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  1. Vahid was born in Afghanistan, but due to bad tensions in the country, his family sent him away as a baby to Sweden completely alone. Because of this he never got to know his family, meaning he lived with a Swedish family that adopted him. He was unfortunately put on the wrong track and got into criminality very early in his life, and started robbing gas stations and small stores for money. Vahid loved going on vacations with the money he earned from his 'side hustle' and decided to go for 4 weeks in a small eastern state called Chernarus in January of 2020, unlucky for him it became more than just a 4 week vacation...
  2. I cannot join either of the servers. I am on the latest version of DayZ, with the correct mods. However I am getting "Bad version, server rejected" message or something like that.
  3. It sounds like nobody is caring about this, it is restarting/crashing every 15 minutes no joke and its ruining the gameplay insanely.
  4. I am speaking for both me and Benjamin as we agree on it: We wanted to show him (in RP) what we do with people that are not up to the task to be with us.
  5. Not the entire situation from start to finish. Do you want me to report you? Like what are you even thinking right now... I am closing the report, its up to me as I opened it. End of discussion
  6. 1. I clearly said "when I ask for a banana", not when you did. 2. I don't care if you would've looted him, I care that you looted him the first thing you did. What if the killer of that body saw you? He could've thought you were with the person that died and ended up bringing us into a gunfight. You would've been allowed to loot him, just not the FIRST thing you do when you see the body. I call that not having impulse control. Added my ÝouTube video
  7. I have decided to close this report for the reason that I have no substantial evidence, making me not able to win this case either way.
  8. 1. Our codeword to rob people were "do you have a banana?", he knew this and I told him that I initiate hold ups. Anyway he kept saying (roughly 10 times within 20 seconds) "BANANA, BANANa, BANANA" when we met someone. Basically this made us think he was a little too hyperactive for us, as he doesn't show to have any impulse control. 2. When we went to some shots we heard north of Stary Sober, we found a body. Connor's first thought was to loot it, not thinking tactically about anything. Both of these reasons made us feel like he had no impulse control, and only had the goal to killing and robbing people.
  9. I never said I wasn't a part of Benjamins group. I said that I was not knowing of the fact that he started shooting you people. And I was not in on that at all. Along with that picture, I'd like to say that I see this as a court case, the judge decides the punishment / outcome of a case, not the lawyers.
  10. There are no allegations that you metagamed, there *WERE* thoughts of us thinking you were metagaming the first half of the hostage situation.
  11. I'm a part of alot of servers aswell, theres alot of solutions for skipping alerts, such as the gif I attached. I don't feel like that is an acceptable excuse, considering your earlier history from the hostage situation with you the day before, where your friend magically found us when we took your radio, we believed you were meta gaming and tabbing out to type to a friend or something. Plus there was a pretty big coincidence that there were shots coming closer and closer, even being at our latest position. Regardless of what the reason of tabbing out was, we still lost immersion in that RP situation and had absolutely no fun at all. Me and Benjamin kept talking continuously after this event about how bad that was. And to add, in that other situation I mentioned, you also were quiet almost the entire situation, however that isn't a part of the report. But you must understand that you cannot just be robbed and be quiet 90% of the entire time.
  12. However, it was not for revenge. It was for defence for the shots as I didn't know it was you guys. And I never hurt anybody in your group. There was never a warning to get out and not come back either.
  13. I heard shots, and I thought it was a 3rd party, so I wanted to load my gun just in case they were hostile (which then turned out to be you)
  14. I'd like to also add that Connor broke this rule: 4.10 If you are searched for items by other players you must give away all items that are available on your character - you may not make items "imaginary", hidden in body cavities or have concealed weapons. @Benjaminn searched him for radio, and he gave us a radio, hiding his 2nd radio from us. Afterwards wefound out he did actually have another radio which will be shown on my video I am adding around tomorrow morning.
