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  1. Woah kidda it's my birthday Month yo boys busy. Ill be back soon dw.
  2. "I agree to surrender my caravan and any scrap metal I hold to members within Elddis & I agree to surrender PK rights to Elddis if I decide to betray the man behind the wire"
  3. Give him an unquenchable need for heroin. Uno the type of thing im on about a quirky little character trait like drug addiction really seals the deal for me. Personally Michael Joyce is a steroid man and would happily pay in sexual favours. In all seriousness though character traits like drug addiction or something less serious, say like they really like a cold can of Pipsi gives your character a little bit something unique and give you constant role play as you try to find that item or do that thing. Simple things have great effect
  4. Micky was raised by his family in Longford, Ireland. Already a bunch of rowdy travellers Micky fell right in with them from a young age. Partaking in a bit of the old bare knuckle boxing as they all did, his first scrap came about when one of his cousins pinched a white chocolate Bueno from his JD bag, after that he never looked back. Loved the sport he did and tried his fucking hardest to turn pro, though is attitude never really lent him for that and to be honest Micky never had the right mentality, he just wanted the money nothing more. Since his boxing never worked out he used to pay his way through life helping out the family business or swindling pensioners out of there retirement fund. Fighting stayed ever present an one of the family, Paddy took up coaching. He used to coach the lads an decided that they'd be best off trying there hand at sparking out Russians, so off they headed to Chernarus.
  5. Fuckin Shamless Plug; www.twitch.tv/sbchrisw




  6. Top 10 things said directly after the 2016 presidential election?
  7. See my issue is when people log in like 10, 20 mins after a firefight has started. Should only allow people to log in 5 minutes after initiation and if the gunfight lasts longer than that not at all. Realistically if a firefight were to breakout you aint taking half hour to be "woken up", your getting up fast. Adding to the 5 minute thing they should have to engage in the firefight within that time period as well, so you cant just log in within five then hide away until the time suits you. Five minutes to log in and get involved or it's considered a rule break. Should you log in and not get involved till after five mins are up, just re-initiate. Simple enough.
  8. ChrisW

    The Whyos

    yh but why did the gang go Cherno still? U aint really explained that beyond sayin they just began spreading influence in chernarus...
  9. lbh ur tapped if u play a child anyway. 18+
  10. Making people pledge allegiance to the cause.
  11. All I'm saying is that the Rebels in Star Wars were seen as terrorists by the Empire and we like them so...

  12. Ireland, free from the centre to the sea. Fuck the crown.

    1. Rutkiy


      Exactly, brother!

  13. Lets be honest though u can run from cherno to the triangle in pretty good time it's just that people like walls and don't like to move outside unless they out to loot. Cars wouldn't change that theyd just be hoarded
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