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  1. *Claudia keys her PTT as she relaxes against the rock wall with a fire burning in front of her* "To those who make Severograd their homes, Marines have delivered pumpkin to the construction yard next to the water pump. The food is free." *She releases the PTT as she takes a sip of pumpkin juice, wipes her mouth and keys the PTT again* "We aim to keep the food stocked on a regular basis. If you have any requests please let us know. We will not deliver hard drugs, or Mil-Grade Munitions." *Releasing the PTT she pulls her pack off and lies back to wait*
  2. I've played on servers where what you listed was the case. Nothing spawned worth anything in Tisy, north-east base had SVD's and AKM's up the wazu. After about 2 and a half weeks of that being the standard it started to shift back toward the Myshkino tents. This was on "The D.M.Z." before Sinful took it down and while playing on .59/.60 so maybe they changed something again. That or peoples tendency to play like there is only Tisy, Myshkino, Kamenka and Prison to loot made it so that there was pretty much a resident group of players hitting those spawn points consistently depleting the tables there making it so that loot stayed scarce, don't know for sure, and as you said, it's DayZ things tend to get funky. But I've personally experienced a functioning CLE in regards to loot diversity and changing hot spots in my gameplay.
  3. Gear in tents doesn't affect the CLE, the Development team has come out repeatedly and stated that the tents contents do not appear within the CLE tables, otherwise we would need no rule against "Loot cycling" as we wouldn't be able to take item a, put it in player or storage container away from where it spawns and wash the spawn points automatically as that item no longer exists according to the CLE. but server performance makes sense. The reason you can hit Tisy repeatedly and not find anything is because the CLE tables put decreasing valued spawn on locations that are highly trafficked by players and the persistence wipe clears the CLE table resetting the tables to their default allowing Tisy to spawn good stuff again. In order to avoid the problem with the loot tables depleting try shifting your looting patterns. The CLE is designed to make it so that if "Everyone goes here to loot cuz is good loot" over time "here" is going to have less and less loot and "there" will get more and more.
  4. Marsden MRB

    Why don't you get in game?

    I'm not sure. I still play on the server at least a couple of times a week when I can. However I personally rarely check what the server population is before I play. I click Play, type pass and have fun.
  5. *Pulls radio back out and keys the PTT, slurring less now* Gotcha, I will try and meet up with you once we reach Severograd so we can determine a private frequency for further communications. I look forward to meeting you in person. Over. *Claudia places the radio securely in her bag*
  6. *Claudia pulls the radio from the pocket of her pack and keys the PTT* Greetings Officer Nguyen. I appreciate your willingness to aid us in arranging a meeting with the queen. I was not aware that Her Majesty was in hiding and apologize if this broadcast is amiss. We had just heard of her existence from a couple travelers in the south and seek to make her acquaintance as we were initially deployed to offer aid and protection to the citizens of South Zagoria. While I have not received any new orders in the last year, my mission remains the same, so I figured that now that I am healthy enough for travel again working to make contact with whomever the current leadership of the people is the best route for that. *Claudia lightly scratches the inside of her arm and releases the PTT*
  7. *Claudia leans against a tree to catch her breath and fights to keep the nod from taking her, she gently squeezes the PTT, and speaks with a light slur to her words* The surviving members of the 3rd MEU forces who were attached to the NATO Forces last year seek an audience with the Queen. We are hoping to offer trade and our services for a time. If you are receiving this transmission, we ask that you please respond. *As she releases the PTT and stumbles back to her feet and works the numbness from her limbs*
  8. Marsden MRB

