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  1. So, I made a very brief post documenting this idea but in esence what it is, is the current hostility rule but on a group by group basis. So in conjunction with the ucrrent setup each group leader can select what type of RP they're open to. This can help in rp situations as it's alot easier to remember what groups are open to hostile rp oppose to individual characters. Furthermore, it will allow for group vs group hostile rp and overall, in my opinion boost that side of rp that the server has been lacking. Anyway... Thought?
  2. Much appreciated. Still a few things to be done before I personally feel like the thread and group by extension is ready and thats the GFX as suggested by @Lady In Blue. That'll get done soon, just struggling to find anything I feel fits well.
  3. ChrisW

    The Pack

    I believe the radio tower was used as a meer example as to a goal that would expand upon what you already have. While, yes none of you know how to fix a radio thats but one way to spread your word. Another one I can think of off the top of my head is to fix a printing press and produce posters to pin around populated areas. There are many a way you can go about getting your word out, I can only assume he was making an attempt to dig into what way you guys spefically intend to so. If you're planning on using word and mouth, why not host talks & rallys? Just throwing around ideas here to give you an idea of what he meant by raising that point.
  4. Boy I saw you get shot we got a bond. Now go write your character up before you get lashes.
  5. Still a hastle to figure out who you can initiate on, jsut be more elegant to have an overall group choice. Leader of the group can decide what style of roleplay that group will partake in, people can then choose to join or not. Though considering that the current implimetnation seems to be working no need for me to chat shit about changes that aint needed but would be nice to see, bigger problems to solve.
  6. ChrisW

    The Pack

    I just want to raise one thing with your goals, and this could entirely just be a misinterpretation on my end but; Is somewhat contradictary to; Furthermore as I read through it truly seems like you're planning on heading down the path of a hero group so I'm just curious as to where this hostile roleplay will come from? Other than that so far so good, wish you luck.
  7. 100% agree we need some more visuals on the thread now it's posted, just need to find some suitable works or make our own. Feedback appreciated ?
  8. Anything that promotes community voice and will hopefully help the community gets a +1 from me, however I feel as if there should be some sembelence of a schedule even if it's just a time frame on one peticular day, or just the knwoing that there will be atleast one podcast a week. I also feel as if this would have to be worked in conjunction with staff, if only to just promote the idea as an announcement on the website. All in all, +1
  9. We have a set of beliefs as stated, clearly the thread needs revising to ensure that those beliefs are apparent. However by implementing a code from the offset I feel as if you restrict your characters to that said code, what I and my groups are trying to do is show development. IC this group at the moment would just be a congregation of like minded people, as we grow and act our characters will learn where we stand in the world and what we need to do to meet our goals, at which point we can implement a code to ensure said goals can be attained. Our beliefs, as stated are that through supplication to the group and the idea that people might attain a higher form of undeath, retaining more of their physical and mental faculties than regular zombies.  This underlaying belief affects their actions. Going further into detail (As refrenced from the fianl paragraphs); I personally see this as a concept and a motivation for the characters that subscribe to the ideology we are attempted to display. Of course it doesn't need to be said but a cultist esque group would be fairly absolutist, and perceive these beliefs as the only line of truth. So perhaps this could be used to pertain to a potential code, i.e. dissuade others from their belifes and promote the groups over all else. I'd be happy to clear this subject up more from our PoV if you still have concerns, and I'd love to hear your ideas of a code and potential ideas for such.
  10. To answer your question; The truth would vaguely be an analogue for the afterlife in many faiths, that is to say that through supplication to the group and its beliefs people might attain a higher form of undeath, retaining more of their physical and mental faculties than regular zombies. As for the code & commands idea, I like that but I feel as if establishing them right away is a little uneeded. We want to develop our characters through gameplay and with time I feel a code could be established. Perhaps a few things to outline what we believe in is needed as suggested but for more in depth governing codes I feel waiting would be best.
