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  1. Alright, people made the decision to not play here due to circumstances. Archive this again. Thanks to everyone, it was a blast like always
  2. Apparently we are dealing with some systematic issues before I can actually update the roster. Some people are getting doxxed for "coming back to DayZRP" ; sensitive and personal informations were shared openly to the internet to harm certain members of us. This is some real fucked up shit and those who were thinking to get back on this server to enjoy the RP are now doubting that this is the place to enjoy gameplay. Before we can get this group active we will have to deal with this stuff first. Sorry for the inconvenience and a huge thank you to all those who support us! You guys are the true legends. Oh and @FalkRP I know you have unfounded bad feelings towards this Group. But your unnessecary attempts to flamebait people on our group page are not welcomed. I already said the roster will be updated so have patience. thanks.
  3. thanks everyone. Great to see some known faces still around here. Can't wait to get the roleplay going!
  4. Here we go! Glad to have the gang back. Roster will be updated soon
  5. Hello roleplayers. I guess I will give the server a try again. Where can I sign in for the fun? See y'all on the campfire or in the Battlefield
  6. TeutonicOG

    Mordhau server

    im playing duel Servers most of the time. I would join if it is going to be a EU friendly time
  7. TeutonicOG

    Death Match

    @G19RP i guess @Joe vs @BiggsbeOG
  8. What a crazy day of RP today ! where should i start.. @Roman @Salamander44 @Jadeboat @ComradeBandit @ScarletRose and whoever I might have forgot (sorry bout that ) It was again a day full of enjoyment! I can't wait to see where the Story leads to after me and Roman had some conversations about future plans. Im so exited tbh :'D and a Special thanks to @LagIsMyExcuse who did a great Job RPing his character. It was funny, interesting and enjoyable. Sorry for your Buddy mate. He can finally rest in Peace i promise also a big thanks to @Xander Krome who spent his day on the Server with us. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as i did
  9. TeutonicOG

    Groups Represented by Spongebob Screens

    Groups on the Radio thread arguing about who is the alpha People negotiating from a safe Position in 3rd person
  10. TeutonicOG

    Groups Represented by Spongebob Screens

    Free Medics trying to find a way to be needed IC @Derek Steel @Peril
  11. I've just played on the PvP Server and ran into multiple people who did the "officer Elmo" thing in the Electro Police Station. Looks like @Bot Elmo is already a legend there and People sharing his lifestyle haha
  12. TeutonicOG

    Generation Zero - Media Thread

    god damn it ! don't send the Rockstar away from us next time
  13. Thanks for your responses to this. I would really like to create this Group but there are not enough players who want to be part of it. I might have to wait unfortunatly.
  14. Haha yes I Gotcha. The whole missing leader thing in the FM was a big yikes and left us without any help or advices. I will do my best that nothing similar will happen if I create this group! But yea.. the core of the group. thats the thing right now. I still need trusted members with skills to jump into their character role and give a great RP Scenario. This is the only key missing tbh. I am stuck on 4 members me included and thats sadly not enough yet ^^
  15. Yea the whole "recognizing" Thing will be a Problem but that will be handled IC and will also open space for more RP. Hehe yes I get you. The whole night time Concept is something that can ruin the Group really quick. Maybe night time is going to be taken off the Server again or the amount of time it stays is not enough. but as long as we Keep providing good RP anyways that factor won't destroy the Group
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