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  1. I wondered if there's a problem with a server since it gets a very high ping (2500) and throws about everyone out. Happened 3 times in the last 10min. and with the last one suddenly it is back in deep night and my camp is gone for good somehow. Did the server just rollback to an previous state?
  2. Stolen: Green UAZ A guy named "Leo" just stole my UAZ after I saved his butt from about a dozen zombies. If anyone sees an green uaz on RP1. There was scrap metal and a CZ550 in it along with some food and medical supplies
  3. Since I just got my whitelist application accepted I thought I should introduce myself to the rest of the community and say "Hi!". So Hello everyone out there trying to survive! May your loot be good and the bandits far away. Or in case YOU are a bandit: May your prey be well stocked and uncarefull. see you all greetz junk