  11. All thoughts and criticisms are welcome and encouraged providing they're constructive in nature.
  12. For a group with such openly insidious beliefs, the formation of The Shepherds could not have been more mundane. The founding members of the twisted faith, that now seek to propagate their divine teachings about Chernarus, were originally nought more than five survivors who banded together out of a necessity to survive. Isolating themselves from the tattered remains of society after witnessing the depths of depravity that it had fallen to, leading as prosperous a life as anyone could wish given the circumstances, living off the land however they might, through hunting or foraging. Their limited interactions with society at large, coupled with the primitive lifestyle they chose to live saw them slowly regress, many events rose up that tested the unity of the group, injuries sustained through hunting, dissent brewing on account of a lack of sleep, though through all of this, the group managed to stay true to one another through a shared faith in Christianity, something not widely practiced by any of the five before the outbreak, but now believed in almost fanatically given the harrowing nature of events they had been exposed to. As self sufficient as they would have liked to have believed, noone in the group doubted the fact that they must deviate from their plans of living solely off the land when the situation demanded it, as a result after a rapturous storm tore through the forest the five hunters were prowling through and threw their tents, including most of their clothing and possessions to the wind, after the commotion had settled and their belongings found once again, sodden and ruined, the group decided an excursion was warranted, and so two of the group departed to a nearby military installation in order to scavenge for uniforms and whatever remaining supplies they might lay their hands upon. The two scavengers were Jackson Fitzpatrick and Nathan Chandler, two of the most superstitious of the group, their dealings with traders in the past made them ideal for such a scavenging run, able to keep tensions to a low if other survivors were encountered, the pair decided to make their ingress into the base by night, and scoped out a portion of fence that would see them enter quietly enough, as night fell the pair made their way inside, avoiding the few zombies that wandered the premises with relative ease, confident that the base was clear enough to warrant them splitting up, the pair separated and began pilfering whatever they could lay their hands upon, some time passed before the pair met once again, a sense of growing unease on the air led both to suggest leaving promptly, both having heard odd noises coming from the woods. Making for the fence that had borne them entry, the pair froze in fear as a howl pierced the silent night, followed by barking, the pair broke into a sprint, whatever semblance of subterfuge they had prior been practicing soundly being thrown to the dogs, the barking drew closer, and both knew how dire the situation they found themselves in was, neither looked back, the slavering maws of their canine pursuers practically within arms reach, knowing that to try and outrun a pack of wolves would be futile, the pair bolted for a watchtower at the compound perimeter, scaling the ladder promptly, losing their newly acquired supplies in the process, though they were safe for now. The pair almost collapsed upon their ascent, days with little to no food had left both incredibly fatigued, and the manic sprint had taken the wind out of their sails rather thoroughly, with nought but a sawn-off shotgun and an aging Mauser C96 between them to defend themselves, both men knew the odds of survival once backed into a corner were not in their favour. The passing of time seemed inconsequential to the pair, wracked by hunger pains and suffering delusions brought on by sleep deprivation, neither could have been sure precisely how much time had been whittled away during their futile holdout, both men knew their time to be short, and considered turning their weapons upon themselves, just about ready to take their own lives, a gentle whistling passed through the trees, growing louder, before ceasing just as suddenly as it had started, the pair drew whatever parallels that the could in relation to the noise, perhaps being some divine herald of aid, whether too scared to take their own lives, or that they truly believed themselves in their state of delirium, the pair decided to postpone their suicides, putting their faith in higher powers in their final hours. The two continued to drift in and out of consciousness for some time, the wolves still ever vigilant, the chorus to their suffering nought more than the gentle blow of the wind through the trees and the baying of the wolves below, but eventually another sound joined the awful cacophony, one akin to hundreds of shambling feet, inexorably drawing closer, the pair did not notice until the shambling grew to a crescendo, as a great horde of undead funneled through the compound, falling upon the wolves in a frenzy, ripping those who did not flee limb from limb, the pair watched on in amazement, careful not to reveal themselves, as the undead eat their fill of the canine carcases in an orgy of gore, before shambling away just as quickly as they had arrived. The pair were amazed, both seemingly sure in the knowledge that the undead had been sent to them by some higher power, not at all willing to entertain the thought that the commotion that they had caused at the camp might have drawn them closer, they waited for the last of undead stragglers to leave, before slowly descending from the watchtower, whatever they had just witnessed served to imbue them with a sense of renewed vigour, they promptly sought out the backpack they had lost during the original pursuit and glutted themselves upon the food and water within. Now sufficiently full, the pair began the arduous journey back to their camp, a dire need to spread word of the miracle that had occured burning within both their hearts, compelled by this, both made for their camp with whatever haste their frail forms might allow. Greeted with a sense of shock and happiness by their companions upon their return, the remaining three campmates having resigned themselves to the notion that the pair would not be returning from their excursion, the mood in camp was one of elation marred with confusion, the trio that had remained reluctant to at first believe the story, chalking the story up to the deranged ramblings of two men who had seen far too