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  1. Biiddy

    Mak's uncool clips

    That fight on the rocks was pretty cool
  2. Biiddy

    Galápagos | Medical Roleplay | Open Recruitment

    Only met you guys once unfortunately when one of your guys pushed me out a window sad to see this go as I heard a lot of good things
  3. Biiddy

    Second server and automatic locking

    Impressive way of keeping it fair, kudos
  4. Its a no from me, the rarer the assault rifles the better and with the AK being 7.62 I am happy for it to be rare to find. Saying that though it can be very random as I found 2 in 2 tents next to each other the other day near Kamenka.
  5. Biiddy

    Post your battle stations

    Yeye sure, 10/10 would buy
  6. Biiddy

    Post your battle stations

    I like your drawings Rolle
  7. Was working fine earlier but 30 mins or so ago was playing and would join for 2 mins or so and it would kick me straight out of the game, tried this a few times and would do the same thing. A message came up on my desktop the third time saying "DayZ has exited in an unusual manner" then some other stuff in small print below it. Any suggestions?
  8. Biiddy

    Where is all the loot?

    I just found 2 AK's at a military tent location to my surprise so stuff is still spawning just seems to be rare, i guess i got lucky
  9. So not seen this anywhere and the staff I asked weren't too sure either, so im aware of the 40 day timer for barrels to despawn and 2 days for buried stashes etc but to cancel that timer do you just need to interact with the barrel with stuff in it or would you need to manually take everything out and place it somewhere again? Thanks.
  10. Biiddy

    D7 Mercenaries [OPEN (STRICT) Recruitment]

  11. Gvido Nazarov grew up living in the high rises above and around Chernogorsk, his mother died when he was only three years old and he does not remember her, his father though he does, he was beaten and abused regularly by his Dad growing up. He would drink a lot and beat him and and his younger sister senseless. Gvido provoked his father at times so he would go for him and not his younger sister. From around 8 years old Gvido would commit petty crime, stealing food for him and his sister when his dad decided not to feed them was the main crime, he would also fish often in secret to help feed his sister. At age 16 he and his younger sister who was 13 at the time had been at the playground, Gvido cared not for being a child and having fun but it meant the world to his sister and he wanted her to be happy. They got home just before dark at around 7PM, there father had been drinking as usual, Gvido attempted to provoke him as per usual and told his sister to hide though his father was not interested in hurting Gvido physically, instead he ran to the girl hitting her to the ground... Gvido screamed and jumped onto his fathers back and bit at his ear so hard that the majority of it came off. The drunken mess of a father grabbed Gvido and threw him into the wall, he then slammed Gvido's head repeatedly into the same wall breaking his nose and cutting his head in several places in the process, Gvido again screamed for his sister to run but his father interfered and intercepted the girl and dragged her by her hair to the balcony of their top floor flat. Gvido ran towards them and froze as his father held the girl over the balcony by her hair. His father laughed at Gvido as he pleaded for him to put her down. Gvido grew angry at his mocking and grabbed a nearby bottle of beer and smashed the bottom of it on the table, he demanded this time in rage "Let...her...GO!!" the father smiled and replied slurring his words... "As...as you..as you wish...son" and dropped the girl over the edge. Gvido screamed in anger and sprinted at his father digging the sharp broken bottle into his stomach and over and over again long after he had bled out he carried on stabbing his bloodied corpse. Several hours after the incident the Police arrived to find the girl dead at the bottom of the building and Gvido sat over his Father's body still slowly and sluggishly digging the shards of glass into his body. The police attempted to apprehend Gvido but in his confusion and grief he resisted. He ran to the kitchen and picked up a steak knife, he stabbed three officers killing two of them before he was tackled to the ground. He was sentenced to life in Chernarus prison for the murder of two officers, his father and even his sister's death was pinned on him with his father being named a hero who tried to help her. Gvido was broken and had a hard time in prison. A lot of the prisoners had daughters and wanted him dead for what happened to his sister even though he was innocent of that. He had to fight to survive in their and he did just that. Seven years went by when the apocalypse struck, there were prison riots, a lot of guards left the island, some stayed and tried to keep control but after a time the infection had hit the island and chaos was all that was left, a lot of prisoners tried swimming away but died of hypothermia, guards were beaten and even fed live to chained up infected for the amusement of the prisoners, Gvido cared not for any of that and managed to get a rowing boat and make way to the main land where he travelled North and found a house. the house was inhabited by a middle aged man who when seeing Gvido in his prison uniform told him to leave his land or he would kill him... Gvido strangled the man to death and buried the body in the garden and his since lived their barely leaving the area around, but with food supplies low and no weapons it is time for Gvido to leave.
  12. I have had 3 barrels stashed with a car regularly too for over a month now and nobody has found them so easy peasy just use barrels
  13. Biiddy

    Old Timers

    The new OP group on the server
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