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  1. She stole my joint wtf
  2. Apollo

    The Boys From the Ends Media Thread

    wagwan we the boys from the ends innit
  3. i love how delayed it was maybe it was the ping, regardless that was not close to enough time. @Nik was still walking not even stopped or sprinting, he hadn't acknowledged what happened because he had no time.
  4. lol lying, okay look there was four of us in total position logs can prove that so can hit logs, the three of us at the initiation and one near your sniper friend. Being chased by men with knives is meant to be threatening, but it is not an initiation, we only had our knives out we never claimed you would be killed, we didn't yell really loudly to put your hands up or be killed so there was never an initiation. The lying that's going on in the report is from @SmashingWB claiming he waited 5 seconds before spraying @Nik down when his gun was out, he wasn't given any time to comply or had his gun out so he wasn't a direct threat.
  5. how does that matter to the initiation and kill, the clip shows that he sprayed him down five one second after he initiated, showing the invalid kill.
  6. lol no you did not wait 5 seconds, you waited maybe .5 of a second till you started shooting. Kyle was speaking about us on the radio and giving out our locations so we told him to fuck off after he kept giving our location. Then you dropped the initiation from behind us while nik was walking without a gun out and while saying the initiation you dropped nik. No time to comply and i didn't understand your initiation just heard a really loud noise followed by gunshots so i dropped you.
  7. Apollo

    Chapter 2 [Recruitment open]

    goodluck with this seems pretty cool!
  8. *Sheikh is finished with his prayer and grabs the radio when suddenly a random voice is heard then the Caliphate's voice follows* As my Caliphate said, you will all die when you face the wrath of the strongest holy army the world has seen, we will spread the word of Allah and crush the true infidels trying to spread Christianity around our area, this is the Ummayat our Region, we control it and we maintain these lands and the religion that is followed. This is your first and final warning, turn around and leave our region or be prepared to face the wrath of Allah. *Sheikh sets his radio down and begins boiling his tea*
  9. Me, Nik and Dew ran into two guys behind Zeleno military, after some difficult talking with one of the guys, the other guy initiates and while initiating starts shooting nik so i dropped him and dew got his other friend that started shooting at us. So the initiation went something like "EVERYONE HANDS UP" but it was so loud and mumbled through the mic and then immediately shoots nik.
  10. The Start Dommy was your average kid living in south london, born and raised the rough street ways, born to a single teen mother. Her parents had disowned his mother but chose to take Dommy in and raise him. They still lived in South London where he went to public school, finding a group to fit in with was the football team where he played as a winger. Dommy was skilled from a young age and his grandparents could tell, the PE teacher at the school talked to his parents about the potential he had and that they should start putting him in football team academies to train him according to his skill. As Dommy was growing older, his relationship with football was starting to shift the more he hung out with his roadman boys that lived in his neighbourhood. They was getting with the life of the streets and his grandparents were realizing what was happening. The Change He was no longer interested in playing football and maintaining his training he was starting to come home late and drunk and sometimes not coming home at all. His grandparents gave him several chances but to no avail they came to the decision to kick him out. Dommy didn’t really care, he knew this was coming sooner or later but knew his brothers on the streets had him. Even though he was only 16 at the time he was out on the streets with his brothers, until they began getting more serious with the crimes, at first it was petty throwing bottles at tesco glass doors and running away but they started with mugging people in the streets, taking them for their wallets and shoes. He had no problems with the lifestyle he was going with, he was out drinking, not worrying about any of his A levels mugging people in the streets wasnt a bad thing, it was his way of funding his habits. Dommy hadn’t run into anyone fighting back when they was getting mugged until this big man pulls out an uzi when they tried mugging him and shot his friend but Dommy rushed the guy and shanks him in the throat leaving his friend and running away from the scene. This fucked with Dommy heavily, this was different from just robbing someone, taking a life was something he knew would happen but not this soon. It took him a few days of heavy drinking to process what happened. Dommy’s boys decided it would be good to go to russia to watch Liverpool play a friendly with the Russian National squad for a football game, when they make it to russian getting off the plane they are already drunk, loud and being their hooligan self. The night goes on and they go to the football game. They got very very drunk when they woke up they were in a different hotel room and the outside looked nothing like the town they were in, they went downstairs to the lobby and they found out they was in Chernarus.
  11. Apollo

    The Wolf Pack [Strict IC Recruitment]

    You bring up the golden tickets and that's one of the main reasons that we were at your base, after being given so many golden tickets and chances that were RP'd out it seems like your group doesn't want to come to peace which is fine on an ic level but to have members get upset and flame and talk badly about members in my group on the forums, discord or on streams isnt the right way to handle it. One of your goals "Find groups willing to help those who cannot defend themselves and to fight against those who impede on the survival of others." Jaysh isn't a hostile group that targets those who can't defend themselves, A scenario that happened not too long ago, during the small cease fire agreement we had after you were renamed yara we found a group of children that were not safe so our group decided to help them and separate the children from the men they were with. I came to a member of your group and handed the child to Willow asking her to take care of her, it was Liah.
  12. Apollo

    Jaysh Allah (Closed Recruitment)