much and slept far too little. Over time, whether through coercion, or due to the non-believers amongst the group having a genuine reason to put stock in the words of Jackson and Nathan, all five members of the camp firmly believed in the ramblings of Chandler and Fitzpatrick, having spread things they perceived as the truth, the five eventually came to the reasoning that the undead were not abominations, but rather trans-human beings, a tangible form of afterlife that should be looked upon with joy, rather than fear. Their deranged beliefs were contrasted rather heavily by the fact that all five knew to surrender themselves so openly to a fate they believed to be a gift from a higher power would be to prematurely end their own lives, they all began to rationalise this by seeing undeath as a form of ascension that they must fight to attain, through struggle and hardship, and that those who would allow themselves to die willingly would not be given the gift of unlife, but rather cursed to walk endlessly, driven only by the basest urges as so many other undead were. And so the quintet began to roam, aiming to spread their beliefs wherever they may through whatever means they may, coercion including, all the while searching for tangible proof that there existed a higher form of undeath as they all believed in, a zombie superior to all others, a fact that drives the group with fiery zeal, and almost mindless devotion. Shepherd - @ChrisTronn Jackson “Jackie” Fitzpatrick Preacher - @Suave Sniper X Nathan Chandler The Flock Mike Styles - @Mike-Styles Richard “Rich” Bennet - @Jpurts Tony “Walshy” Walsh - @TehMellow Lincoln Veller - @ForgottenPhoe Neophyte Followers Deceased Negan Walters In-Character Identify and assess former farmland for its viability to farm [Day 440] Establish a working and secure homestead [Day 450 | DELAYED] Plant and harvest crops each year [Ongoing] Provide a sustainable food and water source [Ongoing] Identify a suitable location to either fix or build a working radio station [Day 470] Fix and operate a radio broadcasting station through which we can spread the “truth” [Day 480] Teach others about out ways and bring them into our ranks [Constant] Build working trade relationships & establish trade routes [Constant] Identify the various groups and individuals, what they can offer and how they operate Hand select those from our research we wish to work with Ensure that God's lands are free and safe for all of his children [Constant] (Goals will be added once contingent goals have been met) (Goals in bold our main goals, those in none bold are sub or contingent goals.) Out of Character Provide unique, enjoyable and quality roleplay for all to enjoy Offer a “religious/cult” esque form of roleplay that doesn’t involve all out war against others Develop character backstories and create storylines for members and outsiders to enjoy and take part in Offer a unique and sound example to new and returning players alike Once you have Neophyte status you must adhere to these guidelines; Treat all members with respect Protect followers Serve an arranged trial period before requesting a review Offer your service to the homestead (Your best chance of being enlisted as a Neophyte is to become a follower. One can do this by consistently roleplaying with our members and displaying a genuine interest in the group and the activities we undertake. Furthermore you can become involved with the homestead and offer service from which you can build up a relationship with the group members.)
  13. 50 odd people voted on a rule change and I bet only about 20 of them play on the reg. Kappa
  14. Im in the throws of a dilemma. Do I come on now and sit in Lopatino waiting for some RP or do I come on now and walk around the map not finding any RP? .63 best bring some people back cause BOY lemme tell you im bored of sitting on my tod not being able to find anyone.
  15. Just a quick thing, at current you remember all of what happened, before you remembered none. Why not have a person remember all information up untill their death but not who pulled the trigger. Much like a Fallout NewVegas scenario this would then lead people, if they wanted to, to hunt down their killer bya ctually initiating RP with people who might have known, however it also allows people to simply move on if they so wish without having to harbour IC resentment for someone. Comes down to if you're willing to put the effort in to find out your killers identity.
  16. @Reckless - Don't really need to know what happened after the situation when my comments and criticism are based solely around said situation, but anyway I digress. I'll leave it here, let the staff do their thing.
  17. Fucking AMEN. Go back to the not remembering system, it removes the lingering worry that in an hour or two someones just going to run up on you, break your immersion and initiate claimign that you shot them and now they're healthy enough to kick down doors and take you hostage.
  18. I mean, if they asked you if you killed them... That's fail RP, I should imagine? As for the actual act, no rules were broke but I can see where you're coming from. I belive it used to be that if you were killed you would forget your killers identity and as such couldn't act out at them later, a more elgenat idea but what can you do?
  19. Driving through town without uttering a word to confirm who it was is lack luster RP. All it was, was the bare minimum to ensure you didn't break a rule. Ruleplay over roleplay, a common issue it seems. @OP doesn't want to take it further that surely should be it done? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  20. *Jackson would turn on his radio and tune it. A voice would be heard, Irish accent, seemingly out of breath* "Whew!" *Jackson pauses for a moment to recatch his breath* "If anyones listening in, me and a pal of mine just wrapped our van round a tree in... Pustoshka, I think? *Jackson would call out to another man and a faint voice could be heard* "Is that what the sign says?" "From what I can Make out..." "Right, Pustoska... Anyway, she needs a new battery and the tires need patching on the front. Theres a kit in the cabbin but we're being swarmed. Not worth the trouble." *The radio would fall silent for a few moments.* "Free to anyone willing to rehome and get her working."
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2FwAIcgm18 Videos like half hour long, but thats just a fuck up on Youtube end. Past 3-4 mins is pure blackscreen.
  22. Oh dont egg him on. Got enough with him screeching quotes into the mic on TS.
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