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  1. I'm not trying to justify my actions and it's not a reason, especially since that the time code of those SC were long after the events took place. They merely confirm an aspect of my PoV that I was unsure about myself. I'm attempting to be as transparent as I can be from my own PoV. If I'm unsure about something I did due to miss remembering I'd rather do my research through watching VoD's and the like rather than accidentally posting misinformation, as that doesn't help anyone. Weather it's valid or not doesn't matter to me, I just want to get my PoV as accurate as possible
  2. I am the one in the blue jacket, I'll lay out my PoV, but I expect this will be merged with a later report so I'll try and be as thorough as I can be. We were rolling deep toward Topolin with the specific intention of, as you said, hunting the 503. We arrived and as you know took hostage. All throughout this situation I was using my Discord very sparingly as there was at least 15 people in the Discord and the cross talk was horrendous. Upon initiation I was stationed on top of the Police station before flanking wide around the hospital and then eventually heading inside the compound. About 5 minutes passed before one of the lads spotted two blokes in the Church, a warning shot was sent into the structure below the window they were in and about 5 of us moved to surround. We lost these people as they fled. I then spotted another person in a field who had similar gear so we stopped him before letting him go after realising who it was. I then moved back down to deal with the hostages who at this time were still in the yellow tent. I went around and tied up the hostages we believed to be associated with the 503 and I personally ensured the hostages had no extra firearms on their person. (In fact the church event and the emptying of secondary weapons may be in the reverse order I'm not entirely sure forgive me.) Either way as the situation was winding down the hostage all spread out and I personally told the hostage to not pick up weapons till we left I'm sure that the female hostage I was going to take with me can confirm this, I'll have to search for who ever it was as I'm not sure. Anyway, after a few minutes of everyone fannying about we came under attack from what we presumed were the 503, I took my battery out of my radio and slipped it into my red dot scope, muting my discord as well as obviously I could no longer communicate over radio. I then proceed to move around the compound clearing buildings with two of my comrades. I spotted two bloke but once again the managed to slip away, at this time I left the search and headed inside the hospital. I was wondering about for a few moments and checked windows etc as I had heard someone say that some 503 were across the river. Grenades came flying in and then all of a sudden I heard one bloke (I'm not sure who) shout that "one is on the roo-" Gunfire ensues and then nobody speaks. I'm on my own with the hostages and as far as I was aware one of my lads had been killed. Later turns out that someone had been killed once again I'm not entirely sure if it was because of this situation as I wasn't able to listen in to Discord at the time. I call out for the person who had spawned on the roof to drop their weapons at there feet and come down unarmed. The hostages plead at this time and nothing was done, gunfire continued and grenades rained down. I counted for the first hostage (who had a blue arm band and I assumed was 503) 10-1 before shooting them dead. I continued on and asked the man to come down, before counting for the second hostage I killed (Also blue arm band) and killing them as I was still seeing no form of compliance from the attackers. I then was speaking to someone I can recall what I said but their was a momentary break of time before once again the fighting continued all in all I'd say there was around a 20-30 second lapse of time. I then started to count for the third hostage, before they pulled a pistol out and fired at me, to which I responded by killing them. The pistol shots caught me by surprise as I told all hostage to not pick up weapons until we left. I took a few more moments and waited for any form of compliance but fighting was still writhe so I started counting once more, and once again another hostage pulled a weapon on me. ( I should also state that at the point more of my allies had entered the room with me, I believe about 3-4) I'm not sure who it was but between being shot with the pistol and then the UMP 45 I was dropped. At this time I unmuted and found out that a couple of the lads had been killed. Anyway I know thats a wall of text so if you; @Harvey would like to talk on Disc, hmu (Chris#3849) because I feel like I could give you a better run down then making you read all of that. Edit; I've just been given these that show that someone was on the roof and was indeed attempting to free the hostages. Unebnounced to me at the time It seems that they died. Edit Edit; While re-reading my POV I forgot to mention that before the attack on us, We had made demands to the 503 for grenades to be delivered to the gates outside of the hospital. Shepherd "used one of the 503 radios to contact them" in actuality due to limitations of the game, he made the 503 member contact his group which is why they knew where to attack. It was stated that should we be fired upon hostages would be harmed and killed. Obviously they didn't comply and rather attacked. Due to this fact in combination with the Bu7o1tler being on the roof lobbing nades at us said he was attempting to save hostages, making him an ally. Perhaps yes I was brash and immediate with my actions, but under the circumstances of an active gunfight, I believe we gave all hostages enough roleplay before hand, despite the fact we weren't their for half of them we attempted to incorporate everyone, I myself going out the way to start an argument with one particular hostage in which we could further out roleplay by bringing her with us. It's unfortunate that the 503 felt they needed to attempt such a risky operation to save the hostages, and I can only say that while yes, I could have offered torture RP, I was in an active firefight and my life was under threat by both the 503 and apparently a number of hostages with concealed weapons, If I would've actively partook in some in depth torture rp the rescuers weren't going to stop their attempts. They had no intention of complying with the demands we set forth, and as such this unfortunate situation arose. @Ryan Shepherd can confirm the demands we sent to the 503. Edit Edit Edit; To refute any claim we didn't roleplay feel free to contact @Sapphire she can confirm we extensively roleplayed, though if not relevant never mind just felt the need to point this out. Also, the attacker Bu701tler who ever that is is relevant to this situation and should be called in as he is the reason for my actions.
  3. Woah kidda it's my birthday Month yo boys busy. Ill be back soon dw.
  4. "I agree to surrender my caravan and any scrap metal I hold to members within Elddis & I agree to surrender PK rights to Elddis if I decide to betray the man behind the wire"
  5. Give him an unquenchable need for heroin. Uno the type of thing im on about a quirky little character trait like drug addiction really seals the deal for me. Personally Michael Joyce is a steroid man and would happily pay in sexual favours. In all seriousness though character traits like drug addiction or something less serious, say like they really like a cold can of Pipsi gives your character a little bit something unique and give you constant role play as you try to find that item or do that thing. Simple things have great effect
  6. Top 10 things said directly after the 2016 presidential election?
  7. See my issue is when people log in like 10, 20 mins after a firefight has started. Should only allow people to log in 5 minutes after initiation and if the gunfight lasts longer than that not at all. Realistically if a firefight were to breakout you aint taking half hour to be "woken up", your getting up fast. Adding to the 5 minute thing they should have to engage in the firefight within that time period as well, so you cant just log in within five then hide away until the time suits you. Five minutes to log in and get involved or it's considered a rule break. Should you log in and not get involved till after five mins are up, just re-initiate. Simple enough.
  8. ChrisW

