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  1. TeutonicOG

    S1: RDM/BadRP - Green Mountain - 2019/03/20 - 21:40

    I've started recording as soon as I got online in chernogorsk. The full Video was showing me running North through the forest, mostly muted since i've received a phone call while walking. It literally added 0 to the report so I clipped the video to the moment of interest. There is no more video evidence i can share since the rest is deleted.
  2. TeutonicOG

    S1: RDM/BadRP - Green Mountain - 2019/03/20 - 21:40

    Sorry for answering so late. We've asked People who were part of the Situation but it seems nobody has any Video of the Prior Situation.
  3. TeutonicOG

    Settlement / Possible eventual faction & Rp hub

    The free Medics had dozens of demands from hostile Groups who threaten the doctors life if the demands were not followed. You are Talking about your own demands on them but wonder why they did not followed. Guess what.. another Group was given threads to stay at the summer camp and provide help whenever needed. They got demands that they had to cease providing medical help to other factions. So which ever rules they followed they would have broken another. of Course it Looks easy from your side but never Forget that you were not the only one who made demands.
  4. TeutonicOG

    S1: RDM/BadRP - Green Mountain - 2019/03/20 - 21:40

    The whole Thing in my Video is simply unnessecary for the whole Situation. We LITERALLY talked About the moody Situation over teamspeak. We decided to NOT go for JFK's because Moody's new character never RP'd with us yet. Which means the whole stuff moody said in the ts was OOC Information only that we never used. We are OOC Friends and Talking in ts aswell. doesn't mean that we use everything in the game. That would make your counter report not valid. You can hear the start of the conversation to NOT attack Moody's aggressors at the second half of my Video.
  5. TeutonicOG

    S1: RDM/BadRP - Green Mountain - 2019/03/20 - 21:40

    Here is my Video evidence of me trying to find Jake Lemon at green mountain. He said he got followed by someone completely in black. I first assumed it was me but since i just ran blind through the Woods i knew it must be someone else. You also can hear moody getting initiated somewhere else close to zelenogorsk. Pogo and the others decided to stop and wait for Jake Lemon and me to investigate who the unknown Person is that follows him. I must have been somewhere behind Jake at this point.
  6. TeutonicOG

    S1: RDM/BadRP - Green Mountain - 2019/03/20 - 21:40

    Like I said i was about to meet up with one Person of us who was not running up North since he also was not involved i assume. He told me he is close to green mountain so I decided to go there. (all the way from cherno up to green mountain) you initiating on some of our guys happened when i was half way there. I did not know which place the Initiation happened. I only got the call that it was close to zeleno south side. So i felt safe going to green mountain without getting involved. I wouldn't make the report when i went straight into a firefight but i didn't. I will not response any further until staff asks me to.
  7. TeutonicOG

    S1: RDM/BadRP - Green Mountain - 2019/03/20 - 21:40

    I literally knew Nothing About a fight at green mountain. I heard About People of us getting initiated south of zelenogorsk which decided to run away up to the North. Moody's new character got captured and accused of stuff his old characters did by your Group somewhere in the south but we decided to not take actions since we didn't RP'd with his new character yet. It was literally chaos since we had 3 initiations at the same time on different places. I was not involved in any of those Things and just wanted to meet up with jake Lemon who told me he was close to green mountain on his way to meet with the fleeing People of us.
  8. TeutonicOG

    S1: RDM/BadRP - Green Mountain - 2019/03/20 - 21:40

    Server and location: S1 Green mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:40 Server time. 2019-03-20 Your in game name: Artur Grau Names of allies involved: None at this Point/ probably Jake Lemon since i tried to meet him Name of suspect/s: don't know Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): - Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): will upload it asap (slow Internet) Detailed description of the events: So I logged in at cherno and heard there is a firefight going on. I made my way out of that since i was not involved and didn't wanted to get shot. A few Friends where close to zelenogorsk so i walked up this way. A few of them also got initiated i guess since they muted themselves in the comms. I kept Walking towards @TheLemon who told me he get followed by a guy in black. I had no line of sight so I walked through green mountain Woods to find Lemon when suddenly an unknown Person walked up on me saying "hey how are you doing?" and a few more words. I responded "I am doing good i guess.." when i then suddenly got sprayed down. No RP happened between me and the Person before nor did i even talked to anyone ingame since i logged in.
  9. TeutonicOG

    The Revenants Media Thread

    was supposed to be released a bit earlier but i needed some more footage for it. Here we go! The Revenants - Trailer video
  10. TeutonicOG

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

  11. TeutonicOG

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    9/10 i think
  12. TeutonicOG

    The Green Dragons Media Thread

    hell that looks like a fps feast! must've been a lot of fun the last Clip was close.. he almost killed u hehe
  13. TeutonicOG

    The Revenants [Open Recruitment]

    here we go gentlemen
  14. TeutonicOG

    Whats your occupation?

    Im maintaining machines and other mechanic/electronic Systems in a canadian company in Germany. Sitting in a big ass machine trying to find the lack in a pipe while being covered in Motor oil is basicly my daily thing. dirty stuff but challenging. If you want any machines to be repaired i am your man hehe
  15. TeutonicOG

    The Revenants [Open Recruitment]

    The Group Goals will be updated asap. Also to mention for those who wonder - It is not supposed to be Saviors v2. Our intentions lays in the character developement of ex saviors in combination with new characters to create a new story line based on the RP that will happen IC. Who knows what will come out of this. A butterfly or a moth? nobody knows.
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