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  1. Since when do people who only hoard gear and avoid RP play on S2, Banshee? I'm new to the server and my group play on S2 only. Personally I'd prefer to keep it as is. We're invested in S2 and find plenty of roleplay.
  2. DocJones

    Chapter 2 [Recruitment strict IC only]

    When Sofie is trying to make home-brew alcohol but Thomas is trying to fix his severe alcohol abuse. Sounds like a dynamic group
  3. Jones Matsen is an american male in his late twenties with family roots tied back to danish immigrants from the 19th century immigration. His background involves working in construction, mainly drywall installations and plastering. He has worked in this field since high school and after years of experience built up, he was offered a trip to Chernarus with two work colleagues. The purpose of the trip was to visit the local companies and exchange work techniques - in simpler terms, help out where needed and experience the locals' way of life. The exchange program benefited everyone. Pay was good, the work was interesting and life seemed good - Until disaster hit.
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