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  1. Dexter Stewart 26 I wake up too the sound of a loud bang almost like a shell gone off in my ear.. jolting up right and trying too get my vision i realise my eyes are already open and that this place is pitch black.. "where the hell am i..?" a small light shines through a hole in the wall and immediately catches my eye, i move straight towards it. As i look out of my blurry vision too see the outside world i hear moans and groans. I jolt back breathing heavily "ok.. ok j... jus..just calm down dex, this is fine its just a nightmare.." I slap myself in the face and peel open my eyes too try get back too reality.. BANG.... there it goes again the box like structure i am in rattles and more moans and groans can be heard closer...I look over too where the small hole in the wall is and its slowly cracking. "ok dex this is not good get yourself together come on! you can do this.." I take a deep breath and run full speed at the wall cracking through it into the blinding light, i raise my hand up too my eyes as i run blinded by sunlight and bright greenery. The moans get closer as i run for my life eventually getting too a safe spot in a nearby house i lock myself in. "Deep breaths dex this is fine we are ok now..." i mumble, thinking too myself "why and where...the hell am i"..
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