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  1. Godryc

    S1-mass invalid execution-around 23:20 server time

    Godryc's POV: During the execution I was on top of the base exchanging sniper shots with the guy on top of the glass building that was not complying to Moody's demands. My coms were muted at the time since I wanted to concentrate and I was to far from the execution RP to add any info on it just that I heard the shots inside the base and when I unmuted I found out about the execution. That was my execution POV, but I see the logs have info past it. After 30 min or so from the execution. 4 of us went out the base to find a russian guy that escaped into the fog, the same guy that was not complying to Moody's demands of surrender. I was a little far behind, when my 3 colleagues find 2 people at the water pump wearing Venetian masks. They RP with them and find out they are not russians and they leave them alone. So we continued going to the high school. We found nothing there so we came back. The two guys with Venetian masks are still at the pump, the 4 of us go passed them again, but I need water and knowing the 2 guys were ok, I approach the pump, take out my canteen, I say 'Excuse me' and start the water filling animation and while I was stuck on that, the venetian mask guy on the left takes out the AK and kills me. End of POV.
  2. *He holsters his weapon and takes the radio* Russians and rape... why am I not surprised. When the russian come, and they will come, this will be the norm. *Releases the PTT*
  3. Godryc

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    Smert' rossiyanam !
  4. *As they run, Godryc hears the voice on the radio and presses the PTT* They are coming! *static* The ... *more static* *radio dies out and Ryan yells to the others to keep on running*
  5. Godryc

    Order Of Demons [Open Recruitment]

    @xSaBre You could add 'schizophrenia' to your character, that way Lucifer would make sense. You could do lots of cool stuff with schizophrenia.
  6. In your launcher just deselect the winter map, only leave the dayzrp mod. The server just entered spring ?
  7. Unfortunately no more evidence on my part, I didn't even have overwolf from TS up. As I said, I take full responsibility for my screw up and OP, I'm sorry.
  8. I was expecting this post. I'm the one to blame here. I just logged in, I was at green mountain and joined the group's TS. My group was also at GM and they talked about initiating and heard the initiation (not sure if I heard it on TS or ingame), saw people down with their hands up. Since I was in the tower I looked down the ladder and saw a guy climbing and my first thought was to ask in TS who is climbing in the tower and guys said "We are all in the field", and since I didn't know the plan from the start, so my simple mind thought we initiated on the whole people in GM and I thought the guy climbing was not complying. After I killed him, gave the info on TS to the group and that's when they explained what was happening, good thing too since there were two more people climbing. I take full responsibility of my actions, I'm not the kind of guy that dose this stuff, it was a stupid mistake.
  9. Godryc

    Force PK's in public executions.

    I can't make multiple accents and I know how to play only 1 character so far, me. No matter how many perma deaths I get, the only thing that changes is the name and the backstory will just get lazier and lazier, maybe I'l just make a general template. With so many bandits and super soldiers out there, someone will get kill rights in the end, hell, can't remember the last time I approached Kabanino without someone trying to rob me or to bate me. So to get things strait, I'l just have to give my shit and do all the sub human things my aggressors want just to avoid perma death? I could just live my day to day life if I wanted that. I think some people forget that by the end of the day, DayZ is just a game, roleplay is just a game.
  10. The tension was real, I was so relived when I saw the leaders shake hands in the end. I was like 'omg we are all going to live!'
  11. Godryc

    S1 & S2 | Kabanino | Report #2 | AOGM/Metagaming | 2019-01-19, 05:10

    Godryc Maniu's POV. We heard one of the saviors being taken hostage in kab and he was on s2. Since we were close we changed servers, went into kab, one of our guys went in front and he died (I was a little far behind). When I reached the scene I saw 3 bodies, I learned that 1 body belonged to the enemy. The 2nd enemy was taken as a hostage. We stripped him of his gun and backpack and took him in the piano house. While my colleagues were interrogating him, me and another guy went back to the barn to check the bodies and the crates we saw there. That's when Trent Jaegar logged in front of us. I knew he was the trader in kab so I connected the dots to why he was here and that he owns the 2 crates. We begin to RP and he tells us what he is doing there and that he has a thief problem. We take him to the piano house were we had the hostage, telling him 'This is one of your thiefs' and he witness the rest of the hostage RP.
  12. Godryc

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    The story, split into chapters and the images that were spot on, made me think 'It would of been so cool if they made a TV show about this' . :))
  13. I'm not that old to dayz, I only started to play since 0.62. I remember when the server had like 30 or 60 min of darkness until it restarted. Everyone was using the gama glitch to turn night into day, but I couldn't (some GPU problem). At first I didn't have any light source so I could only sit in a house in complete darkness or run outside. Outside I got raped by a horde of zombies. Then I started to collect light sources (flashlight, weapons flashlight, head torch). I remember it didn't help me much so what I ended up doing, was just logging of when it was to dark. I'm opened to give it another try since you guys say night is fixed, but I'm still skeptical about it.
  14. * He reaches in his backpack, takes the radio pushes the PTT* Doc... I've had the flue 3 times and managed to cure it every time. Staying away from sick people, drinking/eating and taking codeine pills did the trick. But now I'm sick for a 4th time, but now I don't have the flue. First symptom was a 36 C fever. After some time I started vomiting, and every time I eat something, even an apple, I start to vomit. That was the 2nd symptom. The last symptom was sneezing and coughing, but not as much as I did when I had the flue. I used clean water recipients, trowed away the old ones from when I was sick. Ate only fresh fruits and caned food. I'm wearing worm cloths and avoided rain. I'm 100% sure this is not the flue that affects everyone, but what is it Doc ? * Releases the PTT*
  15. Godryc

    Please HELP! We need doctors!

    *Stops for a break and turns on the radio. After listening for a while he he pushes the PTT* I've had the flue and now I'm cured. I tried taking all sorts of pills, from aspirin to codeine, but didn't worked. I didn't find any antibiotics. The thermometer showed I was burning, 38 C. I decided to stay away from people, no contact what so ever. After a time, I started to get better, my immune system started to fight back and in the end I got rid of the flue. So to make sure, I took the thermometer again, and now it showed 35 C. *He is silent for a second, then the continues* My advice is to avoid sick people, get away from them and also avoid healthy people. There is no need to infect anyone else and spread the virus. Quarantine yourself, stay hydrated, stay feed and wait it out. Hope this helps. *Releases the PTT*
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