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  1. You took down all of hesco kits and sandbags, destroyed the entirety of our two front gates, broke down 2 other outer walls and broke all codelocks. All this to stop the experiments but then you take none of our medicine you take the vehicles and tents and all building materials. All this while offline so for no roleplay reason, our characters still wouldn't know who did it so can have no future Roleplay.
  2. @itsogman was hit In future I would use either the scope of a weapon or binoculars and we could have avoided this situation.
  3. We had just left Grishino trading outpost with the Corporation with a full truck, about 200 metres down the road we hear a lot of gun fire from Grishino base. We stop as the Corporation are contracted to defend the area. One of them ran down the road saw there were hostages and told everyone to come back. So the 10 of us all get out and head back to Grisihno, on our way back someone at the barn called someone at the front of group and either got shot or shot at them I'm not sure. With all 10 of us around the barn they said someone had taken Grisihno trading town hostage and we need to help. With two of our people not having weapons or having very little ammunition we left them in a cabin next to the truck. 5 people stayed in the southern part of the town and myself @itsogman (Cameron) and @Olaf Sin (Olaf) flanked around the side to the police station where a person was shooting our group from. Cameron stayed on the eastern hill and Olaf and I pushed in. We killed the shooter in the police station and began to shoot at the people pushing up the hill. While in the police station random people kept coming up and asking what was going on. we told them to leave as there's a situation going on and we don't want to accidently shoot them. Our other members then radio in not to shoot anyone in full black and a gas mask and anyone in the surrounding area without there hands up is currently surrounding there building. So we head back over the hill to try and save them. We hear gun shots and no one on radio so we assume they're dead and maybe a Corporation member is still alive, while heading back to the cabin the 3 of us were looking for anyone, Cameron got hit (and survived) and said there was someone on the western hill. I then started to follow the tree line round to try and find the sniper. In the mean time I believe Olaf and Cameron got engaged in a gun fight I'm not sure what happend. I ran into someone in a full juggernaut suit in the western woods and he began to chase me down, so running down the tree line I was looking backwards trying to spot the juggernaut then I ran into @Horatio in the woods scopped in on the area we were just fighting in, so I presume it was the sniper on the western hill and shot him. Again I never intended to shoot anyone not involved and i'm sorry that you got caught in the crossfire without even knowing of the situation, I'm not running around shooting everyone I see. You just had a weapon out in the active area and matched the description my friend gave me. The whole situation was messy, with 10 people in town 10 people in the truck and even more attacking the town. There were hostages calling out locations of people and running around looting the bodies and people pretending not to be a part of it to just then shooting people. I'm not sure what I could have done in the situation If I talked you could have just shot me if you were the sniper.
  4. Hey, Was engaged in a massive gun fight in Grishino that lasted about 30-40 mins. In the final part of the gun fight there were about 5 people left, my friend was shot by someone he called out to be on the western hill. So I started flanking to the Western hill to try and find the sniper, having found someone scoping in on the town I assumed it was you so shot you. I'm sorry you died in the situation but we avoided miss fire as much as we could having told your friend to leave. i would be happy to explain the whole situation to you if needed, I can @ the people involved in the whole situation.
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