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  1. Jack was born and raised in Australia, and he always looked for adventure. Jack always loved being outdoors and with animals and nature. Whenever Jack had the opportunity to camp out he would take it, and since he was an only child he had to go out and talk to people to make friends. He lived in Australia with his parents till he was 25 and decided to tour the world looking for a thrill. When he was in the middle east he heard of reports of strange people going around attacking animals and he wanted to put a stop to it! So he set off for Chernarus. He hiked for miles, since he believed in being with nature than taking traditional transportation; but since he was very experienced in the wild, it was easy for him to make shelter and keep a good standing. When he got to the country, he was shocked how abnormal the infected were being, and hesitated killing them, but once they started attacking some of the locals he met, he would not stand for it. So now Jack is having the thrill of a lifetime killing infected and protecting fellow survivors!
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