  15. Server and location: S1 - Near Novy Sobor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 10/13/2018 11:XX PM (CEST) Your in game name: Logan Coates Names of allies involved: Daniel Gunnarssen (I think this is the correct spelling) Name of suspect/s: Connor something Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Detailed description of the events: We met up with Connor, thinking he would be a good candidate for recruitment to a group we are planning on creating. But upon seeing how he acts, we decided to change our minds on this. We took his guns and lead him out into the forest, we found a little deer shed where we held him for a bit. During this time, Connor messages me on Discord saying I am not allowed to hold him up for revenge, even though we didn't do it for revenge. After hearing shots, and finding out he had a second radio, we moved him to a new position, during this walk Daniel asked "why did you have 2 radios?", which Connor never responded to, upon telling him "You fucking respond when we talk to you", he answered with "I dont wanna talk, I already tried talking to you guys". After reaching our destination, he continuously tabbed out never responding to us, where we had to almost everytime we gave him an order had to give him a 5 second countdown to get him to listen. The shots we heard earlier came closer, near the shack we were just at, Connor started puking making us scared as we thought he was metagaming and typing to a friend (shots came closer, he starts vomiting to slow us down), so I told Daniel to move Connor while I checked the shots out. Upon coming back we decided to move him once again to be safe, where he started puking on the ground again, we lead him to a pond where Daniel starts digging Connors grave, and I let Connor drink at the pond. I see a house that I decide to go to, where I get Daniel to bring Connor to (Daniel tells me OOC on Discord that Connor isn't doing anything, hes just sitting there being tabbed out or something). Upon reaching the house, I ask him if he got some diagnosis or something considering he doesn't seem to be paying attention to anything, where he says he has ADD, we torture him and knock him out and leave him with his food and near a water source. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): * Let me first start off: I know I did 1 big thing wrong by saying that "I wanted to kill him", but I never did let my real life feelings affect the game, this was an OOC conversation with @Benjaminn. Screenshot of Connor typing to me during the RP about us not being allowed to hold him up: YouTube video, in my POV of the situation: YouTube video, in Daniel's POV of the situation:
  16. 1. I heard the leader of the group say "send the guys to Vybor" or something, so that showed me you were leaving. ( 7:55 on my video), I now saw that I kinda faulted on that considering he only said "you 2" while I heard it as "guys, go to vybor". 2. I didn't say I "healed faster than expected", I said something in the lines of "i over exaggerated the injury" (which is a real thing, called being hypochondriac) 3. I did not use OOC to "casually chat with other players in game", nor did I use OOC to take priority over my roleplay. I thought the healing in the game was very slow, but I healed from flashing red to white HP in the matter of 2-3 minutes.
  17. Join my friend in attacking? Didn't even know that he was here till you guys told me. Picked up a gun? How its that FailRP? You can't report someone for looting... Also, I typed in //OOC that I healed faster than I thought, never said it in RP.
  18. In my defence, why would anyone rob someone in a small military base with not even 5 barracks. Then let the hostage live, and then stay instead of leaving? That is kind of the same logic as to "why would you pick up a gun?". Neither did I actually show myself as a threat, and I still did comply to your 2nd robbery.
  19. 1. Me and my friend did NOT attempt to get revenge. I left my friend around the same time as he was released. 2. I picked up a gun, not to get revenge, but because I found one and I thought it would be good to have a gun, just like anyone else got a gun. Added the youtube video now
  20. Server and location: S1 - Vybor Military Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 10/8/2018 9:40 PM (CEST) Your in game name: Zeke Rainer Names of allies involved: Benjamin Snillfyr Name of suspect/s: One of them is David Mack I belive, and another one was something Fisher. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Me and my friend Benjamin entered VMC, and there were tons of zombies, we decided to attack the zombies anyways and I ended up almost dying. The group arrived afterwards, and I crawled up to them and asked for help. I quickly healed from red to white HP so I said I'm fine anyways, as I didn't expect the healing to be that quick. They asked for a payment for "looking at me", and robbed me when I declined. They planted a human steak in my backpack and accused me of cannibalism, and let my friend go and tortured me. Afterwards, they let me go and I went to loot back up in VMC, afterwards I meet them almost instantly where they rob me once more and accuse me of telling my friend to attack them or something (I left my friend, as I was kinda mad he just ditched me), and then they just executed me. Even though I had nothing to do with whatever my friend did.
  21. Oh okay, thanks. I thought we were just killed when we left as KoS, we didn't hear you guys initiating. I guess I'm putting the report down ?
  22. -User received a caution for the following post-
  23. Server and location: S1 Vybor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 10/07/2018 12:55 AM (CEST) Your in game name: Samuel Ferm Names of allies involved: Benjamin Snillfyr Name of suspect/s: Mr.Lucky (ingame name) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): * Video of him asking "if we had Discord", even acknowledging that he was Fail RPing: * He also does never use "//" OOC prefix, and overuses it tons.
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