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  2. Well you both just agreed with me that the soup kitchen was the ideal situation where players built appropriately using the same modifications... so why let the base in question determine the consequence of others (soup kitchen) when you both said yourself it provided good RP.
  4. Everything you just mentioned is a time managing issue. The only thing every player has 9 times out of 10 when playing dayz in any format is time too play dayz especially on RP servers as you need to have time if you're involved in combat when talking about logging after fighting, kos rights, etc. Imo you're not punishing that person and/or group if you're simply deleting their base as you're only making their time building the base and gathering supplies for that base a waste but the players involved had the time in the first place to reach that point. You're only punishing the time used by those people. That is my point. If you punished people with timeouts then maybe it would disincentive players building a base from scratch not to break the regulations as it would waste their time in building the base plus their own characters server time if they are hit with a temporary ban, warning points or something. The people involved are only indirectly punished without a rule in place that would affect the users character.
  5. imo this isn't really punishing the players involved by deleting their base... if the players involved had enough time in their day to build the base then the only thing being punished in this scenario is the time they spent on building that base.
  6. What were the consequences for not sticking within the regulations? This could easily be combated with harsh rules and the ability to screenshot in-game and report bases. You're just punishing people who decide to build reasonable bases by removing the modification completely. Obviously trying to patrol the whole map for bases that are breaking the regulated rules isn't manageable so let the community have the ability to report bases with the backing support of rules that will penalize the individual or group involved. Like any other rule on this server or any server it's quite literally impossible to manage or oversee every rule being broke unless reported by the community. So give the community power to screenshot and report bases like @Masondone in this video. Edit: Just seen your response to my consequence question after posting my reply. I'm guessing that the only consequence was their base being deleted?
  7. what were the consequences for not sticking within the regulations?
  8. this isn't black and white... just regulate it as you would only be punishing people who didn't go complete bonkers with their base build like this one in the video.
  9. exactly just regulate it
  10. should just do two chernarus servers as the second server doesn't even get played on
  11. Stu_


    no worries
  12. Stu_

    Fence Kit

    Well players aren't capable of running through watch tower structures anyway regardless if it's a wall or watch tower so it's actually serving the same purpose as a wall indirectly even if it was built as a watch tower. Why not give players the ability to build walls but limit the amount of walls allowed to be built around one area? The example is soup kitchen. Instead, the incentive for players who don't want to be a part of an official group and try build something similar to the soup kitchen has been completely destroyed instead you're forced to make an official group to apply for a pre fab base. The whole server shouldn't be punished by removing wall building when you could simply restrict the amount of walls allowed to be placed to fortify one area, no? This would limit the scale of bases on the server stopping anything like epoch bases coming forth but actual fortified base with a couple of walls not a single door with one level of defense to invaders. This would let players freely pursue base building even if it's small but there is still that incentive to actually fortify one area instead of blanket banning wall building and only giving one option to players to base build which is to join an official group but players should be free to do what they want regarding base building even if the option is a couple of walls around one area instead you're left with doors in one house.
  13. Stu_

    Fence Kit

    Surely it doesn't matter if the tower kits are being used as walls because the object will still be in the game regardless if it's being used as a wall or watch tower. Would it not make more sense to apply a restriction on how many walls are allowed to be placed at one base to stop players from building multi story bases but still give players the ability to actually fortify an area not just a single door in one house? For example, before the lore wipe the area that was fortified called the "soup kitchen" just below vybor would be more than ideal as an objective for players in-game to build something similar. The incentive for players not in any official group to go out their way and build a base has been destroyed as you're not capable of fortifying off one small area instead you're left with one door in one single house.
  14. Tony was a lonely farm owner who grew up in Gorka a remote village in Chernarus, he was a quiet man who kept to himself and done his job of supplying the village with goods. One of the only times that he had to go into town was to get some supplies for him and his beloved mother who was terminally ill. The last trip he went to sell some livestock at the market in town, which is how he made most of earnings during his time as a farm owner. During the livestock market it had become apparent to him that it was a lot quieter than it usually was, there was a strange feeling looming over the town which Tony had never felt before. Once returning back to his farm with his earnings, the first thing Tony done was check on his mother as he had bought supplies from market to treat her wounds but returned to a bloody mess with his mother staggering towards him... His mother tried to eat him alive but was quickly greeted with a swift elbow to the nose which made his former mother fall to the floor. Tony would tie his zombie mother up and restrain her in the basement, he would then leave the farm house to look for answers about what happened.
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