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  1. ChrisW

    Favorite spawn location?

    Anywhere near Berazino cause im a noob and must instantly run for any settlement
  2. ChrisW

    Favorite Gun?

    L85 Or L86
  3. I always travel in a squad of about 4 so I dont run into to many Bandits
  4. Not the PKP's! Damn you random roadblocks!! I held a Funeral for them. Sad times
  5. ChrisW

    Car Combat

    Haha I remember you at Berazino running around our car thats the last I ever saw you.
  6. Goodluck out there you will need it
  7. ChrisW

    [GUIDE] Setting up a group chat on Skype (USEFUL FOR CLANS)

    Il be your friend
  8. Haha Im doing that exact thing now
  9. I just spent money on rust god damn you!
  10. Once I had reached the roof I slipped off breaking both my legs...
  11. ChrisW


    Sounds awesome also emersion wouldn't be broke as you suddenly spawn in next to a magically appearing super fortress
  12. I have lost 2 PKP'S too random roadblock spawning in
  13. ChrisW

    Car Combat

    Im sure you could find it on Youtube somewhere
  14. I have been playing some random DayZ servers and found some awesome things one of the main things is that when I was playing I found a server that allowed people to sit/crouch and shoot in the beds of trucks so stuff like The Hilux, Landrover, Ural. Im not sure what it is exactly that lets you do this but It could be an awesome thing to add
  15. ChrisW

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    I need my PID Reset Must of miss typed //Alfie White: PID reset, please re-enter in the donation exchange.
  16. The same strange men I had met near the ATC
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