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"Fear cuts deeper than bullets"

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  1. Biiddy

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    Should be back in a couple weeks mate, will message you then
  2. Biiddy

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

  3. Biiddy

    Minecraft server update [Modpack change]

    Can base raiding be a thing? opening chests at least in other peoples base? Im all about that not doing anything myself and stealing it off other people life.
  4. Biiddy

    Death Match

    Rolle @Jackfish vs @OxeN
  5. Biiddy

    The Time.

    Where is my thank you for having the pleasure of my company???
  6. Biiddy

    The Time.

    I guess its TIME to start playing again properly
  7. http://mygotcharacter.com/JHKFDKAKCEAIAI.html Oh, Cersei
  8. Biiddy

    + Mods for the minecraft server

    I struggle enough getting used to the current mods, thank god for @General Rickets Making chests accessible when raiding would be nice, was very disappointed that I couldn’t raid @Roland base when I found it
  9. Biiddy

    Death Match

    @OxeN Shep is bad @Rutkiy vs @Cuchulainn
  10. Biiddy

    Tattoo thread - Show us your ink!

    Got this one done as the start of my sleeve last year.
  11. So you have not had any hands on experience in game for 4 months but are basing it off what other people have said? Seems odd, wouldn't it be better for you to hop in game and get an opinion of things for yourself?
  12. Zombies caused more of a problem than the initiators
  13. Biiddy

    Minimum Age Requirement Back to 16.

    If you are underage and a new whitelist then you should roleplay as a child in game, not to be mistaken as behaving childish.
  14. -snip- -didn't see Banshee's reply-
  15. We will change ASAP sorry for inconvenience
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