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  1. He lived a normal life. He grew up in a north-east of scotland to two loving parents, he had an office job had a soon to be wife, life was perfect for him. He was a very modest man didn't like to make a show out of everything so he and his soon to be wife Alice had small wedding, nothing too fancy. John and Alice where travelling on the cruise ship "Costa Risacca" in the middle of july for there honeymoon. On the night of the 24th a fierce storm brewed and the ship struck a large rock formation forcing the ship to evacuate with 3000 passengers. John and Alice where on one of those life boats, but during there attempt to get to shore the boat capsized. John and alice attempted to swim to shore but exhaustion took over john and he passed out. Johns next memory was walking up on the shore near South Zagoria with alice no where to be seen. Johns motive is to be reunited with his newlywed Alice Pickins searching the area for any sign of her. He fears for the worst but he will not give up untill he is at peace.
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