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  1. ChrisTronn

    In game Premium poll

    Group clothing shouldn't be forced upon to a group, thats my only thoughts on this. I couldn't really care about anything else mentioned.
  2. ChrisTronn

    Food being rare: Discussion

    I've had 0 issues with food. Cans galore, steaks galore. I suggest you look in ruined cars, seems to be a hot spot for tins. At one point I had 19 steaks on me and like 6 tins, dont ask why I dont know either.
  3. ChrisTronn

    DayZ Server should not go over 60

    If 100 pop was as stable as 60 I do agree but as we know, it's not.
  4. ChrisTronn

    DayZ Server should not go over 60

    I strongly agree. I should've stood no chance in that situation, and while I wont apolgise for it cause I can't lie it was bloody hilarious on my end I can understand the level of frustration yous must've been going through. I truly went into that engagement only seeing two of you, as there was two of us I though yea' why not... Then the rest of you decended out of no where I should've been killed. Nevertheless, consider this a stress test. I cant imagine they'd allow it to happen again.
  5. ChrisTronn

    [OUTDATED] {0.63} How to join the current DayZRP server

    ^^^^ All of what they said.
  6. ChrisTronn

    October 2018 changes

    I carry around an AK with four mags, my pistol along with four mags for that and a Dragunov x1 mag. All the food I need (Six tins of tactical bacon) , water (Two PET bottles) and ammunition aswell as a few other things like can opener and a knife and I have atleast 3/4 of my bar. The way I do it is I dont wear a vest or a top for that matter. All I have are my trousrers, boots and a bag. I have no issues with stanima as such apart from one small thing. When it rains my gear goes from weighing x amount to "x"x4. This is what resulted in my stripping my kit off. Less clothes, less weight and since then I have been peachy. But when they're damp it's very excesive.
  7. ChrisTronn

    *You suddenly hear a voice via the radio (89.5)*

    *Jackson takes out his radio and holds down the button* "Glad to see you're still alive there our misguided Doctor of Stary. Me and my lads returned to the town a few days after we first met and you were gone, we could only assume the worst" *He pauses for a moment before carrying on* "I do hope that my blood went a way to help save the life of an innocent. And I do also hope that you found our words moving enough to cut ties with the defunked band of anarchists... Should you need supplies then reach out and we will offer your our bounty. Untill we meet again dear Doctor, may The Lord guide you."
  8. ChrisTronn

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Gz boys.
  9. We did visit you if you remember ? I donated my blood then broadcasted some smack about you after you told us you take supplies from bandits... That was the good stuff that was, I enjoyed that RP.
  10. From what I could tell this mysterious figure was using a fireplace, the components to craft were outside when we entered and the remains there when we left. And you are right its how it's played off, this is just one of those times where it wasn't played off to any degree and was an all round poor experience for one of the parties involved. When we got trapped we became all excited thinking somthing was going down but, ah well. Always next time.
  11. So, I logged on earlier to make the most of my time before this evening and myself along with a group member headed down to Stary see what RP we could get up to. We came across one bloke in the tents had nice back and forth went on our way. We stopped to grab a drink at the well and the person I was with saw a bloke with a green backpack just outside the church. We stood up, walked over and by that time he had saw us and ran off. As it turns out however he hadn't run very far. We assumed he went into the Church so went in to speak, as it so happens he had hidden away somewhere, waited for us to walk in and then locked the door to the church after we had walked in. NOW, it must be said I have 0 issue with this, infact if your about to initiate this seems like a well planned trap, but avast this was no robbery. We stood around for a moment waiting for the good old demands and time frame but it never came. SO, we went about trying to escape. Shot the door, hit the door nothing was working. My second lot of shots must have attracted some attention from the local undead as we heard them swarm, soon after this we got our first bit of communication with this bloke... He just gave us a quick three second laugh. A bit cliché but it's a cliché for a reason. I, playing the character I am, responded with a dialouge about how God will protect us and how it's safer inside his (God) house than it is outside and he will soon circum to the world etc, etc... After this we got a "Right well sounds like your set then" and thats where it ended. We waited a few more moments my friend unlocked the doors and he was gone. I still can't understand his reason for locking us away for twenty mins but anyway I digress, this was todays Awful DayZRP experience, lets hope the next one is far, far away. I post this not just to rant but to bring attention to a lack of quality in roleplay with some people on the server, and I shan't be reporting this for two reasons, number one I have no clue who it was and number two I'm not sure they broke a rule, but it did ruin todays experience. If this is you... Take part in the mentor programme, I beg. Cause giving us a laugh and seven words in a twenty minuite span after locking us in a room isn't roleplay.
  12. *Jackson shifts his chair closer to the desk and flips a switch on the radio equipment.* "There are those amongst us who would hide behind a guise of none violence, however let it be known that these men practice nothing but deceit and trickery." *He pauses for a brief moment and glances upwards through the glass and toward another figure. He'd look for the signal that his voice was clear and being broadcasted before speaking once more.* "The learned Doctor who selflessly tends to the wounded of Stary Sobor would have you belive that his practice is one established to further the peace... Nevertheless it must be told that for such a gentle man he has no qualms with taking his fill from the coffers of anarchists and degenerates alike." *Jackson would turn himself from the microphone and exhale loudly* "Pay this some mind next time you turn to him for aid... And let all know that those who hide there sins will have them lay bare before the eyes of the Lord. *Gives a long pause before carrying on.* We have made an attempt to change this, and have given our own blood to the misguided Doctor before sharing with him our plea to cease accepting gifts taken from the innocents by such unsavoury characters." *The radio falls silent soon after.*
  13. Appreciate the feedback. And goal ordering is deffiently somthing we can address on the thread.
  14. Not entriely. The outbreak can all be the same, atleast the origins of it but it will have to change and be told as to how that peticular region fell.
  15. Now will this be an entirely IG research trip or do you have somthing on these forums I can read up on and get a better understanding?
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