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  1. Thank you @Saunders
  2. I cannot join either of the servers. I am on the latest version of DayZ, with the correct mods. However I am getting "Bad version, server rejected" message or something like that.
  3. It sounds like nobody is caring about this, it is restarting/crashing every 15 minutes no joke and its ruining the gameplay insanely.
  4. Mason was born in the small town Corby north of London, UK, at 6 months him and his parents moved to New Mexico, USA due to a job offer his father Michael had received. Mason was talented when it came to sports, but was not a big fan of studying. Every day he came home from school, and played football with his friends. He dropped out of high-school, and worked at a local fast-food joint to save money to pursue football, but was quickly kicked out of the house when his father got lung-cancer and his mother couldn't afford to pay for both Mason's living and Michaels hospital bills, at this time Mason started getting more and more into the politics of communism due to his, and his familys bad eceonomic state. Mason also at the time found an advertisement to join a Private Military Contractor organization by the name of "Southgate". This PMC group was contracted by NATO to help out in peacekeeping operations internationally alongside the UN. The PMC group required no grades, and paid insanely good. Mason sent his application and was later the same day contacted for an interview, where he eventually was offered the job. 6 months of training later, Mason was being contracted alongside his squad to a small state bordering Russia by the name of "Chernarus". There had been big tensions there for a few years due to a civil war that broke out a year earlier. The mission went well, and he was flied back home early after 2 months, his check was paid out and he was living the american dream with tons of money to spare, at the same time his father got very ill and Mason decided he would use all the money he earned from Southgate to help with hospital bills. Mason and his family fell back into economic trouble, and eventually his father passed away due to the cancer spreading. Mason became more and more a fan of the idea of communism again, and started going to communist rallies to learn more. His mother Clara had fallen into deep depression due to his fathers passing, and moved to the small Scandinavian country Sweden. Mason, a newly formed communist followed his mother, and they lived in Sweden for 3 years before Mason was offered to be contracted by Southgate back to Chernarus. Mason accepted the mission, and was flied back to Chernarus. The mission was supposed to take 6 months but spanned way longer than that, in fact 18 months went by. The peacekeeping was going well, and tensions started lowering. It is now July, 2017. The month of origin, of what can be called an outbreak, epidemic or anything alongside those lines. A farm north of Severograd had called in being attacked by rabid, crazy soldiers of CDF. Mason and his squad was called in to check on it alongside a squad of the UN. Upon arrival, there were nothing but a dead farmer completely eaten up to the bones..... And here we continue.....
  5. Chernogorsk hospital, May 21st 1991 was the day Anatoly was born. He was raised by both of his parents in the little town of Vybor. He attended school in Chernogorsk and took the bus home every day after school. Anatoly was a very shy kid, he never made friends at school and was often bullied for living in Vybor, which was considered a poor village at the time. Even though the difficulties, Anatoly made it through elementary school with perfect grades, however he decided to not go further than this, and attend military at the young age of 16. He sent in a request to join the Chernarussian Defence Forces training program, where he was accepted a week later. CDF was very desperate for soldiers as a big communistic party was gaining traction, and they wanted their power through force. (Known as the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star). Anatoly made it through the training with ease, as he was a very smart person even though his social anxiety. He was not let into the military though due to his age, and he was told he could join once he turned 18. During this time, his mother was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, and he had to take care of her as his father was at work almost always. 3 years later, when Anatoly was 19, his mother died from the cancer. A month later, his father was found dead in his room after hanging himself. There were no suicide notes or anything, so the reasoning behind it wasn't very clear, but guesses was that he did it due to the depression that his wife's death caused him. A year later, the red star movement ended up sparking a big civil war in Chernarus, calling in NATO forces. It was one of the biggest civil wars in history. At this time, Anatoly as poor as he was, decided to join CDF. He had prior training, so he had no requirement to do that again. He was a part of the war all the way till the end, where tensions were very big after the civil war. NATO forces stayed to peace keep the area. At this time Anatoly decided to leave CDF (at age 25). He lived for a year on the money he had made in the military, where the outbreak started. And here the journey begins...
  6. I am speaking for both me and Benjamin as we agree on it: We wanted to show him (in RP) what we do with people that are not up to the task to be with us.
  7. Not the entire situation from start to finish. Do you want me to report you? Like what are you even thinking right now... I am closing the report, its up to me as I opened it. End of discussion
  8. 1. I clearly said "when I ask for a banana", not when you did. 2. I don't care if you would've looted him, I care that you looted him the first thing you did. What if the killer of that body saw you? He could've thought you were with the person that died and ended up bringing us into a gunfight. You would've been allowed to loot him, just not the FIRST thing you do when you see the body. I call that not having impulse control. Added my ÝouTube video
  9. I have decided to close this report for the reason that I have no substantial evidence, making me not able to win this case either way.
  10. 1. Our codeword to rob people were "do you have a banana?", he knew this and I told him that I initiate hold ups. Anyway he kept saying (roughly 10 times within 20 seconds) "BANANA, BANANa, BANANA" when we met someone. Basically this made us think he was a little too hyperactive for us, as he doesn't show to have any impulse control. 2. When we went to some shots we heard north of Stary Sober, we found a body. Connor's first thought was to loot it, not thinking tactically about anything. Both of these reasons made us feel like he had no impulse control, and only had the goal to killing and robbing people.
  11. I never said I wasn't a part of Benjamins group. I said that I was not knowing of the fact that he started shooting you people. And I was not in on that at all. Along with that picture, I'd like to say that I see this as a court case, the judge decides the punishment / outcome of a case, not the lawyers.
  12. There are no allegations that you metagamed, there *WERE* thoughts of us thinking you were metagaming the first half of the hostage situation.
  13. I'm a part of alot of servers aswell, theres alot of solutions for skipping alerts, such as the gif I attached. I don't feel like that is an acceptable excuse, considering your earlier history from the hostage situation with you the day before, where your friend magically found us when we took your radio, we believed you were meta gaming and tabbing out to type to a friend or something. Plus there was a pretty big coincidence that there were shots coming closer and closer, even being at our latest position. Regardless of what the reason of tabbing out was, we still lost immersion in that RP situation and had absolutely no fun at all. Me and Benjamin kept talking continuously after this event about how bad that was. And to add, in that other situation I mentioned, you also were quiet almost the entire situation, however that isn't a part of the report. But you must understand that you cannot just be robbed and be quiet 90% of the entire time.
  14. However, it was not for revenge. It was for defence for the shots as I didn't know it was you guys. And I never hurt anybody in your group. There was never a warning to get out and not come back either.
  15. I heard shots, and I thought it was a 3rd party, so I wanted to load my gun just in case they were hostile (which then turned out to be you)
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