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  1. Liberate the prison open it up for RP.
  2. Well in lads. Love to see it.
  3. Imo this is needless bloat. The current system already works well enough. Not to mention that if people were able to craft wells this would just give more insensitive to sit behind walls and never leave.
  4. Yea ofc I know who recorded it, I'll ask when they jump online Edit; Asked for footage apparently there isn't anymore. I'll ask the rest of people to see if anyone has anything though and let uno. Even if my footage can't be used because of that there is of course the other provided footage from the other side.
  5. Sorry lad, As you can see the clip it isn't my video. I don't record my games no more as the performance hit I take when i do is so is substantial. So I have no more footage. By all means take the time to find the logs but you'll be disappointed to find out that all those who were tuned in to my stream, which by the way is exactly the same if I were to be streaming on Twitch, I just don't want to set up an OBS as I said the performance drain OBS has is massive, were dead or not IG. Looking at the Icons in the bottom left those watching are; Lucas (Dead), JorrdanVC (Dead), JamesRP (Logged off at Soup), Rich (Dead) The lads who weren't IG tuned in, and then once the boys died they tuned in to see the end. Coming to the end of the firefight at the time I tried to leave only myself, @TehMellow & @Ryan Shepherd were alive and involved. (Also it wasn't 9 Joyces and it was Joyces & Brass) Put simply, you did. Which is why I was able to comply... You still shot me despite that fact. Also, as you can see by the clip you put in I attempted to talk to you, never aimed back and you remained silent up until you initiated evidently not having any intention of ever roleplaying. Using SC of my steam is all well and good and doesn't prove anything but I play DayZ. I bet that if you were to ask any number of people with big hours on this game they don't know what every key does. It rare I use animations IG as I don't get robbed all the time or have demands made at me. I'm not rain man when it comes to keys and you can't assume that because I have a few hours logged I know the ins and outs of this game. Not to mention ALOT of my DayZ time came .62 and prior when the game was a different beast and my time on .63 while building slowly is still the minority of my hours played. Also even if I were to know every key stroke and what it does, being put under pressure by having a gun pointed at my head and not wanting to die is reason enough to see a miss hit, I've seen it happen numerous times to people who have been held up and they don't get gunned down, because for most people who aren't trying to be pedantic and looking for a reason to kill, any emote where gun vanishes and hands are in the air, is hands in the air. It achieves the same purpose. Update; This is not true, as it happened the accused ran from Topolin and initiated on @Jpurts who is a member of Brass and not a Joyce. It was him who none complied and as such no right would have been obtained. Fortunately for the OP he decided to reiniate on me. Either way the accused send a PM wanting to chat so I'm gonna arrange a nice little sit down see what comes of it. Edit; I spoke to the accused and while it shed some light on his PoV he mainly gave excuses rather than apologising for the mistake. I can perhaps understand the frustration and would've been more understanding if efforts were made to make amends and apologise but as said it was excuses.
