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  1. Dave was born and grew up in Islington, UK. He had a hard upbringing. When Dave was 16 he joined the army and in later years joined the SAS. Dave specialises in stealth, unarmed combat and long-distance shooting. Dave was sent to Russia to infiltrate a suspected slave dealer where he had to kill one of the main leaders, Pladimir Vutin. As a wanted man Dave was the Russian government and kept in illegal confinement for 4 years. During the 4 years he met an American named Joseph Smith who he later became good friends with. After many attempts with Joe to escape they finally managed it. Dave and Joe had been surviving in the wild for 2 years before the virus strook. During the middle of the night a swarm of infected encased Dave an Joe's house, unfortunately Dave lost Joe to an infected and has been on the run ever since. Dave is now on the long journey to get back to England to his family and now 17 year old son - and nothing is going to stop him.
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