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  1. You find a camp then you loot it, I know my character would although I agree that you had a passive character who does not like conflict it would not be realistic to break into somebody's camp however the rules as they are at the moment regarding bases is reasonable I think
  2. Biiddy

    [IRB] BrAithreachas Phoblacht na hEireann

    I think Frankie needs a more Irish friendly surname
  3. Biiddy

    Ammo Loot

    I can never find 9MM but find plenty of everything else
  4. Biiddy

    The Irish Republican Brotherhood: Media Thread

  5. Biiddy

    Nerf Zombies Please

    I haven't personally had that kind of issue, usually if i'm sneaking then I am fine and don't agro
  6. Biiddy

    Nerf Zombies Please

    I disagree, zombies never posed a threat before but now you actually have to be careful around them, it’s azombie game after all so they should be difficult
  7. Biiddy

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    Enjoyed meeting @Falk today in Novaya, hopefully next time my friend wont tie himself up instead of one of you
  8. Biiddy

    [IRB] BrAithreachas Phoblacht na hEireann

    Up the RA, hyped for this!
  9. Clearly being followed by spirits in game then
  10. Biiddy

    Ask the LMs about the Lore!

    "My plane crashed here" lots of people survived that place crash at the NWAF I tell you
  11. Biiddy

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    Was awesome playing guys, looking forward to continuing Frankie’s story with what comes next VivaLaDistrict
  12. If it's for a purpose to RP like I mentioned to you I think its absolutely fine to remember this kind of death, I have previously agreed with @Grimnir I think it was when the Kozlovs executed me that IC I would survive due to the RP being great and it would be cool for me to remember what happened IC to progress future RP.
  13. Biiddy

    DayZRP Mod Version Update [Feb 2019]

    Awesome job dev team, cant wait to find the new items in game now
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