written down. they were tourturing us for a long time. they asked us for kill perms but we said no. they kept tourturing us. some of them mentioned that my friend had a woman avatar so they started calling him a trans. i'm not sure if this is why they killed him or if the kill was an accident. All of them ended up aiming their guns at my friend and as their leader told them to shoot him they did. I then remember them letting me go and i ran away.
  6. This happened a while ago so i can't give any detailed pov. but i do remember meeting them and they led us into the forest not telling us know what was happening. they then tied us up to a tree and torutred us, they ended up killing my friend then they let me go. My friend did not give them permissions to kill him but they still did. after he was shot i was told to run away and not come back.
  7. We went to vybor military base (me and @thegrowl), there was tons of zombies (like 20x the original spawn amount) and we went in and tried to kill them with our axes. growl got really injured from the zombies, afterwards, there was people coming (the people being reported). growl told me to tell them to help him "for the roleplay", and growl crawled with injured animation to them and screamed help. they checked him, and then they told him to pay them his gun for them to help him, he then stood up and said "im fine, nevermind" and they got mad at him and accused him of trying to steal drugs from them. then they decided to rob us. we were taken into the jail of vmc and we were tortured there by them, then they planted human meat in a backpack of ours and accused us of being cannibals. then they let me go, and growl kept being tortured. then afterwards i decided to come back and kill them. pretty much it. video pov:
  8. My pov was basically just the same as thegrowls pov. just that i was kept alive and they let me go after thegrowl died.
  9. I am the other guy that was taken hostage, after I was released we did not communicate. I decided to come back and attack them on my own, @thegrowl had no idea that i did it
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