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  1. ashiron2

    Random Mishaps

    I think this borders on sexual assault more than CPR
  2. ashiron2

    Random Mishaps

    A collection of odd things
  3. ashiron2

    Who's car is this .jpg

    I saw this before.... made me giggle and perplexed me just a little bit
  4. Paul Hughes is a veteran of the Royal Welsh regiment. He served many years and was deployed to Afghanistan several times in his service. He was honourably discharged after an act of bravery, where he saved his entire squad during an ambush(Something he rarely retells, even to those closest to him). He is a quiet and reserved character, although a streak of confident assurance runs through him. He is calm and collected when he needs to be. He is friendly and polite, but is someone who shouldn't be crossed. He now spends his spare time doing bushcraft and hiking. This is a past time that quells his ever present anxiety and PTSD. Which is in fact the thing that led him to Chernaurus. He had heard of the beautiful wilderness that the country had to offer and could not pass up the chance to experience it. Little did he know the trouble that what was waiting for him when he got there.
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