    Dayzrp on Xbox

    last I heard Xbox one version has no in game communication capability... how does one RP without communication?
  9. *Bashes radio for good measure hoping the battery will last this time, keys the PTT* "Our wounded are unable to be moved at distance currently. Corps Man claims everyone should be good for extended travel within the next few days. The only true goal of this broadcast was simply to make sure the settlers knew that I had attempted to repay our debt of the .380 rounds. I don't know much of anything about the doings of said settlers, if they had to resort to cannibalism, well maybe my relief efforts can help them find a better life. Also if Vlad and his Doctor Friend are still in the area I just wanna remind you that we did not interrupt your games, so hopefully that counts for something next time we encounter each other." *Readjusts awkwardly after hearing the dressing down followed by random threats and accusations of events she has no knowledge of* "As far as the wee lil pissing match that seems to be sprouting up, this Whiskey Mike isn't impressed. It is good to here that there is however some surviving groups of soldiers out and about. Just to confirm, you have gotten rid of the "shoot here" blue helmets right? I hated putting those damn things on for NATO... Made me feel a cross-hair on the T at all times." *Releases the PTT as she heads to find more batteries*
  10. *Claudia leans back and keys the PTT shifting nearvously at the idea of addressing an alternate COC* "We are out here and hope to keep it that way. I'll talk it over with the boys and see what they are up to, however after getting shelled by "allies" on our way out of Elektro last summer, we are more interested in completing jobs and keeping in one piece than being absorbed into a new attachment." *releases the PTT for a moment while digging through her pack for a match. As the PTT is re-engaged the sound of a match being struck comes over the radio as she lights a smoke* "Aye John and I held someone up after hearing gunfire from the vicinity of the house they were in, an elevated red house just north and west of the airstrip in Balota right? Everything ended nicely even if it was a rocky start. As far as being outnumbered, that hasn't changed since I left Okinawa over a year ago. I don't expect it to change any time soon either. I have no issue with the locals and just wanna keep my head above water." *Peering into the darkness Claudia pokes at the remains of her fire* "Either way I'd welcome a chat from someone other than an uppity Senior Chief who ... -ust .... -fuses to .. -phine ... *transmission breaks down into static as the battery on Claudia's radio dies*
  11. *Claudia shivers despite the warmth of the fire, feeling simultaneously too hot and too cold. Readjusting herself she pulls the radio from the tac vest and keys the PTT* "This is First Lieutenant Claudia Marsden, USMC. I wanted to repay the settlers in the valley north of Topolka dam and the pass. Today I finished harvesting our first crop and, to repay you the rounds I needed to defend myself and took last week, I dropped off several fresh Pumpkins, seeds, and fertilizer. I have yet to meet any of you, but Marines aren't thieves, so I needed to pay the debt." *Releases the PTT to adjust the splint on her arm that was stabbing into her; Re-engages the PTT* "I hope the pumpkin does you well, and if you don't plan to grow any crops in the near future those seeds should at least be worth something to someone else. Know that while I am forced to be an occupying force in this land by circumstance, that I intend to provide what aid that can be offered. I wasn't deployed with NATO to conquer, I was sent to help. I may not have gotten any new intelligible orders, but the order to aid the people here in Chernarus was never once rescinded." *As the PTT is released a deer call can be heard over the radio. Claudia puts the Radio next to her kit and curls up to wait out the shakes*
  12. Marsden MRB

    Old rules back. And unban some people? (Please read before vote)

    No at the end I was saying if we allow banned players back in why wouldn't we all just play with rule breaks? Like why care if perma-bans get removed every every year or two? My main point however was that the current rule system doesn't function without constant and heavy meta-gaming to find out if characters you are encountering are in an official group or not, or in hostile mode, and makes it so that as a new member I have to prioritize Rule-Play over Role-Playing with anyone I travel with. Despite being armed and in an advantageous position to defend a friend from over the top hostilities, I have to walk out and announce myself, get banned, or let "friend" be robbed/tortured/killed without reprisal. TBH if someone I was traveling with stuck around, watched me be tortured, and then expected to continue traveling with me, I'd shoot them in the back of the head, take what I needed and leave the rest to the carrion eaters. My character knows of no "rule" preventing my supposed "friend" from helping me.
  13. Marsden MRB

    Old rules back. And unban some people? (Please read before vote)

