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  1. Frank was born and raised in Wales in a small town called Llangollen. He lived with his Parents Glyn and Heather till he turned 18 where he joined the Welsh police service. Frank had always wanted to be a police men when he was younger so he went into the world thinking that was the only thing he wanted to do most. Frank spent 12 years as a PC in the police where he then moved division to the Met in London. This is where Frank became a CPO for the defence minister in London. Frank has a number of skills ranging from weapons and tactics training to a range of martial art knowledge. Frank was sent to Chernarus to protect the defence minister in her legal discussions with the country. Unfortunately the defence secretary was travelling in a vehicle where the driver turned infected and flipped the car on its back. This killed the Secretary instantly but there was nothing Frank could do. After an intense firefight with a group of militia Frank managed to escape from the area and flee back to Cherno where he regrouped with the UN. However the plane that was meant to take Frank home was shot down by a group of militia on approach. Frank is lost but uses his skills to survive. He protects the people who needs to be protected and kills the people who need to be killed.
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