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  1. He was at the very least surprised to hear someone else on the radio, quickly stopping his walking and taking out his patched up radio in a hurry. He lets the man finish his speech, before pressing the talk button, trying to get a signal. (Typical chernarussian accent) "Glad to hear there's still traders around, for I am one myself, friend! Pleasure to meet you, most people call me Rockie. You certainly have some great offers for any travellers, but I have a few good supplies with me as well, and I was considering setting up a deal, if you'd wish." You hear the mixed sounds of shuffling stuff, followed by a ziper oppening and metallic sounds of the man's rattling goods. "I have plenty of goods, such as radios, parts for cars, ammo, tools, knives and even a beautiful acoustic guitar to charm some ladies on the roads!" The transmission was cut, ending with his chuckling.
  2. I've been wandering the lands for a while now (Still semi-new, though) but I haven't been finding much human contact besides the usual traveller. Does anyone know any popular spots with high population density? Thanks!
  3. The man on the radio speaks again. "Well, not many customers around, and it seems I've been overrun by some infected. I'll be trying to get away, wish me luck!" You hear gunshots and growls over the radio. Is that the last you've heard of him?
  4. You hear a voice on the radio, a man, sounds like he's in his 30's, broadcasting openly. "Hello there! Is this worki- Ah, there we go! Alright, let's keep it simple then, eh? I'm a trader from the West, and I came to Chernarus to trade some stuff with the locals." You hear sounds of pages being flipped, and of a backpack opening. "If anyone's interested, I'm in Elektro, at the fire station. I've set up a fire on the roof, and I'll keep it going for as long as I'm here. I've got general supplies, pistols, ammo and some basic gear. Stay safe out there, hope to see you!" The radio finally cuts out.
  5. Nicknamed "Rockie", a farmer raised on the Chernarussian land, west of Chernarus' far east coast, he lived a simple life on the countriside, even carrying on the success of the harvest after the passing of his kin. After being called upon by the Chernarussian Defense Forces, he sold whatever he had to take the civil war against the Movement of The Red Star, due to his distrust in the begone days of USSR rule. Being scared by the war, a fragmentation grenade to his upper chest put him out of combat. A miracle, changed him and his ways, deciding to open up a small general shop on the south eastern coast, giving up the chaotic civil war for recovery. Hearing news of the outbreak, he decided to board his apartment up, staying indoors for as long as the rations could last for, only coming out around one month after the apocalypse. Seeing the torn city, he set on his way outside of the borders, gathering a small group of people on his way out. Using his bartering and people skills, during the apocalypse, he lead a small faction of roaming traders, the "Happy Trails" caravan, which delivered goods and supplies to any travellers or enclaves on it's way, believing to restore the government and set up a basic currency during the apocalypse: .22 ammo. On a daring entry, he returned to the country of Chernarus to trade with a new settlement in Elektro. However, a few days into the land, him and his group got attacked by a group of bandits, who killed most of his troops. Outgunned, he ran away, passing out from exhaustion on the shores, awaking shortly after...
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