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  1. Even attempting to join off someone already in server has no effect, I'm still unable to join.
  2. I have no friends so I suppose I'll ask you [Boiii]
  3. It's a no from me. And even with just RP the server doesn't seem to be appearing on the normal browser, and yes it is in the community section.
  4. After doing all four things the problem still persists - the black DayZ loading screen persists without any change after a lengthy period of time. Seems I'm not meant to join s1, but I was able to join s2 just fine the other day. I'm also plain unable to locate S1 on the regular server browser. This means when I use no filter restrictions except for Server name : RP
  5. I've been looking at posts regarding how to join s1 using the dayzlauncher, this is what my parameters look like along with the profile. Here are the mods I am using, and they are the only DayZ mods I have downloaded as far as I am aware. This is the screen I am getting when I launch with these settings. I do not believe it is the server queue, as I've sat on this screen for approximately 30 minutes with no changes. It is important to also note that the icon in the upper right hand corner will flicker as if it were spinning rapidly. I'd like any help, please and thanks. (I also hope this is the right place to put this, I've just noticed that this is a sort of general 'help joining the server' section)
  6. Martin was born in Seattle Washington to Alfred Sandusky, the manager of a tech company based from silicon valley. His family moved to Chernarus as part of expanding when Martin was in primary school. The 2009 conflict spared him much torment due to their upper middle class bracket. Martin had hoped to become a police officer, and was undergoing training when the events of the 'First Week' occurred. His cadet training was expedited so that he could be deployed as part of a riot section in Elektrozadovsk, where he suffered a mental breakdown and fled off into the wilderness.
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