    So far as I can tell across the three different threads asking for a return of at least some form of rule change around how Dynamic groups work so we can actually RP traveling together and being "friends" in order to prevent our "friend" from being harassed/killed, no. This will not be taken into serious consideration. Admittedly I have low hours in the server and had never experienced the old rules. I will say that a very large contributing factor of why my hours are so low since being whitelisted is the lack of being able to RP fluidly in game under the current rules without Meta-gaming to a massive level to find out if Vlad and his Cannibal doctor friend that John and Claudia ran into in Staroye are in an official group together or are "just a dynamic" so would be unable to be able to safely push any real hostile RP from Claudia and John as they are "just a dynamic" and as such in the event that Vlad defended Cannibal Doctor friend the two would be unable to defend one another without having given the tactical advantage to the Op-For. As such as a member of the community who is not yet in an official group, you are left with "get engaged on, or exclusively PVE" because unless you are meta-gaming solo engage is foolish. And if you are meta-gaming then you can get reported. If you have your buddy engage with you without expressly stating it while they are in a tactical position to cover you, they get reported for invalid kill/KOS even if it was stated by a person in VOIP range on a radio that hostilities are starting. The current rule set requires rule play and meta-game, not just encourages it IMO. I may be warned for this post, but if that happens I understand, my tone is not the greatest as I re-read what I have posted. However I still feel it needed to be said. Banned players are banned. Drop the idea of bringing back 30+ warning points banned peeps. The warning point system is solid. In the event that we bring back perma-bans it invalidates the entire system and at that point why haven't I just been defending my friends the whole time? Old rules? New Rules? doesn't matter, will get unbanned anyhow *pew pew*
  14. Marsden MRB

    What would you like to see in the server.

    As a newer player in the community I don't know what the old rules were, but understand that the current restrictions on dynamic groupings make it impossible for those of us new to the community and with few friends IC to be able to have reason to risk engaging in RP with a group. Why would I travel with you if you won't help keep me alive? Why would I deplete my own supplies simply for you to watch me die? IC all I know is these fuckers will watch me be tortured instead of helping me. Why would I risk traveling with someone when I cannot defend them easily nor they me, now I just have an extra liability, plus the increased chance of being overheard talking with this travel companion. I can't even leave my chat on radio comms as I surrender to facilitate more than a 10M spread with my traveling companion and their potential to re-init. Basically trying to extend an RP with randoms with the current rules feels to me to just be an open invitation to get yourself slaved/griefed with no tactical counter play available. I understand the need to engage and actually work to have content in our interactions, and like that. However my inability to give aid to my traveling companions without getting in your face is just far too limiting and creates a Rule-Play environment over Role-Play. My character is meant to be a Marine, the friend I have IC is a Corpsman who has much experience embedded with Marine Infantry, neither character would expose themselves to hostile operators and announce their location prior to working to secure the safe extraction of someone they consider a friend or squad mate. So without dynamic group privileges, I have to take an action against a hostile that my character, or pretty much any other Military or Law Enforcement based Character, would never do unless vast tactical superiority was established before hand. This echoes my feelings pretty well right now. I understand that my opinion is not the only opinion, however I have only been part of the community about a month, and I have already seen at least 4 topics calling for a return of Dynamic Groups, and their ability to work together against hostile operators, with vast majority of the members posting on the topics agreeing that a change to dynamic groups and how initiations are handled would be beneficial to the server. The only thing that I have seen from staff or administrators on the topic is "It has the potential for abuse so we aren't going to do it" or "I disagreed with the change in the first place" So we have people blackballing what the majority of the community is asking for, and other staffers simply passing the buck. Makes it hard for me to be willing to take the risk of life and limb to see about finding a PVP group that my character jives with and is active on the same time-frame as me. I'm not one to join a group till I've traveled with them for a while and that way I can make sure they operate in a manner that doesn't clash with mine. Not trying to flame/or harass anyone. Just making an observation.
  15. Marsden MRB


    I don't understand the draw of being able to put a private community servers onto the "It's going to crash the Server. 100% going to happen" build.... doesn't matter which stage of experimental build we are dealing with, I've yet to encounter a server running experimental hat isn't crashing within 3 hours of play. Wait till the build is stable then transfer the server over. More frequent desync/crashes on the client side, combined with more frequent server side crashes and errors equals really bad RP potential IMHO.