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  1. I'm good thanks mate, and I'm the same Scottd "Scott Green" from the Brotherhood mod days, got unbanned after the amnesty came out. A few of us came back but aren't playing at the moment. Good to you guys back
  2. Scottd

    Top 5 DayZRP PVPers

    I once remember a man winning a 7vs1 against Enclave whilst on 1/4 blood, can't quite remember the name Also, Thelimited, Vendetta and Big Matty Hunter
  3. Not the group thread OP but you can archive this if you like, most are struggling to find time to play at the moment. Hopefully be back in the future
  4. Scottd

    Player recognition system

    I agree I think your intentions behind the idea are well, but personally feel it would be an early Christmas present to people who want to metagame, would be abused way to much imo.
  5. Scottd

    Time to comply

    I'd agree this is a fair point. I understand how the staff couldn't write every rule else the rule page would go on forever but I'd agree you can't really force a strict 10 second policy if it doesn't exist? Especially unfair to new players
  6. Scottd

    Time to comply

    I think it should also be a fully written rule but there seems to be a few "unwritten rules" kicking about which seem abit stupid but giving some a sufficient amount of time to comply is pretty straightforward. If someone got banned for giving someone 8 or 9 seconds to comply then ye I'd understand peoples frustration but the reports I've seen people have been given like 1 or 2 seconds which obviously isn't enough.
  7. A few of us had a busy couple weeks and then the big Red Dead came out so most got sidetracked, unfortunately we aren't as young as our mod days so can't dedicate as much time as we would like, however we are still aiming to stay active. I'd agree maybe we need to take a look at the timescale of our goals and adjust things accordingly. However we have began trading slaves and aim to continue this. Also what this man said ?
  8. Scottd

    Teamspeak: "the heart of he community"

    Never got on with discord and personally think Teamspeak is all but perfect and fairly cheap anyway
  9. Scottd

    The Unnamed - We Are Survivors [HARDCORE IC RECRUITMENT]

    Graphics are stunning, look forward to meeting you guys
  10. Nice DayzRP shout out at 20seconds mate, PoP hold it down
  11. Scottd

    One Group

  12. If it's purely and clearly IC then I don't really see why people get offended so easily. You have to remember what kind of environment the character you're role playing lives in. You think someone who has spent years watching people die, barely surviving on what food they can scavenge and killing countless rotten infected bodies is going to suddenly be upset and offended when someone calls them a naughty word? It's roleplay Of course this only applies if it is done IC and not in a trolling or OOC way
  13. Scottd

    One Group

    Remember this day myself, was an absolute bloodbath...would probably agree with about 60 bodies. Remember when it all kicked off and you could hear almost every gun in the game going off there were so many people.
  14. I'm on the amnesty final warning for a ban I was given 4 years ago for a forum posting incident, before that I managed to play in one of the most hostile groups on the server for a year with daily firefights without receiving a single warning point. Ye I agree 3 months without making a single mistake is hard but it's certainly not too much to ask. I've been back a month already and spent 84 hours in game, there have been times were I have stopped myself from shooting because I remembered I was on final but that was the deal I took when I applied for amnesty. I'd admit It does add a certain amount of pressure when we get on and into hostile situations and I've died in firefights because I haven't pulled the trigger but I'd much rather spend 30minutes re-gearing than getting permabanned again. Since I've been back one thing I have personally noticed is that almost every report I've dealt with has been sorted over teamspeak with both sides happy it was a genuine mistake and to move on and continue playing.
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