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  1. *Sheikh holds down the PTT* If you are done with your empty threats you can come with your 7.62 to Novaya and wallahi I will personally tie you up and give you a final prayer while my brothers prepare the executioners sword. Filthy Coward hiding behind a radio, when we see you we will take you. *Sheikh releases his PTT*
  2. Was wondering since theres a bit of smokable items ingame can we add a Hookah ?
  3. bro that sleep apnea targets anyone be careful
  4. Are you in queue on s1? If so, here is a simple solution go to s2
  5. Apollo

    Jaysh Allah (Open Recruitment)

    Only go up from here with the rp allah was with us boys
  6. Apollo

    Radios in item shop

    it is already
  7. Apollo

    What new food items would you like to see?

    Could you add like turkey bacon?
  8. Apollo

    Metagaming changes

    Dont think you should have a radio on you to talk on an ooc level but i cant get around the idea of double micing cause its realistic.
  9. Apollo

    Jaysh Allah (Open Recruitment)

    you people are the devil you possessed the wolf to come attack us
  10. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Amnesty Why the verdict is not fair: It was Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was banned well over 3 years ago now, I came back older and not the same person. I take things more serious and am here on the community for a good time, balancing going to school, work and finding the time to play I've changed for the better and have been getting good feedback for the RP that I have been providing. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Get my final warning removed What could you have done better?: Followed the rules and not of gotten 30 points
  11. *spits in arabic*
  12. Apollo

    The Time.

    I only came back to RP in the past week, and this group is the only group that I've encountered hostilities from. I've been called a sand black person with no roleplay behind it as an insult and approaching the muslim group claiming they don't speak arabic when you start speaking it to them over voip, they don't speak it because the people rping don't speak it but the characters they are playing are clearly muslim and from the middle east so they would speak it. I had to talk to the person in arabic over voip but he was making words up it just makes the rp awkward.
  13. whoever i actually spoke arabic to that was funny thanks for that
  14. Theres gonna be a bunch more prayers like that boys get your prayer mats out
  15. Apollo

    Creating a Economy

    I dont think there should be a form of economy created on an ooc level, if you want to have a form of currency push for it ingame within communities. Also a big no for AI traders because that takes away from roleplaying with other people and trading, AI would just stand there and make no realistic sense.
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