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  1. ChrisW

    10 shekels to whoever fixes my PC

    seriously though just wash it out with some tap water and dry it in the microwave. Quick 10 min job if that should set it right as rain.
  2. ChrisW

    10 shekels to whoever fixes my PC

    Tried taking the battery's out and putting them back in?
  3. ChrisW

    *UPDATE* What SHOTGUN would you like to see added? (Multiple Choice)

    Im simmered chief nicely done, I think you just took me the wrong way but lovely. Good to hear you're on it.
  4. ChrisW

    *UPDATE* What SHOTGUN would you like to see added? (Multiple Choice)

    Spas 12... Educate your selves Oh right but it makes sense that everyone walks about the gaff with golden Deagles? Get real, you either go full realism or not at all no point picking and choosing.
  5. ChrisW


    Remember boys for future plans, it's not waterboarding if you use petrol.
  6. ChrisW

    S1 Invalid Kill/Griefing Polana Construction

    Howdy Gamers. We'll start with the grand entry; I myself took the time to guess your very secure combination locks. Upon entering the compound we put code locks back onto the gates to ensure we wouldn't be ran up on by others. We took time to look about the gaff we walked into your loot room since the door was left wide open. Then you log on. I'm the first to spot you and I dive into cover, I wasn't hiding from you I just guess you didn't spot me wiggling about on the roof. Eventually you spot my compadre @Jpurts, at this point he begins to have a nice conversation with you, at no point did he troll during this meeting, he did indeed say my friend a few times but it wasn't in any form other than to address you. You grew very agitated with @Jpurts as he asked if he could leave, you then spot me. At the point you spotted me I expected that you would come to your senses and calm down a little now that it's a 2v1 situation but you continue to be very aggressive. I try to deescalate the situation but it's very apparent you had no intention to calm. While this is going on my other esse @TehMellow attempts to leave, you spot him aswell and continue to run your mouth in a 3v1 situation. NVFL? Maybe, not for me to say. Eventually we all attempt to leave on our own accord but you say "No you're not, you're staying right here", I don't know about you but that sounds like a threat and demand to me thereby constituting an initiation. We leave the compound after refusing your demands and @Jpurts picks up the code lock from the floor after you accuse us of sawing them off. The gate swings closed and he puts the combo lock back on the gate, at no point would he have had the time to change the combo lock. As we are wondering off up the street you fire a shot. I don't know if it was in the air as I didn't happen to see, I was told this was a warning shot and given your attitude towards us this made sense. I personally dipped up onto the hill and took an overwatch position firing off a few shots here and there more to rock you then actually hurt you. My boys @Jpurts & @TehMellow run up to the compound walls after turning to engage your fire. @Jpurts gets himself over the wall and kills you. At no point did you "ask nicely" you made a demand, we went against that. At no point did @Jpurts only reply "My friend, My friend" it was to address you at the end of a sentence. You yourself were aggressive towards us as we attempted to leave and you attempted to make us stay. You seemed very vexed by the entire situation and at no point did you stop to think that these 3 men in my base might just be a big enough threat to my life that I might contain myself. And just so we're clear I'll give you a TL;DR. I guess combo lock. I get into loot room. You log on, we scatter. You get aggy and 'demand' we stay. We ignore your 'demand' and leave. You fire a shot moments after an aggressive confrontation. You get engaged because of your actions and engage us in return. You die. If yous need anything more from me @ me, otherwise im outty to RP boys. Have a good day. Edit; I should mention that when you say; "and opened every gate lock we have (three of them)" you fail to mention that these three locks use the exact same code (199) and are required to be opened to gain access to the base, Furthermore you saying "they changed the ORIGINAL lock codes" isn't entirely true as only one lock was reapplied to the base not multiple.
  7. ChrisW

    Remove the Twatch T-Shirt from DayZRP

    Realistically you need a couple of cosplayers in there.
  8. ChrisW

    Remove the Twatch T-Shirt from DayZRP

    Explain this then Bishop?
  9. ChrisW


    Good times. Should be removed like this one was.
  10. ChrisW


    User has been cautioned for this post.
  11. ChrisW

    SPFL is the best league in the world, change my mind.

    I mean you're just categorically wrong there aint no two ways about it.
  12. ChrisW

    Celebrity Characters

    Taken the kids she has.
  13. ChrisW

    Celebrity Characters

    Pfft what a basic bitch thing to do.
  14. ChrisW

    Celebrity Characters

    How can you be sure?
  15. ChrisW

    Child RP

    Just a bit dodgy really.
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