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  1. NINA DOBROVKI Nina grew up with her single mother in a small town called Rogovo. She was raised like a normal child, growing up with normal society around her until the civil war happened. This period of her life was a bit hard on her family economically so they resulted to alternate ways to get around supplying food for the rest of the family. Their family blamed the economical problems on the russians and foreigners. W.I.P.
  2. LMAO I FELT LIKE THE BIGGEST IDIOT! Mila isn't even Russian LMAO. Too many things in my head at the same time Love ya tooo @Phoenix
  3. MILA SOFKA Mila grew up in the town Polana helping her mother out with the housework for many years. Her mother wanted her to grow into this strong woman, helping their men at home, however Mila had other plans. Her father was not one to sit inside with nothing to do. He had been gone for the majority of Milas uprising, however he was still her hero. Milas father was a fighter, a soldier. Not that many people could brag about their dad fighting the CDF and foreign interventions. In later years, he became a part of the CDHKZ and inspired Mila to go down the same path. Mila did all she could to become a part CDHKZ, and with the rise of Lopatev she grabbed the opportunity to join forces with the RAC, a newly formed governmental force fighting for the freedom of the country. Here she became a soldier, she followed in her fathers footsteps as he had fallen in the civil war that came with the uprising of RAC. Mila was determined to not let her father down and fight in his stead.
  4. Mias POV of impersonation claim: We were raiding your town wearing your armbands yes, but I directly claim in that chat that we had that I do not live within the town because they don't trust me enough yet (this is not impersonation and we are not shedding any bad light on your group whatsoever). I will also state that the armbands are a true color anyone can spawn it, it is no "faction armbands" and I feel like just claiming a color and anyone who wears it is "impersonating you" is not really fair. Let me make a character and claim the color yellow without knowing you guys have yellow armbands for the sake of it. The situation could've been different if you guys had personalized armbands of a official group, then it would be easier for you as well to know when someone is trying to pretend to be you. I also feel like the situation would've been different if I said or claimed to be a part of your group - but as I strictly say in your video "evidence" as we speak of - I do not live in that town, I live on the outskirts. The situation would also have been different if I was to do hostile actions pretending to be you guys towards anyone, which I did not. If I went to someone wearing your armband saying I live in your city - then that would portray badly on your group however, we did no such things and I did no actions which is a part of portraying your group badly. I would also use this opportunity to state that I think you brought IC OOC @Doctor Ice when we were in helpdesk. You were clearly upset with our characters action, and you personally insulted my voice OOC and called me "squeaky voice" when all I tried to do was state my point of view. This is not okay and it does not go unseen. I do not let myself get attacked like that and I think you should have more respect than than to insult me like that. Thanks n bye
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  6. Wait what happened to Tris?

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      Idk, I think forums fucked something up, I haven't played Mia since last summer lol

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  7. Okay so you clearly haven't actually seem the videos I put up or even remember the situation. There is literally video evidence from the situation and that we asked you who you hang out with and why you knew about the 5.0.3. This to me is actually funny, because I warned you 3 times, two of the times I decided to give you another chance by shooting you in the leg. But you kept talking back. Saying "nonono" (which I never heard actually) doesn't change the comments you made back at us 3 times.
  8. Actually, we didn't just rob you for your gear. We kept questioning you afterwards providing you RP, however what you gave us back was not really easy to generate RP from. We rob people we want to rob, that's a part of our group-goals. But we always keep questioning the hostages to see what their affiliation is etc so maybe we can use the hostages for something useful. However, you didn't provide us with anything, you instead kept talking back NVFL'ing when I kept giving you chances to redeem yourself. So this statement is not valid whatsoever. You also claimed "GearRP" before we even got the chance to RP with you. You said it within 2 minutes of our meeting.
  9. Server and location: S2 Livonia, close to Nadbor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2020-3-11, 20.52 approximately server time. Your ingame name: Beatrice Thomas Names of allies involved: about 6 5.0.3 members Name of suspects: @kranen Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved: N/A Additional evidence: Videos are from @Earl https://youtu.be/wbA1YBW2asg https://youtu.be/CtvNcViu-34 Detailed description of the events: Me and my friends from the 5.0.3 are running down towards nadbor after hearing some shots. We see a man by a cabin, so we run after him. As we meet him we try to talk to him and he seems scared of all the people with the guns. As my character is currently “bandit in training” I drop the initiation and tell him to put his hands up and point guns at him, so does the rest of my group. @CJ tells him to drop all his guns, plate carrier, backpack etc. All of a sudden he drops “I love GearRP” in the IC voice - badRP and seems to just laugh it of. He then goes quiet for a while without giving any reason in text chat? (I would like to know why he got quiet as it seemed a bit suspicious). We decide to shake it off and I keep questioning the man and who he is, who he knows and he said he knew the 5.0.3 was weak right now, but he also said he didn’t know anyone so how did he know 5.0.3 was weak? At the same time he kept calling me ugly, I shot him in the leg as a warning and said if he kept talking back I would shoot him in the face. He kept talking back and I decided to give him one more chance so I shot him in the leg another time. He went and continued talking back after I warned him one more time, so I killed him. This to me is NVFL, where I kept warning him about talking back, and even when getting warned by getting shot in the leg he didn’t regard his own life at all. He also didn’t seem to properly RP the situation out, he was giggling and laughing as we robbed the guy which wasn’t really realistic RP.
  10. Great fun telling you guys what to do being a bandit in training lmao
  11. We were chilling by the hospital doing internal rp (what?) and some dude was there started to throw bones at us. I tell him to stop, he throws bones at @Woodzie again and Woodzie decides to initiate as being thrown bones at annoyed him. As he said "put your hands up right fucking now or I'm gonna shoot you" (or something like that) I pointed my gun at the man standing there. He then went on by saying something in the lines of "guess you got to shoot me then" so @CJ and others spray the man down. A couple of minutes later another guy shows up and we have a friendly conversation with him, think he was called Thomas something. We were just chatting about what he was doing when I get shot in my back out of the blue. I then ran into the construction building next to me to bandage up and Thomas helped me and asked if I was alright. @CJ and the other 5.0.3 members around went on to kill the person shooting me and @CJ comes back telling me he dealt with it. We then walk around to see if there are more people involved wanting to shoot us, and meet a guy I don't remember the name of and a guy called fireman Sam that all of a sudden fell over and died and no one knows how lol.
  12. Thanks for letting me initiate on a compound for the first time lmao. Was great fun doing it in my Tris voice!
  13. "I agree to surrender KOS rights to the -designated- members within the 5.0.3 & I agree to surrender PK rights to the 5.0.3 if I decide to betray the 5.0.3"
  14. @CJ @ZedLR @Duke @MaybeleleLR @Hegedraagen @Eagle @Woodzie @Atrix17 @Earl... and the rest of 5.0.3! Had alot of fun with you guys recently Looking forward to more adventures of bad bitch Tris.
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