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"I want a slave so he can carry all me shit u know"

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  1. MrsunnyRP

    Hello... again

    Hello MrJubba
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    Staff Feedback: Sleepyhead

    - User Was Cautioned For This Post -
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    Official Football World Cup 2018 Thread

    hahahahahahaha fuck yeah BOOOOOIS England ist coming home xD
  4. MrsunnyRP

    What do you listen to ?

  5. Tuks is a person from Bombay and was selling shoes. One day tuks was force to close his shoes store so he moved to chenarus to make a new start in his life. when he came to chernarus he open her shoes store. tuks loves to sell indian shoes and he makes them him self. every things he sells is is made in to perfection. Tuks has many things he can tell u about so ask away and a story u will get. Tuks can make food and shoes thats is his only two talents. Tuks love music so play any kind of music and Tuks will sing along Tuks two favorite songs is Pumped up Kicks and africa if u mess with tuks he will scream blood fuck u
  6. MrsunnyRP

    Sunny's Picasso Pall

    this is not how u hold a gun @dimitri
  7. MrsunnyRP

    It’s been a blast

  8. MrsunnyRP

    0.63 AT 3PM GMT

    i dont like it PLZ hASLP me plEZ
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    Sunny's Picasso Pall

    good times
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    Altar Hill Radio Station - Announcement - First Broadcast

    whe is it
  11. MrsunnyRP

    Altar Hill Radio Station - Announcement - First Broadcast

    well well
  12. MrsunnyRP

    Sunny's Picasso Pall

    when you have to improvise your defense
  13. MrsunnyRP

    S1: BadRP and overly using OOC-chat in Svetlojarsk - 06-07/April/2018 23:00 - 00:30

    My POV: I was in severograd waiting for @Heathen to roleplay with. He tells me we are going to RP with @Niccokick in svet. when we arrived in sevet we go up to the tents and se @Niccokick on the ground with to people around him then @Heathen say in a calm voice "Whats going on here?" @Niccokick tells @Heathen DOM RÅNAR MIG (They are robbing me) in swedish so @Heathen draw his gun and tell me to pull my gun up to so i do and then we tell them to put there hands up. Then @RandyBiscuit ask me do i know u asian guy i say no you dont know me, He says you are kei right i say no i am his friend Sunny. Then i run up in the forest to be overwatch.
  14. MrsunnyRP

    Sunny's Picasso Pall

    Well well well looks like fun stuff is happening down there @RandyBiscuit @Harrison15B @Heathen @Niccokick Very spooky ooooooo
  15. MrsunnyRP

    Sunny's Picasso Pall

    Thx u @DatBlueWolf for visiting the buddhist church. Thx u come again