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  1. Random Screenshots

  2. Random Screenshots

    well well well
  3. Real life picture Thread

    I like pizza
  4. IRL stuff

  5. Seung Hyun

    Seung Hyun was born 25th of January 1982 in a city called Tongyeong in South Korean and is the third child of the takamori family. Seung was born in the the drugs and weapon smuggling world and levied healthy life and meet new faces every day that me and my brother thought were weird but we didn't care so much. When Seung and his two brother turned twenty five their dad Introduced them to his massive empire of a business. At first it was weird because their father never said anything about his company when we asked him about it. He told us that we are going to work for him now and make his empire bigger and better. for a brief second we looked at each other and asked how. after a few seconds are dad said to us you guys are going to have your main focus in europe. 5 years later on day the three brother got a weird phone call from a country that they have never done business in before. They took the job went to their truck and started to loaded up the truck with weapons drugs and food to hide everything. After everything was loaded up Seung and his brothers jumped in the truck and took off to Chernarus to be continued...
  6. Alex Johansson

    Hi me name is Alex Johansson i am 21 years old lived in Sweden. I was a truck driver. i was driving to Chernarus to deliver food to Chernarus. When i arrived to Chernarus the cops stopped me and searched the entire truck for drugs and weapons they did not find anything illegal so i parked the truck and went to a bar and asked if i cold get a glass of Coca-Cola he looked at me and smiled. So i went back to the truck and drop of the goods at the store i decided to spend the night. In the middle of the night I woke up of someone knocking on my truck. i opened the truck and saw a police officer so i asked him what wrong and he said I should go to the helicopters on the field behind us as soon as possible. I asked what is going on sir. He said i dont know rhigt now but just go to the helicopters. I said okay and started to go when I approached the two helicopters soldiers came and took me to a helicopter. I asked what's going on? but no one answered. We had been in the air for 10 minutes when the pilot got problems with helicopter and he was forced to land close to a town called Dobore. After that well you know the rest i hand to survive.
  7. Overwatch Tournament Thread

    I like apple juice. just letting everyone know. <3
  8. The Vigil Media

  9. The Vigil Media

    when you tell Andrej to fuck off
  10. Seung hyun POV: i was there with Grigori Hanski, Grisha Petrov, Jonathan Borden, and i we talked to him for a little while then we took him to the road. Mike Orchil said do you have any last word he said something that i dont remember then we told the man go away He dropped a hand grenade and then we stated to shot at him.
  11. *Mr.Sunny here a voice on his radio he gets confused for a second and then he starts to talk* hmmm i do remember you yes yes. AA SHIT!!!! 10 seconds later Mr.sunny start to talk again Sorry i fell down the stairs. anyway i am doing good. Why do you even try to contact ex coldwater members when you know that Mr.Balfour will kill every coldwater member that he finds anyway bye. *Mr.Sunny turns off his radio and goes back to sleep*
  12. I don't know when i will return to dayzrp again. It's been a fun journey and now the journey ends for me.
  13. it's good to meet a old friend of john btw nice pictures caveman keep it up