    The Whyos

    yh but why did the gang go Cherno still? U aint really explained that beyond sayin they just began spreading influence in chernarus...
  9. lbh ur tapped if u play a child anyway. 18+
  10. Making people pledge allegiance to the cause.
  11. Lets be honest though u can run from cherno to the triangle in pretty good time it's just that people like walls and don't like to move outside unless they out to loot. Cars wouldn't change that theyd just be hoarded
  12. Ok now that I know that I'll Pm you but before this point this wasn't made aware to me, and perhaps that's why not many volunteer?
  13. Physically unplayable for some people, and after all this community isn't just for one person. Personally I cant play FPP for more than a few moments as it makes me ill and as previous times have shown I'm not the only one. If it were to be implemented I know I'd be off.
  14. ChrisW

    DayZRP 19.8.1

    No, you tell us. But na, it's still dodge tbf. No improvement as far as I can tell.
  15. this sounds like fake Nozzy propaganda to me.
  16. I'll have 2 get u in the studio 4 some snaps for your 2020 campaign.
  17. If it's in the works, then this is nothing but a short term solution and therefore the first part of staff endurance wouldn't really come into play. Although that's understandable it's not like im suggesting an event per person per day, it's more of a weekly maybe twice-three times at max broadcast here and there with a bit of roleplay incentive, I know for one that given something like that to do, I personally could come up with an idea in very short time and have an idea how to play it out so im sure the bright stars here at the DayZRP staff team could figure something. I appreciate the response though big man much love yeh.
  18. How the Lord intended for this to be viewed; https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1dOK-UAfySrn2E1sr_qbuHNc91sJh0jMDBote9QBBCJo/edit?usp=sharing Didn't mean to flex with the powerpoint or anythink just fancied a change ngl.
  19. ChrisW

    NATO to OREL

    *Duncan sits idly listening to gun shots close by, he loads his magazines ready to fight as the radio lights up.* "Listen here NATO boys, *Gunshots can be heard* that's the sound of Kabanino this evening. That's the sound of OREL guns firing on innocent traders... The same way they did yesterday and even the day before that." *Duncan picks up his rifle and gets ready to leave his house* "If you are at their disposal, you'll be put down as well fellas... Take care now"
  20. Wae'aye gamers, I'm the goon who was making some big dry dock threats. Right then lets have a go at a concise write up; Shepherd gets dropped by accident and dies and another bloke gets Koed. As they so often do people flock to the bodies and start picking then clean. We stop this and gather up all of the belongings, about 5 mins later we notice a few things are missing and we suspect that the random man, later identified as Zan, is the culprit. I and a few others approach the gent and ask him about the stuff, he says he did indeed have them but when asked to drop them he became very defensive and was stalling, this went on for a few moments before I initiated on the gent and moved him into the barn. When in the barn he continues to play his mouth so I begin to escalate my threats until he eventually drops the things we asked. This is where it all could of ended however this Zan fella decided to continue running his mouth even when threatened with death. Some time went by and he went completely unresponsive, we assume he went AFK, I continue making threats but never really follow through with them. After another 5 mins or so of some back and forth between ourselves waiting for Zan to answer he eventually does but decides his best option would be to chat some more shit. I said to him do you not value living or something to that degree and he carry's on digging himself into this hole. In the end the bloke was much deserving of a punch to the chin and when I did he dropped dead putting an end to this entire calamity of a situation. There are many more specific examples of what he has been reported for but as they have been covered above I feel stating them would be redundant but know that all of what said above can also be applied to me as a statement onto this. EDIT: Should go without saying, but I never actually went through with my threat of dry docking him dw.
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