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  1. Is she crazy? Weird? 10 years old? No. None of the above. No one really understands Tris’ mentality. To her this is normal, this is how people should be. What’s better than a good laugh am I right? Within her 25 year old body lies a young soul. And that young soul is what makes Tris different from everyone else. What caused her to be like this? That’s a secret she will keep with her for a long time, letting people create their own conspiracies of her ‘insanity’. Tris welcomes everyone with open arms. This can be a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. Friends are made easily and normally bad people will let her be due to her overly friendly nature, however you never know what you will meet and Tris is too naive to see the difference between good and bad. Like a child she makes decisions without thinking about their consequences and you never know what this will lead to. LIKES Positivity Laughing Life in general People Friends DISLIKES Negativity Arguments People treating her like a child/dog
  2. Mia POV: If this is the incident I think it is, I logged on and heard gunshots in Vybor. Then I met @Bsigowho told me to stay away and I ran into a house and realise Callum is right next to me. So as I want to not be a part of the situation I run out of the house with my left hand up, then get shot and taken down to 75% health. Then I run away again still with my hand up after I bandage. Then left the area.
  3. Mia West POV: We ran into Vybor to see what was going on and met a guy in town square. While we are chatting a guy says he hears a sound and we all hear that someone is trying to break down a wall. We walk upto him and me and bishop and another guy walks into the building and tries to ask why he is trying to break down the wall. His response is "none of your buisness". And we keep asking why he is trying to break in, but he keeps avoiding the questions. We keep giving him nice "ultimatums" and we were saying that we were like 8 + people outside. We walk outside and keep talking to him and he is talking OOC about gaming and servers etc. Someone throws a flashbang into the window and fails. Some random guy (dont know who) shot towards the window, but no one got hurt. While we were all chatting outside there was alot of gunshots and the guy had walked down the stairs and shot one of the guys outside leading to someone else killing the "attacker". There was no other initiation except for small "ultimatums" and some failed flashbangs. The guy was clearly not wanting to proper RP as he was talking about server 2, pvp etc.
  4. Personally I think that the build everywhere mod makes it alot better experience to build. They can make it harder to build as it now takes alot longer, but pls keep build anywhere
  5. On the 8th of November 1994, Mia Ødegaard was born on the South East coast of Norway. Tragically, while giving birth to Mia, her mother sadly passed away, leaving Mia's father Henrik with all responsibility as a single father. Therefore, Mia grew up with a rather masculine lifestyle. He loved taking her out fishing, hunting and camping. Consequently, she was taught multiple survival skills she would use in her everyday life. Growing up, Mia was never the most popular woman as her hobbies were different from most other females. Instead of being interested in the newest makeup and fashion, Mia would rather go outside on walks with her dog or just lay in bed and watch Netflix. Mia is about 5'3 and weighs around 110 pounds thereby having a slim figure. She has mid-length golden hair and ocean blue eyes. She is fairly outgoing when she meets new people, but likes to keep certain aspects of her life to herself. She moved to New York to study Human Behavior and here met the man of her life, Ben West. About 5 months before the catastrophe occurred, Mia Ødegaard became Mia West. Together they were inseparable. How Mia ended up in Chernarus is a very depressing story. She was going on a romantic cruise, the Costa Risacca with Ben and 3000 other passengers and after many nights of just love and laughter, the ship started sinking. Mia was one of the few survivors who managed to get into one of the lifeboats and reached the coast of Chernarus. Mia, therefore, was alone in a different country. She lost her family and the love of her life. Knowing no one, having nothing, Mia went on her way unknowing of the issues of the infected roaming around throughout the country.
  6. Hello! I was trying to whitelist and tried to connect it to my Steam account which is required, however it said "we could not find DayZ on your steam" when I do have it? Any help? Kind Regards Ingy
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