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  1. Benedict Falk will Always have a place in my heart and it will be hard for me to kill you
  2. some of my fav kills in the last 3 months. I like to Play around with my vid Editor
  3. It is really nice to hear that we were able to prove our Quality in RP for you comparing to your last encounter with us ! thank you a lot for the feedback and your Kind words
  4. Thank you for the great feedback you giving here.
  5. I don't see a Problem with the attitude. It seems like you started some hostile stuff against our Group, acting suspicious. Saviors took a defensive Position to avoid unnessecary deaths in this war and now you complain. Thank you for giving us your feedback. But I would advise that you should include the thought that you might not being right in every point. I hope the next time you will have a different attitude when you come to Novaya instead of throwing Insults and then not being able to stand the backfire. Better RP could be the result then ?
  6. was only a small scout group I guess ? bigger encounters to follow thanks man!
  7. it was a staged firefight. Nothing but making loud noises. we didn't wanted to make it a 5 min firefight between russian troops and us. It was more an RP event
  8. A little movie about the Tisy event. RP fights are the best fights ! Was funny with y'all. (unfortunatly i had horrible Sound Bugs so most of the shots in part 2 are silent. the reason why i was totally confused and didn't know where to go haha. sadly it also took a lot of atmosphere away..)
  9. *toby hears the Transmission and decides to answer* "This is Tobias Richter. I am still in the Country, still alive somehow. I was at the old free medic camp recently to see if I could find any sign of life. Didn't found any.. If any of you is in Need of help.. you can still Count on my loyalty to you as my Friends." *he Releases the PTT again*
  10. The wrong person got called in. It was me who shot the OP. PoV Tobias Richter: After a small Event up in tisy our leftovers ran back towards our base at NWAF. We then got the call from members of ours that District and Kamenici initiated on our base and tries to break in. We sprinted back to the AF where we then took positions around the bunker to identify Targets and Count their positions. I stood on the Landing stripe when i took my first shots on two enemies which ran towards ATC. At this Point my mate who was behind me (I think it was @BudFather) got shot from an enemy close by. I turned around and killed him, ran towards the dead Body and took his gun. At this Point i took shots from another Person. Unluckly the game still has an issue with the gun sounds where at some Point all shots turn silence so I wasn't able to figure out his Position. @MoodyOG heard the shots and saw 2 guys. One guy in the west Prison and another guy with blue Shirt and beige pants (OP) running towards tent base. He initiated on the guy in the Prison but lost track on the second. I then scouted the OP behind some Stone barricades and waited for a clear view and then saw my Chance to take shots. I fired, hit and killed him. I see the Problem and apologize for the invalid kill. There was a fire fight going on over 60 minutes with a lot of gun fire and I thought whoever is still in the area of the fight would be an enemy. especially because I just got shot from this direction. There is no way to blame the OP because he seemed to had just logged in and had no idea about the ongoing situation. Unfortunatly I couldn't know that and so I missidentified the target. If the OP wants to talk about what happened I would be Ready to jump into discord ? I am normally more professional identifying others.
  11. Very good Video! Love the Music man
  12. *Toby would pick up his Radio after he heard the translation and replies in his german accent* "It happened at the North west airfield where a chernarussian man started big mouthing at us and spit on our work we are doing for this country at the moment. He therefore got punished and will remember to talk with respect next time. Best greetings, Tobias Richter." *he then would release the PTT*
  13. Yes I agree. I just simply like the thoughts About bringing some fear into the game. You wouldn't be able to run around thinking you are good as Long as nobody get the Chance to initiate on you because someone just tries to PK you. It crosses a lot of rules unfortunately and so it will stay as a usual Dream About something like being able to fly. ? Will Keep thinking About more Fresh character ideas. Lets see what my next character will be ^^
  14. Look how nice my clothings were Looking before they all got ruined by 20 rounds hailed into my face
  15. Saviors trying to track down the hostage takers. the whole event took over 90 minutes and my heart was racing most of the time haha. Was fun yesterday.
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