  6. Server and location: S2 - Gliniska Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Around 2:40am Your in game name: Michael Joyce Names of allies involved: During the Firefight Some Joyces & Brass (Though none were around for this specifc event) Name of suspect/s: Unsure of the Individual but Stella Del Mattino Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): All the footage I have is from someone tuning into my stream before the kill took place. I was steaming for all those who were not IG or who had died earlier in the conflict; Detailed description of the events: So this is a bit of a weird one and due to that I did contact staff before I posted. I was radioed to come help in an ongoing firefight in Gliniska by the lads and ran over as soon as I could. When getting there I scouted the place out a little bit and after a while of waiting I managed to get off a shot that hit a member of the Stella Del Mattino, or at least who I believed to be a member of them, they were firmly hunkered down inside there compound. Anyway, after a while of not getting anywhere and the whole becoming increasingly more dangerous I decided that the best course of action was to bug out. I started to flank wide and head out of the city away from the firefight as I no longer wanted to be apart of it. I'd just like to take this little section to add in that I'm not disputing the fact that this lad had rights on me, he obviously did but the fact he shot me after I complied with his demands. So, as I was nearing the edge of town I am confronted by a man, who simply aims his gun at me. I did notice the armband and as such I didn't raise my own gun as I didn't want to provoke a shootout, I wanted to escape with my life after all. I said to him something along the lines of; "Alright mate, don't aim at me, don't shoot me, I'm leaving the town." I should also mention that I believe I hadn't been identified, as I wasn't wearing any armbands and had been sat at a distance in heavy cover that would obscure me, so props to the lad for not blasting me outright the second he laid eyes on me as he could have, however he went on to say; "Put your fucking hands up or die, Put your fucking hands up or die". Obviously at this point I'm trying to leave the area with my life so I comply and put my hands up into the love heart animation as I was unsure which key was what, but either way the effect is still the same in that my weapon was no longer in my hands and my hands were for all intense and purposes in the air... He then shoots me despite the fact I complied. As I said it's an interesting situation as we had been involved in a firefight so had KoS, but when demands were made to me, I complied as I was attempting to leave the area and exit the firefight as the whole situation was becoming far to hot and the danger to life was increasing to much for my character to even consider sticking around, especially after seeing a few of his brothers being shot. Finally just like to add that I won't be replying to this thread unless instructed to by staff as I don't want to cause or start any arguments in regards to this situation due to the odd nature of it. I was instructed to put up a report if I felt there was something wrong, which I feel there was. The rules will dictate in the end and hopefully, if there isn't any precedent for this kind of a situation this can set that for the future. I believe that if I hadn't of been shot some good hostage roleplay could of been had especially due to the nature of the situation prior but alas.
  7. What are you on about lad? As I said, I walked out and went right, you followed me out got outside turned around, this is when I began initiating. When I started talking you pressed F and I repeated my first sentence twice; "Ok lad, put your hands up, hands up now..." It was during that first line that the gate was closing and you raised you weapon, which Lucas and TehMellow can confirm. It would be very easy to complete the actions of pressing F and raising your weapon in the time it would take for me to start my initiation. I never got to finish said initiation as before I got any further Lucas had started shooting in response to you raising your weapon. I shot promptly after Lucas rightly engaged. See this might of been the case, but you raised your gun to the back of my head and FORCED me to leave. You pointing a gun to my head and saying get the fuck out now is Initiation. If I would of said no, you would of shot me there and then and I wouldn't be able to report you for an invalid kill as you had initiated through your actions. If I would of said no in that situation, with a gun aimed at me that would of also been NVFL. You literally forced my to leave by threatening to shoot me. I'm leaving it here now as I don't want a back and forth, lets just leave staff to do there job, they have all the info they need and us questioning one another isn't going to help. Either way you can't expect to go around raising guns at people and making demands and not call it initiation. That's an out an out hostile action.
  8. You walked outside of the structure before turning around and walking back in. While you were walking back through the gate and it closed you turned to what would of been your left. (My right when I was running out of the building). The gate doesn't close instantly and you had more than enough time to press F, and as it closed raise your weapon. I wasn't able to finish the full initiation as you decided to raise your weapon at which point you became none compliant. You can't expect a person to finish a full sentence after you raise your weapon in response to the start. The first line out my mouth let you know we intended to hold you up, you decided to raise your weapon in none compliance and were shot for that before you heard the remainder of the demands. Regardless of this fact, you forcefully removed us from the base which were actively raiding at gunpoint, which would of been considered initiation and as such we had every right to shoot you without much else needing to be done. You initiated on us first but we decided in the moment we wanted to hold you up to interrogate you for the last gate codes, but we wanted to be sure and as such re-initiated despite no need too, where in you decided to not-comply by raising your weapon.
  9. Myself, Lucas & TehMellow all saw you lift your gun as you closed the gate. You also lifted your gun toward me while I was upstairs in the house, though I'm not sure if anyone can confirm that as I might have been upstairs on my own. As Lucas said it is possible that when your game lagged you right clicked but for the three of us there was no lag and from where we were standing, we initiate and during that initiation you close a gate and raise a weapon.
