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  1. Snip3rific

    From a Radio transmitter (open)

    *John rolls his eyes, takes a long drag on his cigarette and presses the PTT" Lady, an Alice pack is gonna be worth more than a water bottle or two. Sweeten the pot and maybe then we'll talk. *John releases the PTT*
  2. Snip3rific

    DayZ World

    As new as I may be I think this is a bad idea. Although it seems so far that people are attracted to the idea, how long will that attraction last? While there may be a short increase in people overall across the new servers, spreading out to multiple game servers will only decrease the player base in the long run.
  3. *John cautiously presses the PTT* This is Senior Petty Officer Samuels, I just heard shots fired in Severograd. We have brough items for trade. Is everything alright? *John releases the PTT and grabs his rifle*
  4. *John clicks the PTT* Travelling East *John releases the PTT*
  5. Charlie 28, do you have a closed frequency to coordinate?
  6. *John grabs his radio and pushed the PTT* Be advised Charlie 28, Marines have entered Severograd and have heard small arms fire. Will be taking refuge near the Civil Service buildings. Be advised that the shots appear to be originating from the Severo Crane. *John released the PTT and grabs his rifle*
  7. *John rolls his eyes at this nonsense and pushes the PTT and laughs* "Just keep scanning then pal. This frequency isn't for you." *John releases the PTT and begins gathering his things*
  8. *John pushes the PTT* "Sorry Capt'n but with this trying times its too dangerous to give our exact combat strength on an open frequency. I hope you understand that. We have wounded so if you make the trip we will happily send our scouting party to meet you." *John releases the PTT*
  9. *John smirks as he listens to the transmission the pushes the PTT* “This is Senior Chief Petty Officer John Samuels of the 3rd MEF, 3rd Marines. How you doin’ Capt’n? It’s been a while since we’ve heard from other US forces in the area.” *John thinks to himself and looks around the room* ”Since shit hit the fan back in Elektro I’ve been tryin’ to find other guys from the 3rd. Few weeks ago I managed to link up with a 1stLt and a Canadian pilot who’s in no condition to travel long distances. We got a little camp set up near Mogilevka. If you’re willing to meet halfway we’d be happy to see a friendly face.” *John releases the PTT*
  10. I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. My parents died when I was very young so my grandmother raised me. Being the oldest of 3, I had to be strong for my siblings and be the role model that they never had. Grandma always stressed the importance of honor and respect and helping others which is what drove me to enlist in the Navy after High School. I had always wanted to get away from Baltimore so it seemed like the best way to do it. After graduating Basic, I ended up being deployed with the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force, 3rd Marine Division. Although I was eager to see combat and use my training, our MEF was deployed mostly for administering humanitarian aide in the Pacific. When the word came down that there was a crisis going on in the Black Sea between the CDF and Russia, and that NATO and humanitarian aide was being massed, I jumped at the chance to hopefully get my chance to prove myself and help those caught in the mess.
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