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  1. We meet the two at the airfield and chat with them, I find a dead body next to them with them standing over the body. I tell them i ran into this person in town and we had a friendship developing, so I secure his gear. Moments later a fresh spawn sprints up and says the body is his friends, i mean hoodie jeans the whole freshie. I tell him to get out then go in ooc and tell him to not break NLR which he was doing, if staff could get the position log of the person and let them know not to do that. We speak for a brief moment before they seem to want to leave quickly then wolves show up and we kill them and they take off running. We chase, initiate one of them doesnt comply and dies then zombies crowd towards the gunshots so we start killing them, i instruct Exio to keep running away from the zombies and not to turn and fight them. @Exio When a hostage taker is directing you to do something you do exactly what they are telling you, I told you to get inside. I didnt say get inside and close the door. Regardless, Dew comes in and sees the hostage is having a bout with the zombie so he shoots to kill the zombie but the shot went through the zombie and hit him. Ill be honest first time i ever seen that much penetration go through a zombie with a shotgun.
  2. i dont know you but you can get to know me when u read my interview
  3. this looks very nice will be keeping an eye on you guys
  4. maybe not aggressive staff but bias definitely had staff members of opposite groups that had members flaming us heavily while they decide to point our posts. lol case by case is nice until you end up with the short stick
  5. sounds familiar good luck with the group though
  6. just use dzlauncher it gets all the mods for the server and lets you in
  8. natural selection, if they cant afford it save up lol
  9. most people who are active on the server have high donator ranks cant see how 14$ is too much but i see where you comin from
  10. rather have a full server than two barely making it to half pop
  11. Hello there friends i am back with a wonderful idea lets make dayzrp a livonia exclusive the server currently has more pop on livonia then chernarus, also chernarus is fucking old and basic time to move on friends. vote on the poll and let me know what you think
  12. i like livonia a lot i think its worth the change to pay for it its only like 13$ not the end of the world for an expansion that adds a beautiful map and some more new textures. its nice to walk around a map thats new to me and explore it again makes playing dayz fun
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