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  1. By the way, folks: "Lore break" was just a joke. Chill. It's not like something that wasn't noticed until now is gonna screw up someone's RP or muh immersion. Chernarussian map makers are that quick.
  2. The trail maps on the posts are the "2019 edition".
  3. Rockenbach

    Feels like home

    The breeze passing by, the close birds echoing across the valley as you take care of the crops in the yard, just before heading home for a well made meal and a very well deserved rest. That's a chernarussian summer for you.
  4. Davi was born in the outskirts of the city of Salvador, in the northeast corner of Brazil in 19/7/1994 on a busy hospital night. Coming from a poor family, he felt and honestly was just like any other kid on the streets. At the age of 6, he was taken to school, becoming fascinated by any sort of science or knowledge he could get his hands on - which sadly, wasn't much. In his teenage years, he decided to carve a name for himself. With enough effort and years of dedication, he made it into one of the best research institutes in the region, ITA (Technological Aeronautics Institute) for the military. Graduating as a weapons engineer, he decided to take on the ranks of the navy as an officer. Living his quiet life for a while, he was able to get the bare essentials he rarely had in the past, and even met his soon-to-be husband. Moved into Chernarus after the war in a partnership treaty between the two countries for research and development. He was part of a group designed to make a modernized and international version of the "EE-T1 Osório" tank to boost the standing of his country in NATO. After a few years of getting used to the region, having a home in the area and good company, it seemed life was going just well. Until everything went down. He got news of the outbreak on the radio of his office. He spoke to some of the workers and researchers on the ITA facility, just north of Topolka Dam. Failing to contact the brazilian embassy for support and orientation, he and a few people decided to hold in. Him and his husband, who also worked at the facility, managed to settle down a group of panicked people and fortify the research complex. After all, they had enough supplies and weaponry to hold a few months. During the first winter they endured, a big part of the group was killed due to a sickness outbreak, intensified by bad crop outcomes. Sickened and injured, the locals decided to riot against him. Seeking to hear them out and avoid any violence, he told everyone they would settle down until spring came, when they would leave and also planned a route upwards to Turkey. As the months passed, it was time to route towards the border. On the way, they striked up conversation with the local folk as they got closer and closer to the border. After weeks of travelling in a band of 20 people, they decided to set camp in an abandoned farm manor in the region. Seeing the fire, a few bandits decided to prepare a raid as the night fell. Luckily, one of the scouts in the area spotted the enemy group as they got close. A firefight ensued, with many being wounded and some being killed on the spot. The bandits broke through the defences, but someone set fire to the home. In the panic, both sides split up and disoriented, got disbanded. Having escaped with his life and dragging his husband and a few wounded out of the area, the new dawn proved to be difficult. From the 20 people, only 5 survived. His husband died by the morning due to a gunshot wound to his chest, and a few others were just as badly injured. Now he roams the wastelands of Chernarus. Once an aspiring leader, he's now just a shell of what he used to be. Those people trusted him after all, but he never had the capability of keeping him safe. That's what happened, right? It's his fault, he thinks. Now he's left to live in the shadow of the past.
  5. Still, not the worst robbery I've been in. "Is that a radio in your underwear?" "It's clearly something else." "Oh."
  6. Update on the issue. I was able to join S1 by not using the parameters thing, just loading the game and joining the server. That let me join, but I still had the menu overlay issue. So in my point of view, that probably rules out any possibility of it being a connection issue. Still, can't be too sure. @Saunders I've got another picture of me in game playing around, but I can't upload it due to the max size limit.
  7. Thanks a lot for the help, people. Though, in the server browser, S1 usually has way better connection than S2. Even so, I can join S2 just fine. I have pretty good internet, but I hope this eventually gets fixed somehow so I can join the populated server.
  8. So it seems I've got a bit of an issue here. Whenever I try to join S1 (I can join S2 just fine for some reason), after waiting in the queue for a few minutes, the game loads in and I'm greeted with: "You were kicked off the game. (Timeout)". I have all the mods installed and updated, I have them in the correct order, I have my character's name set up in the parameters along with the IP settings, my connection is fine and even after multiple tries, I still haven't been able to join due to the same issue. Is there a fix for this? I've tried seeking help in Discord, but nothing fixed it so far. Here's a picture of the pop-up:
  9. He was at the very least surprised to hear someone else on the radio, quickly stopping his walking and taking out his patched up radio in a hurry. He lets the man finish his speech, before pressing the talk button, trying to get a signal. (Typical chernarussian accent) "Glad to hear there's still traders around, for I am one myself, friend! Pleasure to meet you, most people call me Rockie. You certainly have some great offers for any travellers, but I have a few good supplies with me as well, and I was considering setting up a deal, if you'd wish." You hear the mixed sounds of shuffling stuff, followed by a ziper oppening and metallic sounds of the man's rattling goods. "I have plenty of goods, such as radios, parts for cars, ammo, tools, knives and even a beautiful acoustic guitar to charm some ladies on the roads!" The transmission was cut, ending with his chuckling.
  10. Thanks a lot for the replies! ^^
  11. I've been wandering the lands for a while now (Still semi-new, though) but I haven't been finding much human contact besides the usual traveller. Does anyone know any popular spots with high population density? Thanks!
  12. The man on the radio speaks again. "Well, not many customers around, and it seems I've been overrun by some infected. I'll be trying to get away, wish me luck!" You hear gunshots and growls over the radio. Is that the last you've heard of him?
  13. You hear a voice on the radio, a man, sounds like he's in his 30's, broadcasting openly. "Hello there! Is this worki- Ah, there we go! Alright, let's keep it simple then, eh? I'm a trader from the West, and I came to Chernarus to trade some stuff with the locals." You hear sounds of pages being flipped, and of a backpack opening. "If anyone's interested, I'm in Elektro, at the fire station. I've set up a fire on the roof, and I'll keep it going for as long as I'm here. I've got general supplies, pistols, ammo and some basic gear. Stay safe out there, hope to see you!" The radio finally cuts out.
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