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  1. Noah Morrison, 26 years of age, Born in San Diego, California. Noah is a E-4, Corporal, in the US Marine Corps. He joined in May of 2015 and was stationed in the Elektrozavodsk area. Part of the Utes garrison, Cpl. Morrison had established himself as respected and loyal,although never facing the horrors of war, he was a strong and courageous soldier who was ready for anything...or so he thought. Throughout the week, news of Chernarus facing worse and worse odds, the moral of Noah's platoon was faltering as civilians have been coming in by the hundreds to seek refuge. As the situation worsened, Noah's bravery had been questioned not by himself, but by his fellow soldiers. The decline had sent Noah into shock hearing that Chernarus was not improving, but becoming worse, believing and eventually convincing himself he wouldn't survive this ordeal. This panic had caused Noah's mental health to decline rapidly everyday as the infected had been moving in closer and closer to his station. Eventually by the end of the week, Noah had decided he needed to escape, not matter the cost. He did not care about the consequences of his actions, his only thought was to desert his platoon before Elektrozavodsk was inevitably overrun by the infected. Noah waited till night on the last day of the 2nd week and made his escape toward Kamyshovo where he believed he'd be safe.
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