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  1. Fuckin Shamless Plug; www.twitch.tv/sbchrisw




  2. ChrisW

    Upcoming new mods

    Top 10 things said directly after the 2016 presidential election?
  3. ChrisW

    Combat Logging addendum

    See my issue is when people log in like 10, 20 mins after a firefight has started. Should only allow people to log in 5 minutes after initiation and if the gunfight lasts longer than that not at all. Realistically if a firefight were to breakout you aint taking half hour to be "woken up", your getting up fast. Adding to the 5 minute thing they should have to engage in the firefight within that time period as well, so you cant just log in within five then hide away until the time suits you. Five minutes to log in and get involved or it's considered a rule break. Should you log in and not get involved till after five mins are up, just re-initiate. Simple enough.
  4. ChrisW

    The Whyos

    yh but why did the gang go Cherno still? U aint really explained that beyond sayin they just began spreading influence in chernarus...
  5. ChrisW


    lbh ur tapped if u play a child anyway. 18+
  6. ChrisW

    What are you excited to see most?

    Making people pledge allegiance to the cause.
  7. #JusticeForElmo

  8. All I'm saying is that the Rebels in Star Wars were seen as terrorists by the Empire and we like them so...

  9. Ireland, free from the centre to the sea. Fuck the crown.

    1. Rutkiy


      Exactly, brother!

  11. Pretty damn simple lad. I was half way through making my initiation when you turned toward me after being told not to. Considering the past digressions of our two groups and the fact the Orel has launched relentless attacks on the Kabanino over the past 3 days, I wasn't about to give you any opportunity to raise your weapon toward me. Before this entire situation we had been very aggressive toward one another and I told you to leave, you didn't hence the initiation, I wanted to ask you some questions as to why you thought you would be allowed into town after attacking a few hours prior. Tensions in the situation were high, and you disobeyed my order. Might have been quick but at the end of the day pal lets not act like if roles were reversed you wouldn't hesitate to blow my head off if I turned around with my gun out. For the sake of the staff, I have no footage to display, rare occasion I wasn't recording so lets get them logs and get this done with Tl:dr; I'm mid initiation and after asking a gent to not turn toward me, he turns toward me with his gun out. I made a decision to protect my life and the safety of Kab. This decision was made with the prior knwoeldge of there actions toward us and the assumption that if given the chance that AK would've been raised at me.
  12. Lets be honest though u can run from cherno to the triangle in pretty good time it's just that people like walls and don't like to move outside unless they out to loot. Cars wouldn't change that theyd just be hoarded
  13. Ok now that I know that I'll Pm you but before this point this wasn't made aware to me, and perhaps that's why not many volunteer?
  14. ChrisW

    The Dollars

    Oh... Oh no.
  15. ChrisW


  16. ChrisW

    Locked to FPP when holding any weapon?

    Physically unplayable for some people, and after all this community isn't just for one person. Personally I cant play FPP for more than a few moments as it makes me ill and as previous times have shown I'm not the only one. If it were to be implemented I know I'd be off.
  17. ChrisW

    DayZRP 19.8.1

    No, you tell us. But na, it's still dodge tbf. No improvement as far as I can tell.
  18. ChrisW

    Should GMAK become a Staff Member?

    this sounds like fake Nozzy propaganda to me.
  19. ChrisW

    Should GMAK become a Staff Member?

    WOW original idea much?
  20. ChrisW

    Should GMAK become a Staff Member?

  21. ChrisW

    Should GMAK become a Staff Member?

    I'll have 2 get u in the studio 4 some snaps for your 2020 campaign.
  22. ChrisW

    Should GMAK become a Staff Member?

  23. If it's in the works, then this is nothing but a short term solution and therefore the first part of staff endurance wouldn't really come into play. Although that's understandable it's not like im suggesting an event per person per day, it's more of a weekly maybe twice-three times at max broadcast here and there with a bit of roleplay incentive, I know for one that given something like that to do, I personally could come up with an idea in very short time and have an idea how to play it out so im sure the bright stars here at the DayZRP staff team could figure something. I appreciate the response though big man much love yeh.
  24. How the Lord intended for this to be viewed; https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1dOK-UAfySrn2E1sr_qbuHNc91sJh0jMDBote9QBBCJo/edit?usp=sharing Didn't mean to flex with the powerpoint or anythink just fancied a change ngl.
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