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  2. Zoe was born in New Brunswick in 1989, her mother divorced when she was 3 years old and full custody was assigned to her dad. Growing up with her dad, she had to do sports in order to stay fit and grew attached to guns from an early age. She learnt to shoot her first gun at age 8 and began target practice at 11. Growing with guns, she developed a strong attraction to the military and enrolled as soon as she hit 17. After completing her military training she was stationed at Canadian Forces Support Unit, Norway. The ties she had with her family where shattered overtime as she lost contact with her dad, due to the schedule she had while in Norway although she doesn't regret losing contact with her dad she thinks about him from time to time, this usually boosts her morale and reminds her of her childhood. On the 20th of July she was sent with another hundred militants or so, to reinforce what remained from the peacekeepers sent prior, they where sent to a base in Germany and from there directly to Cernarus. When they entered the region on the 21st a heavy storm hit Cernarus and the helicopters made an emergency landing just short of Miroslavl, most of the soldiers decided to go on foot from there while a couple, including Zoe would remain at the helicopters until they can safely return. After the storm dimmed down the remaining soldiers started heading towards Miroslavl, but most would get separated or killed by the infected...
  3. Sebastien Cote, a JTF2 militant and a Montreal native Sebastien is used to harsh living conditions and a simple lifestyle. After enrolling in the Canadian armed force he was selected and trained to become a sniper and spotter due to his excellent attention to detail. Cote doesn't thrive in large groups but his curiosity, and attention to detail has trained him to be mindful and precise. On the 15th of July, just a few days after the outbreak had established itself he is sent in to Europe as part of NATO to provide aid and reinforce the troops stationed all around Europe. His branch is sent to Constanta, Romania where he is stationed for a few days, waiting to leave and reinforce the UN peacekeepers sent to Miroslavl', his insertion would be cut short due to a massive storm that erupted over the region. The storm forces him and his detachment to take shelter in the Black mountains, Sebastien's group shatters in a short period of time and he is left on his own trying to survive in an unknown land.