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  1. Yea lbh though the whitelist is a joke. Tonnes of threads on that aswell.
  2. To be honest I just think some people need to be made aware that this isn't a PvE server. People are gonna mess with you plain an simple as that. No rules needed, just need common sense drilled into the heads of certain people.
  3. You cant really say its not working when people dont try. Those who raise the majority of these issues jump right onto the forums the second a situation ends
  4. wasn't meant for you chief it was a general statement saying people are far too quick to call out others on the forums for minor things IG rather than just dealing with it IG.
  5. Rolleplay is rolleplay, IG is IG, stop whinging on the forums... Doesn't seem difficult to me, and I feel that's the issue more than anything else. Vocal people from both sides kicking off on forums make it seem like the issue is larger than it is. Also yes.
  6. Born to a family of travellers Duncan got his first taste of fighting the same way many Irishmen do, bare-knuckle boxing. A tale told before, Duncan wanted to make a living from what he loved doing and began to train his natural talent into something more refined and elegant. As a kid he'd flail away at his opponents and hope for a good connection somewhere in there but as he trained he became a very technical boxer, picking and choosing the best time to strike rather than attempting to punch through. His trainer, Filip McGrath was a former boxer himself and took Duncan under his wing. Duncan's team had arranged a scrap with some Chernarussian up and comer and so he flew out to the country never able to leave. (THIS IS A BRIEF RUN DOWN AND IS NOT INTENDED TO STAY.)
  7. Then approach it from my personal PoV. I can not play in first person for more than a few moments as It gives me incredibly bad motion sickness. Forcing me for no reason to use first person ruins my experience... I'm sure I'm not the only one who struggle with First person. Why limit us? It's not hard for one person to use first person if they want to theres a dedicated button for it in game.
  8. Look above at the responses.. Why bother trying to facilitate something people don't want?? Waste of time imo, end up like the last time.
  9. ChrisW

    Cars appreciation thread

    From when I went to Goodwood FoS; (I have literally thousands of photos but these are just the few I had on hand.)
  10. Can't do it, gives me the worst headache. Big no from me.
  11. ChrisW

    What old school pistol would you like to add?

    If its not the Browning Im donezo bois. Can't have that little number slip through my fingers and end up with the munter than is the Luger. Can't take that.
  12. ChrisW

    BeanZ WAR

    97. @Mugin Round 2?
  13. ChrisW

    Thank You <3

    uno chief im hurt. Really am, don't forget your origins, you dont want Patrick Saint-Louis coming to hunt down his former right hand. Edit; Much love I was only joking though dw.
  14. ChrisW

    BeanZ WAR

    big fat L for the boys in BeanZ... 0
  15. ChrisW

    BeanZ WAR

    Idk if I can do it... ... 1
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