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  1. Scottd

    Item shop descriptions

    "Rock the Pre-Amnesty look"
  2. Scottd

    Brotherhood Media

    Why have you just posted 5 out of 6 photos of @ApexCrisis you weirdo..... though
  3. Scottd

    One Group

    Brotherhood would have to be Jerrys IRA
  4. Really good RP from both hostages @yuthee @ScarletRose and by @Jackfisheven got a nice photo to remember it by
  5. Hypee! Thanks for the approval. Now let’s get stuck in
  6. My Pov: Some of the group ran into Stary, I had an SVD so ran up and behind sniper hill to cover. I saw and spoke to one of the guys, not sure which one of them it was. He basically just asked me If I was with that group down there and said there was some trouble down in Stary so I left and moved back into cover but still only about 50m away. Matt moves up to the hill whilst I'm still up there just out of visual range of the OP. I start to move closer as Matt is double micing the entire conversation asking "Can I leave, why won't you let me leave" etc. Matt then gets surrounded and told to drop his weapons. Lemonade then kills one of them from down the hill I believe, the other man is then telling Matt to follow him, he picks up his M4 and shoots at him, I then peak over the hill crest covering me and shoot the man aiming his weapon and trying to force escort Matt with my SVD. This all happens in a couple seconds as you can see from the logs. I'm not sure if your hit logs have the range on them but If they do, you will see I kill him with an SVD from approximately 10-20m away? Showing I was also within a pretty close distance when they initiated on Matt
  7. Scottd


    My opinion is probably biased but personally think everyone deserves a second chance, given the tight noose someone whose been granted amnesty is wearing if they come back and show they haven't changed they're gone again pretty rapidly, no ifs or buts its a tight rope to be walking. From what I've seen and heard its brought a mini revival to the community and I'm sure almost everyone has to be somewhat pleased with that.
  8. Scottd


    Hassan for me, although Razareth came close
  9. The boys are back in town, welcome back
  10. Scottd

    Body Types

    This was my first thought also, like others have said implementing it now I assume would require a fair amount of reworking models etc.
  11. Scottd

    Bring Beans Back to Reports

    Risk vs Reward... will my comments get warned by staff and perma-banned or will I gain supreme beanZ status? Who knows! Only joking pls no ban x
  12. Scottd

    "over the line" Roleplay?

    If both parties want to do it, do it....if you don’t want to go along with it say so OOC and then well...don’t go along with it. You could go on forever about this kind of discussion but surely that’s the end all?
  13. Have to set up an ingame meeting, try and come to some arrangement.