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  1. critical strike, you wouldn't expect that, would you?
  2. I would like to ask you to stop calling me/us a liar. I don't want to bring salt to this. Why we Keep saying that you shot at us is because someone did actually shot at us from your Building! Like I said the first 2 shots were not at us (I think those are the shots at the Zombie in your Building) but after that, in a bigger period of time passing, we heard 3 more shots which were fired straight into our Building. And with you being the only Person in your Building and sitting on top for so Long trying to get an angle on us everyone of us was sure that you are the Person who shot. It is just our PoV and the reason why we decided to kill you finally. I personally feel like you would bring some Anger About your death into this report since you Keep trying to say that we want to trick you with missing Video evidence or lying to you. I just want to let you know that we don't want to bring this to any OOC salt with you. We are all old enough to talk normal About this Situation. It is just a game. So please leave the sarcasm and Keep Talking in a normal way. I would appreciate that a lot Will Response again when asked from the staff. Have a good night everyone.
  3. Tobias Richter PoV: So me and a few saviors spotted @MrCopyrights friend in the factory area Shooting his mosin around. We didn't exactly saw what he was firing at so we decided to take him hostage and guided him into the factory. There I broke the line of sight to him while 4 of us initiated on him and asked him to drop his guns. He didn't complied and died. A few Moments after that happened moody told us About a Person sitting on top of the other factory Building Looking at us and another guy running around the treeline in the south. We thought both could be part of the dead men's Group and so we were Aware of an attack. We were Talking About the Situation with moody on the Radio/TS for a Long time while I was watching the door so nobody can rush in without us noticing. A Long period of time passed between the first kill and the death of @MrCopyright. In this time I heard gunfire from Right next to us where the guy was Standing on top of the Building. I am not sure if the first 2 shots of him were on us but the next 2 or 3 definitely hit the factory while one of us (I think Ryan) tried to Peak through the window. At this Point everyone of us came to the conclusion that this guy is affiliated with the dead guy we killed. So we fired a few warning shots, tried to re - initiate to make sure he knows that we are willed to talk to him instead of killing him. There was no reaction of the opposite Person, he was still on the Roof trying to get a Shooting Position and so we decided to pick the Chance and take him out. I don't have any Video evidence of the Situation. I am a bit confused why you think Ryan KOS'd you when you were actually sitting on top of a Building next to a firefight, taking shots at our Building and even after warning shots you didn't left? I mean if you wouldn't be involved you would have left this place straight away before you get in danger. But since you are part of the Group of the dead Person and you sat on top Right next to us for I think at least 30 minutes and taking a couple of shots at us I think you just tried to get Revenge for your friend, didn't you? We tried enough to actually be sure you are Maybe not involved. But I think sitting on top of the Roof for more than 30 minutes and Shooting at us should give us enough provement that you actually being hostile against us. Sorry for bad english here and there. If you have any Questions I am willed to talk
  4. So I talked with ExoticRP About the Situation and what actually happened. It seems like it was just a big misunderstanding from his side since he thought he was sure I was one of the persons who robbed him 30 minutes ago. I was wearing similar clothings but actually wasn't the Person he thought I would be. Things like this can happen and after Talking with him I am Pretty sure it wasn't his attitute to just kill me because he was bloodthirsty or something. I don't want anyone to gain Points or bans for small mistakes like this. I am convinced that he is a good Sport and so I want to close this report.
  5. Server and location: S1 at Kabanino barns Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 13th December 2018 - around 00:10 Server time Your in game name: Tobias Richter Names of allies involved: Was running with the Saviors but they weren't around when it happened Name of suspect/s: logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): no video evidence unfortunally Detailed description of the events: I was RP'ing with some nice People in Kabanino. I can only remember the Name Dr. Houlton or so. Was Talking to him for a while About harmless Things like Medicine and stuff until my Group decided to leave kab with a car. Unfortunally I had to run on my own since the car was full. They told me on the Radio that they are on their way to Vybor so I decided to run towards that direction. I've met 3 People, one of them was called Sally Cooper, and told them that there is an active gunfight towards grishino and they shouldn't go there. The suspicios Person suddenly came towards me and asked me for a frequency and that he met me at the barn before. I told him that I never saw him before and that he is misidentifying me. He said sorry and left. Suddenly I saw a Group with red Armbands and black berets running towards Kaba and I decided to run since my character was identifying them with the free territory. Suddenly the suspicious Person followed me and kept asking me for the frequency again and again until I told him that I don't want him to follow me. He then pulled his gun out and shot me in the back without initiating. I have no idea who he was with or anything. Never saw him before and didn't interacted with him. Not sure if he had KOS Rights on me since I was part of a gun fight in Stary before. But I think it was more than 2 Hours after the fight. Since I am not able to identify the Player I am putting up that report. If the Person Messages me I would be Ready to talk this out because Maybe I just misunderstood something.
  6. Ryan "Jesus" Sawyer, first of his name.
  7. @Sophie Thank you for the nice Talking on the airfield today Unfortunally I wasn't able to find you again after we met the last time since I have found an AKM which I would have liked to give to you I hope we see us IG again!
  8. Guys how About making a movie, eh? This is Hollywood like! well done everyone.
  9. Angima

    The House Media

    Is there a god damn second entrance into the Castle besides the Bridge gate??? Well RIP then, Plan annihilated by own stupidity
  10. Angima

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    Tobias Richter - IFF
  11. *an Angry voice can be heard on the Radio* With harassing the Free Medics and Blocking them from doing their work you simply tackle the whole lands of south zagoria. I don't want to know how many People already didn't received their medical aid which they needed because you attack the doctors with threats and lies! You don't even have respect for the neutral Ground that the homestead is supposed to be.. recently I saw you attacking three innocent strangers who were Looking for shelter at the Free Medics home. you guys seems to be completly mad! I understand the reasons why you want one of the doctors for yourself in your shithole you call home even if that means the North won't get the help they Need. But let me tell you this - *makes a small break then continues* - If you continue with all that pointless harassments against neutral Groups then you will surely become more enemies than you can Count.. I wish you best luck for the future, you will Need it. *Toby Releases the PTT and continues Eating his cow Steak* *Silence*
  12. Angima

    Free Medics Homestead beacon AM 650 KHz outbound 652 KHz inbound.

    *a hectic voice can be heard on the 99.7 frequency* "The homestead is not safe Right now! A Group of 9 communists calling themselfes the free territory just showed up and started Shooting. They took 3 strangers hostage, not sure what they are doing to them. Had to leave the place before they find me. I repeat, the homestead is not safe Right now!" *the man Releases the PTT and keeps running*
  13. "Hey John, Toby here. If you Need any help then give me a shout. I will give you help at every way I can. Over."
  14. Angima

    Free Medics Homestead beacon AM 650 KHz outbound 652 KHz inbound.

    *hears the Talking of a good friend and grabs his radio* I hope we stay in contact, Rogers. You are doing a great Job and if you ever Need help then let me know.. *Toby Releases the PTT again*
  15. Thanks to @Stannis and his Group (sorry for not mentioning, don't remember everyone) for the short but good Little RP at the Homestead in the rain. Was a nice run through the forest.. That, Ladys and gentlemen, is how you get lost in the fog