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  1. Jeff started life in pure poverty in a council estate in England begging for change and doing just about anything to stay alive. His main source of income was begging in his town centre for survival. When times were hard he would resort to sleeping in the nearby wilderness of the Cotswolds for peace from the rough streets picking apples to make cider and filtering water. These skills he picked up from his childhood experiences in the scouts. His luck cam in one day and he found a scratch card half scratched in the bin were Jeff forages locally. To his disbelief he uncovered the other half to win the full £250,000! He could barely believe his luck! He could finally escape the clutches of endless poverty and live comfortably. So he cashed the money and moved into an end terraced property, cleaned up and started searching for work to just pay the gas and electric bills. Soon he found this was also a survival task in itself and quickly likened his home as a financial prison. A break was needed. It was time to get away from the country that showed him no support and care. Time to get away from the rain. Time to book a holiday to Turkey. After doing some research at the local library Trabzon seemed Ideal for its religious cultures and beautiful archaeological and ethnographic exhibitions. Jeff finally had a chance to pick up all he missed growing up surviving. He wanted to become at one with himself. Not many tourist would visit such a place yet it seem to be ticking all the boxes. On his flight there he bough a newspaper to find out more info on the area and see what events were on. Although it was in Turkish he used his phone to translate the events page. One atricle stood out. It had a picture of military checkpoints. What were the US military doing in a place called Chernarus? Why was this made it to a Turkish newspaper? Jeff paid no mind to it as he was finally getting away from it all. After a week of seeing the local architecture, museums and churches Jeff wanted to try his hand at fishing and wanted to get away form everyone. At the local dock he decided to rrent a fishing boat with accommodation in the aims to venture out into the green sea to check out some of the massive turtles the locals talked about. He saw them as survival creatures who only rely on themselves. This fascinated him. So he loaded up on supplies and charted a course for the green sea in search of the magnificent creatures. He found it odd that his radio would often pick up American voices. The word outbreak and containment kept getting used. This was his time and fed up with others he turned it off. This got worse as big ships would often appear. He would take great steps to avoid them so he can get drunk in peace. He also believed that the ships would scare away the turtles. Jeff lost track of time and as he had plenty of supplies on his boat he had no concern of his return as his rental was for 2 weeks. He often got drunk and stumbled around the craft enjoying the peace but one afternoon his luck was about to change for the worst. He awoke to the booming noise of a us military helicopter. Drunkenly stumbling around on deck to investigate the helicopter opened fire on his craft water splashing as 50 calibre bullets penetrate the hull. In shock he passed out throwing up in the process. They had mistaken him for something involved in the outbreak. Something that needed to be stopped. This was a hangover he will not forget if it wasn't the destruction of his ship a storm was coming in to finish him off. He was unwanted again. Human driftwood floating to an unknown coast. Back where he started. Surviving with nothing.
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