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  1. Miss you man

  2. Merry Christmas!

  3. *He chuckles as he hears the big dicking, he presses the PTT* "First of all, screeching all this shit on the radio is real childish, you sound like an idiot." "You can't steal from people who are giving things away, you only make the world a shittier place." "I hope you feel good about yourself, people like you don't deserve to have survived this long." *He released the PTT and sets his radio aside*
  4. Looks like it'll be a thing soon
  5. Rajjip

    Hunter with GM

    nah bro whos that
  6. I was the guy in the grey hoodie, I'm in charity and made sure I didn't start firing till you endangered their lives - Good fight.
  7. Always really cool vibes and RP from this group, saved our asses
  8. Always a good time with this group, even though Hutch hates me
  9. Link to the situation: G_Date will know which I mean, otherwise N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: Fantastic support, as HDragon said he is an essential part of the team. Very friendly and helpful. All around great guy! Suggestions for improvement: Absolutely N/A
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