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  1. I haven't been on DayZRP in a long time and I accidentally removed the Discord. I have already tried all the links available and I have also tried going into my account settings and joining. Is there anyway to just send me a link to the discord server. Thanks!
  2. Sergeant Duke is a U.S. Army Ranger who was stationed in Chernarus just before the outbreak. His platoon was made of highly skilled U.S. Army soldiers known as Army Rangers. He was apart of 75th Ranger Regiment and has deployed to other parts of the world such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Kenya, and Iran. He has been stationed in Germany, Russia, and Africa. Sergeant Duke is a serious man. He is nice once you get to know him, but if he feels your intentions are not what have been verbalized. He can become a very angry man. He is very good at keeping a low profile and engaging in firefights. His favorite weapon is the U.S. issued M4A1. He usually carries a sidearm aswell just for extra protection. Sergeant Duke lost communication with his team just as the outbreak started. A small team and himself were flying back to a aircraft carrier when they stopped at the edge of the coast to refuel. Just as they were loading back up, the zombies approached and overran the team, leaving Sergeant Duke alone to.... survive.
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