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  1. Arno was born in Novigrad to an established family in their district. His family owned a series of bakeries across the district that was well known throughout Novigrad. A bakery so widely known that the President Radec Kozlov attended regularly for freshly baked goods before the infection. Arno’s childhood was fairly basic, he attended school and aided his parents in the bakery after school. At the age of 17 after leaving school for a year or so now Arno felt sunk in his family’s job. The idea of working their his entire life daunted him, he wanted to achieve more and see the world. A couple of childhood friends had already left to join the CDF and Arno saw it as a fitting opportunity to expand his horizons. At the age of 18 Arno signed up and went through basic training. Upon completing training he decided to join the 313th Signals and Electronic Warfare Company, a unit that wasn’t the basic grunt slogging through mud and fire but an educated soldier that can take his skills on later life. Mid 2016 Arno completed an operational tour in Takistan with his unit establishing communication devices in villages and intercepting insurgent radio chatter. It was a experience that shaped Arno but made him more mature ultimately. July 2017, the outbreak gripped chernarus by its neck and alongside several CDF units, Arno was sent to reestablish law and order to the ravaged land of South Zagoria. Ultimately the mission failed and the CDF soldiers withdrew from South Zagoria to recuperate. Late 2018 Arno along with a squad of the 313th was sent back into South Zagoria to ensure radio stations were maintained so that the surviving population within South Zagoria could receive political broadcast and for it to be a early warning system for infected hordes or the Russians/BPR.
  2. Fonzu was born in a small island nation, with not many prospects or opportunities. Joining the army at 16 was arguably the most interesting thing he could possibly have done. During his career he quickly accelerated through the ranks holding positions in both the RDT and eventually the UN peace corps. Before his deployment to chernarus to deal with chernarussian/ russian disputes, Fonzu had his first child. Conceved in England, fonzu and his finance bought a rather lavish home there to prepare for their life as a family. Jerimayah his son was born in january of 2017 and fonzu's deployment was scheduled for Febuary. After many lengthy phone calls and numerous favours called in he stayed with his wife untill the first of March before being deployed. Having spent his whole life fighting battles he didn't agree with for countries that couldn't care for his life, he had seen a lot of bloodshed, and orchestrated much of it, but with his new respect for human life and sense of true belonging fonzu decided to use his skill set for keeping peace rather that quiet executions. It would be his last real job for anybody else's kingdom as he now had is own now, where he was king and there would be no war. Back home. However following the events in south zagoria and the atrocities he had seen there he no longer knew if this place really existed or it was all created in the theatre of his mind. All he knows for sure is that he has to get to Novigrad and escape this hell, unbeknown to fonzu the whole world was now a living hell like that he had never experienced.
  3. naf

    hello world!

    hi, im naf from uk, ive played a lot of DayZ over the years but ive never fully experienced RP in a server such as this. after initially finding the server to be locked, i researched the site and found a bunch of youtube vids. THIS. LOOKS. INCREDIBLE. Its like old dayz where nobody KoS and everybody really cares if they die or not. i have to say im hyped to play with you all, just wanted to say hey
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