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  1. Wow I really did miss out huh ? Cant wait till the next event now! Thanks for dropping the video and all mate it was a great watch, ill keep an eye on your channel for more content ?
  2. Wish I was there now looks funny af ahaha
  3. Yhman dont worry about it, just wanna see if its any good so I can know If its worth attending the next one.
  4. Just asking whether if anyones recording it so im not missing out since I dont fancy running all the way back up there and that there is a bunch of free stuff to help out with the event. I dont see a problem with that ?
  5. Sooo I was on my way to the event with a bag full of nails for everyone so we can set up some defences for the horde, then dayz decides to do its thing and bug out ? I got killed by am invisble zombie by the tents. So if anyone would like to fetch my gear for the event your welcome too its by the tents at the back of the airfield, there is about 400 nails along with 3 other unopened boxes. Also if anyone is recording or streaming the event could you link it to me so I get to atleast see whats going on that would be much appriciated ?
  6. until

    So do we bring our own ammunition and weapons or are we being supplied? ?
  7. +1 I love night time on dayz it can make for some creepy situations And the torch works fine in my experiences?
  8. Thanks for posting this, been having problems all week and this fixed it for now ?
  9. reminds me of when I used to blast it in the school computer room... ??
  10. Not old enough yet lad ? Ive been illigal raves but im yet to get into any clubs aha. Ive been told by a few of my older friends that wigan has a few good clubs for dnb. @Beni that was a sick tune when it came out that Get on my sc got a few goodwns on there ?
  11. Yeye I get you, im more into rollers and jungle myself. I listen to abit of jump up but It gives me a headache after abit xD. This is a decent jump up one not sure if your onto
  12. Yeah that seemed to work for now, thanks for the help mate much appriciated ? I still have to type my name in game though, the launch parameters dont work for me.
  13. Craig was a wealthy investor before the breakdown of society, he spent his dayz with his head burrowed into the books trying to get his next big break. Craig was never a man for morals anything he ever did or is going to do is for himself and no one else. He came to chernoraus to strike a deal with one of his "illegitimate"partners, lets just say the details are on a need to know basis so dont bother asking... After the meeting went as planned Craig was due to catch a plane back to the UK but all flights were said to be delayed indefinitely, with this news Craig was furious he was stuck in this god forsaken country; with no 5 star hotels by the airfield to fit his needs and next to no cash machines he was forced to walk to the next town. Following the dirt path he was told by a local to go down to get to berizino his Oxfords that were freshly cleaned and polished got covered in cow minure and other discusting muck. He came up to a sign which read "Berizino 1 mile". Still fuming about his shoes he marched on only to see a smoke plume coming from the town, he tried to make out what it was wfrom teh hill when all of a sudden a crazed man took him to the ground, Craig wrestled the nutcase off of him and saw that its jaw was hanging off its face and a bone pertuded out of its shin. So many thoughts went through his head at that moment but all he could do is run back where he came from...
  14. @Semiazas So it turns out it was a problem with the dayzrp mod I can get into other servers no problem, so i reinstalled it and now it doesnt crash. Now its saying im not using my active character? I am using the dayz sa launcher and have -name="Khane Burns" set as a launch parameter, but when i load in the name does not appear on the menu, I put in the name on the customise character tab and it comes up but when I try join teh server it gives me "This is not your active character".
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