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  1. Short answer: online raiding fucking sucks on this server. Its already hard enough on PvP DayZ servers, on this server you are forced to make people inside put their hands up and cuff them instead of KoSing. Yeah yeah rp and all that, but there are no separate initiation rules for base raiding as an ATTACKER. I'd much rather raid offline than get gunned down while in the middle of cuffing someone in the base that is being docile. oh yeah and I'd also have to get like 15 items to restrain people if I were to raid a large group and they all decided to be compliant.
  2. I was searching through someone else's base and they had gillie suits that had the green spray paint put on it. How does one go about coloring a gillie suit on this server, I have never once seen a green spray paint. @Alan Woods Is that the same for ghillie gun wraps?
  3. So basically I'm walking down the road with my friends, and then turn around and get hit by a car swerving into me. My friends then kill them later and its not allowed? Seems kinda weird because THEY MURDERED ME.
  4. Server and location: S1 Standalone Topolniki Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 5/9/19 4:53pm CST Your in game name: Josh Sawyer Names of allies involved: Kato Ito Name of suspect/s: Unkown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I run up on my friend Kato Ito 2 people there talking to him tell him to put his guns away, so I went behind a bush and they saw me so I was told to put my hands up, the second I did (put my hands up) I was shot in the head by one of them, I never got their names it was the most invalid kill I've ever seen in my life.
  5. I said over the megaphone behind concealment something along the lines of "Hey you better lay down because it appears you've been taking psychotropic drugs and we're unsure of your state of mind", he never did but we didn't decide to do anything at drastic to him at that point. We had 2 people talking to him and I don't think he complied at that point. We didn't want to do anything because we're not a bunch of cheesers who just try to kill people on the boarder of the rules. But he ran up and punched me in the face after i initiated so my friend decided at that point to take drastic measures and kill him at that point to protect me.
  6. Josh is unsure about his identity, he claims to be a half Chernarussian as his family moved from Charnarus to America many years ago. Before the outbreak he was extremely obsessed with anything automotive. He's also obsessed with Mountain Dew, hence his nickname "Dewwy". He a crazy one. He's actually convinced himself that he can turn Mountain Dew into a fuel source for vehicles land and air. He'll try but nobody believes that he can ever make it a reality. Back in America his folks lived away from big cities so he had a bit of a country boy's life growing up. He does what works and is a good shot with a rifle. He's come to Chernarus after the outbreak to try and find his roots and maybe find some people from the area. He's very unsure of the state of the area as there is no media anymore. Only radio broadcasts from settlements, and people with a radio can say anything they want to, lie about whatever they want to. He feels safe because of his Charnarussian roots. Maybe it will come in handy to gain the trust of the locals.
  7. All was fine in the southern state of Alabama. He lived on a large land which was once a farm that he inherited from his family. But as is common knowledge, things didn't stay calm for a long time. After the outbreak his sister moved to Chernarus and he had to find her. She was the only thing holding him together and now he's unsure about his life. She might be dead or she might be in a settlement. He needs to be on the move most of the time or he'll never find her. If he does not he'll likely become an infected himself. Keeping sanitary is always something he does by nature, however. So he might just have to survive without her if she's dead.
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