  10. POV; We had gone to the town to eye up the place and see if we could get ourselves into any bases. At first we introduced ourselves to a few people in the town and did a little trading. We were there for perhaps 10-20 minutes before we broke line-of-sight and eyed up our first target, we got in with ease and avoided getting spotted had a rummage didn't find a lot so we moved on. We then headed to the OP's base and first got ourselves into his garage. Using the tools from the garage we broke into the main base. We were in there for a while before the OP came by walked inside and as he said "Can you get the fuck out of my house please?", I'd like to add that during this time the OP had his gun out and pointed at my head. I said, "Ok, Ok I'll leave", obviously a gun to the back of my head I wasn't going to try be a hero and spin on the spot. I walked down the stairs and outside where @Lucas & @TehMellow were waiting after they also left. When I get outside I see they both have drawn there guns so I run to the right and pull my own. The chap then walks outside and I begin my initiation, during the initiation the OP closed the gate and began to raise his gun toward @Lucas so I fired and stopped speaking before turning my attention elsewhere as I was also being hit by a Zombie. I'm not sure I even hit the OP but @Lucas also began firing when he also saw the gun begin to raise toward him. I'm unsure what Salamander was doing or if he fired a shot. Just to conclude with a roundup of the immediate situation surrounding the death; We break into a base. We are confronted by owner of base who points a gun at me and forces us to leave. Upon exiting we draw weapons and begin to initiate. During the start of our initiation the OP began to raise his weapon. OP was killed for raising his weapon during an initiation.
  11. Sent you lads some GFX, spice the thread up a bit. Goodluck n that. Edit; Please resize the GFX
  12. Was funny watching you struggle in Discord to do GFX, I'll make you some now lads.
  13. This post before the edit was pure flame was about to say. Anyway, gratz n that.
  14. I tried my best to do a unique group when I made the Liquidators but it soon became apparent that the game mechanics can greatly detriment groups like that, which is why I would like to see more ordinary groups. I want to see a group of genuine survivors who are pure shit scared of loosing their life, struggling to get by. Nothing special, something that is easily facilitated by the game and just works. Using IC interactions to build relationships, doing there level best to preserve life and rebuild some semblance of reality through the ongoing hardships. Let's just see groups of survivors with no catch, just doing what they must without any aim other than survival and see what shit they get themselves into to achieve that goal.
  15. I can't lie I have noticed that the majority of those who seem to struggle with the infected while playing have a minimal amount of play time on the server. I really think you should jut put the hours in an learn your way through the map and how best to deal with the infected in any given circumstance, for example a trick I use is to dart inside of a building with one door wait for them to follow me in and dart back out shutting the door behind me leaving them trapped inside. It's little things like that, that turn the infected from these killers to just a secondary part of the game allowing you to focus on your player interactions. What I'm saying is, think don't just swing. Out smart the infected and only kill them if you have no other choice or your confident you can do so.
  16. ChrisW

    DayZRP 20.3.1

    Someones falling off that bridge, I'm saying it now...
  17. Let me hide my dead characters or put them in a new tab though? Please @Roland... Much love.
  18. On this topic, but not exactly what you suggested, I would like to see an option to hide your characters that are set to deceased. Of course once they are set in that state you can't do anything with them besides view them so in time I could see them beginning to clutter your character page. So ye, either an option to hide or just list them in a separate tab under deceased.
  19. JOYCE OFFICIAL STATEMENT (28/02/20) (5:27 GMT) Oh don't worry I didn't take it like that I was just ribbing. Sounds like quite the night you all had, can't wait to jump in myself. -ChrisW (Joyce PR Manager)
  20. I want to start of by thanking you on behalf of the Joyces. I am ChrisW the new Joyce PR Manager taking over from @Ryan Shepherd because quite honestly he's a shithouse. I would've love to of been there and indulge in the RP alas I couldn't be. Addressing the notion we abandoned you in your time of need, please do remember that a number of my fellow Joyce brethren are British, Irish & European and as such have to sleep when the sun goes down. I hope that we can move forward together and both enjoy some mutual/neutral roleplay. Up Joyce
  21. I mean, it's loose lore over game mechanics really. You have to think that the game has to facilitate the roleplay and if it reaches a point where players actually can't roleplay because they're dying of hunger that detracts from it. Hunting, I agree should be more prominent but it should be up to us a roleplayers to take on the burden of hunting and show that IG, rather than being forced into it. Hope that makes sense, it does in my head.
