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  1. Hi all, Many of you may not know me but I've been around a longgggggggg time (October 2012) and I am hoping to be back playing now that University is coming to a close! Would be nice to see a few oldies on here if any! Thanks in advance, Side
  2. I kept my rank on CS:GO but also nearly lost £60 on the dreamhack tournament?
  3. Hey guy, trying to make a comeback for standalone. All help is appreciated as I'm an old guy here : Will be nice playing again but until then, tata.
  4. Side, remember I know were you live. Neckbeards... Hussssssh. Two lives.
  5. After being gone for a few months I've been debating about coming back. So I'm back, yep... So. Awkward.
  6. Your joining NeckBeards if not "we will hunt you till you disband" Joining what what? Don't understand island language.
  7. Lighten the mood I must Will be back soon, taking a long break as RP doesn't seem to get me anymore as it used to... But enjoy this [video=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0w8Wog0gWk&index=10&list=LLf3TIsjmPO5JzV5_9ysvLyw
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