    Honestly all I can say is that I'm sorry you feel that way but these are the situations that are happening in game due to in-character problems, they can be solved through RP as I personally have tried several times. I know this might sounds crazy but I like to Roleplay too that's why im here, the hostilities in character have reached a high as repercussions of deals and coalitions against our group and after giving group leaders outs they still chose to betray us that's why we are there. Thank you for your feedback.
  13. *spits in muslim* good luck with this should make for some good rp if all goes well
  14. Apollo

    Kill rights.

    basically log in and shoot if you in a group. I think old dynamic rights were good, they made sense to me, dynamic groups now barely are around now because approved groups have way more rights
  15. Apollo

    Adaption of 'Combat Logging'

    Yes that is exactly what you're supposed to do, you wait out the hostilities until you switch servers. That's how its always been and I remember people getting banned in reports for switching servers during the 2 hours of hostilities.
  16. Apollo

    Adaption of 'Combat Logging'

    That is very one-sided, you are only looking at it from the pov of those who switched servers, it's still taking away from the rights that the other groups had on them because of the hostilities they engaged in, if it's in the rules it says "Defender rights allow you to kill attackers for 2 hours or until your character dies." and "Attacker rights allow you to kill defenders for 1 hour or until your character dies." Since they were still within the timeframe for the rights to fight back they switched servers to avoid any of that. These are things you have to think of when looking at both sides of a situation, sure they wanted to go rp at their base so they switched servers but that takes away from the other groups rights.
  17. Apollo

    Adaption of 'Combat Logging'

    It's been this way for aslong as I can remember, if you log out after breaking line of sight after 30 minutes then you are fine, you are not required to stay ingame but it used to be if you want to switch servers you must wait 2 hours before you can do so, and the rules made sense to me. If you had something going on IRL and needed to leave, wait out the 30 minutes if you can or get ooc permission from the other party involved in the hostilities. This stops people from running around on say server 1 and after robbing everyone and not running into anyone they switch servers, but if those people they robbed were trying to chase them down and use their rights to take them they wouldn't be able to if they switch servers without letting them know. Since we RP both servers being the same "world" it wouldn't make sense if they were being chased and then they think they are good to switch servers in a tree line and those hunting them, their rp and right have been axed away. The rules have been this way for a reason because they've proven to work in the past that's why i voted no.
  18. Apollo

    S1 BadRP

    If possible that the chat logs from the first clip be pulled to show the emotes to see what happened with the fingers.
  19. Apollo

    S1 BadRP

    My point is still the same, they managed to take a finger that was in our possession and one that was stomped on, that dont make too much sense to me honestly.
  20. Apollo

    S1 BadRP

    In the clip that I provided, the finger was stomped on into a paste. Also I took a look at Hunter's character profile and no where does it say anything about him being a good doctor to manage to re-attach a finger, you'd have to be a neurosurgeon with all the proper equipment to successfully put the finger back. I really really doubt you're going to be able to realistically re-attach a finger that was stomped and not properly taken care of after the amputation. General first aid for severed fingers is "The finger should be kept moist, but not wet or submerged in water. Saline is ideal, but a moist, clean paper towel is the best most people will have around. This should be wrapped in a clean zip-sealing plastic bag or sterile container and placed in ice." One of the fingers was given to @Nik another finger was stomped as the chat logs will show. https://www.verywellhealth.com/finger-amputation-2549401 We had the fingers in our possession, it seems kind of powergamish to take the finger thats in Niks pocket and manage to re-attach it or a finger that was layed out in the heat after being amputated because from the amputations till we let you go it was more than 6-7 minutes so if Luka is one the best neurosurgeons around and that wasn't mentioned in his backstory then it seems somewhat realistic but that's not the case.
  21. Apollo

    S1 BadRP

    Server and location: S1 Camp Eden & Novaya Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-07-08 : 05:50~ & 2019-07-09, 05:00 Your in game name: Sheikh Mohammad Abbas Names of allies involved: Jayshallah Name of suspect/s: Pheonyxx Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Clip #1 is from yesterday when we had the Wolves captive in camp eden, the clip shows us taking Pheonyxx's fingers, we asked for //permission at first to get execution rights as our groups have had countless amounts of hostilities in the past even after trying to come to terms in RP but we agreed on taking of the fingers as a permanent scar, logs if they can be pulled will show that we thoroughly talked about it. @Shroud takes the thumb and index finger from the right hand and the pinky from the left hand. Clip #2 is from today where after our situation today that is from this situation, we come to the industrial and initiate on the entire area, after I died i switch over to twitch to watch the stream and immediately see pheonyxx holding an AK fully loaded with a drum mag, that's pretty heavy and does not seem realistic that she is able to hold that. When I saw that happening on her stream i tried to ask her in her chat but it didnt get through so I'm curious as to how this makes sense. how do you reattach fingers that we took from her?
  22. they have sprites over there diamond 2.0?
  23. We talked it out can the report be closed?
  24. Server and location: S1 Novy Church Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-07-05, 19:45~ Your in game name: Sheikh Mohammad Abbas Names of allies involved: Jaysh Allah Name of suspect/s: @JackZRP Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: From the first moment i met his character he was talking so much trash talk but i shrugged it off and continued. We then later run into a supposed pregnant woman and he was just following with the situation since he was in the area, we took them into the church and then he would just sing random songs that came out a few months ago while I'm rping with the captives. Also just adding random comments about the pregnant captive we had. The clip starts with him just being obnoxious so I try to kick him out and he wouldn't leave then I initiated on him with literally everyone in the church on my side and no one on his.
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