  22. Good Ebening, I feel that any prefab bases put forth should be thoroughly assessed by all willing members of the staff and the council. A mirror should be given out so that individuals can fly around and give feedback or after tweaks and alterations to the design. Once criticism has been given, the OP of the proposed based should go away and make any changes they see fit or what have been requested by staff. Once done it should be reviewed to ensure no magic OP features have been added before having a final council vote. As for join bases, I feel like this is a cracking idea an give you my +1. I miss the days of Desal where one group would run the camp in the day and be in their little section and the another group at the night. While perhaps it wouldn't be exactly like this as some might not choose to have randoms in their stronghold the idea of having a base that is likely to always be occupied by someone due to the larger number of people involved is tantalising. I see this as a benefit as it's likely that a raid taking place will more likely be met with resistance and a larger amount of it. Raiders will have to actually plan when they attack, where they attack due to the fact they wont just be able to overwhelm one group. UP JOYCE.
  23. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/A as was a status and has been removed. "Oof, See you soon borther." is what I said. Why the verdict is not fair: What I posted was in no way "glorifying" a banned player, myself and HDDragon are at best acquaintances and to be honest I'm not a big fan of his actions, not that I can judge. I didn't do anything to promote this person or their actions I merely commented on the fact they had been banned with the express knowledge that I were soon to join him, a self deprecating joke at most, by no means glorification... I was trying to make light of my own situation. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I personally feel like that because I was involved in the prior hostage situation and received a ban moments previously that the Mod in question was simply a little too eager to hand me warning points for something that doesn't constitute glorying. I can understand that I'm probably under scrutiny at this moment in time but at no point should what I said of been perceived as glorifying. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like the points to be rescinded in the hopes that I can move forward and start a clean slate after what has been an eventful time. Yes I made a mistake with the hostage situation but that shouldn't be used as a motivation or agenda against me. What could you have done better?: Not attempted to be funny? Honestly It was nothing more that a jab at humour that clearly didn't land given my current circumstances.
  24. I wont lie Roland at the time I wasn't aware of that as I don't frequent the forums and have never had any interaction before this with anyone from their group. But I spoke to the OP of the thread who made me aware of that. Allied or not the bloke in question made an attempt to rescues the hostage, by his own admission, in which he threw grenades and killed some of my lads, I went through with an action that I thought at the time might get him and by extension others to stop. In all honesty I ended up executing three hostages in total because of the on-going attack before they started to attack me back and were killed because of that. Beyond metagaming information I couldn't of known they weren't allied especially since the hospital folk are known to harbour the 503. In this situation I chose not to metagame any information and proceeded down a path that at the time seemed like the best hope we had to halt the attack. As it seems however the verdict on this report has probably already been made. Speaking on behalf of the Joyce's this wasn't about Kings Ridge, but about the 503. If the Kings Ridge don't want to be dragged into a conflict because of this so claimed "neutral" position they hold, then it's probably in their best interest to stop harbouring members of one side of the ongoing conflict. End of the day Roland, we took hostage, a rescue attempt was made to rescue these hostage, though of course not by their allies as they are neutral so I took steps to halt the attack and rescue attempt. As far as I'm concerned I acted in my own and my comrades best interest at the time and as history can show if hostage takers are put under threat by a rescue attempt, lets say in the Iranian Embassy siege, the hostage takers will kill the hostage if thats what it takes. It's the last resort but when grenades are being rained down on you, the last resort is quickly at the top of the list. Edit; I should also add that I haven't been around the server for a while until recently and was even called out for it on the Joyce thread. I had no prior information about any of the ongoing alliances or lack their of and quite frankly if I did have that information, as I said, I'd have to metagame it. But when we arrived 503 were on sight, 503 then tried to rescue hostages. That's not remaining neutral in a conflict, and honestly special treatment shouldn't be given to any group because of what they want their status to be. Their status of Neutral, hostile or so forth should be determined by IC actions such as who they align themselves with, who they interact with and how they go about these interactions not what they have written on their thread. And from more than one account, the hospital folk have gone out of their way to help the 503 on numerous occasion in numerous situations.
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