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  1. My name is Doctor Joseph Colton, I was born and raised in Bangor Maine, have a wife named Lori and a son named Joel, but I moved to Atlanta Georgia along with my wife and son of course to pursue my career in fighting against diseases. I spent the next few years building my way up through different departments and so on. I was brought into this classified team called W.D.A.D (Weaponized Diseases Against Diseases), at the CDC Center. The W.D.A.D in short terms because no one can now the whole story is this, look at chicken pox for an example we would create a new disease that would get rid of chicken pox. But that’s enough about what W.D.A.D is the rest, well that’s classified. Anyways I have been a member of the CDC for quite a few years now was about to celebrate my 12 year there, but then the world ended. I’m co-leader in the Atlanta Georgia CDC now, I was deported to Chernarus for the testing in “ground zero”, abandoned by the government I am no longer fighting for the stop of all diseases as was my prior job, I’m now going to have one job and that’s to cause what happened for once and for all. I'm doing right by my family and will keep on trying to find the cure to end this all, driven by that, I will keep finding humans, animals, walkers, etc to gather tissue samples and DNA to try to become one step closer to cure whatever started this, with a background and bachelors in biological sciences, agriculture, natural resource management, and chemistry this is the task for me, until my very last breath will I find that cure and all the data behind it. I had a few samples from some of the first infected people here, and sadly I lost their tissue samples in a fire caused by a crashed plane into a chernarus hotel where my secret lab was located, Im now on foot doing as much research as I possibly can, when it comes down to it I will be the last one standing at the end of the day and will kill anybody that tries to stop me from my job. With prior gun training from the background of my family being hunters and weapon designers as well as just living in the wilderness. I’m not just no doctor, thankfully I know how to use a gun and know some tools to surviving so this is no news to me. I’m not no killer don’t get me wrong when I say these things to you, I’m simply a man living in this hell hole, but if I’m going to be put in a life or death situation let’s just say hopefully that persons not at the end of my barrel. And I lastly end on this note to try and reach to people, the world as we know it may have ended, but the people don’t need to change, stick together we can beat this world and get rid of this infection, I know I wouldn’t mind sitting at relaxing at the beach with some whiskey in my hand..
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