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  1. Dzokhar Sadulaev was born in the Republic of Ingushetia, Russia, in the town of Sunzha, 1975. The town of Sunza is located 22 km northest from Nazran, and 47 km west from Grozny. Sadulaev, an avid football player, graduated from school at the age of 17. He spent the next few years as a conscript in the Soviet military, serving as an aviation mechanic. After his service, he subsequently worked as a carpenter. Sadulaev's family and friends would say that he was a man who did not speak when not needed, and that he usually kept to himself. Sadulaev married at the age of 24, and had two daughters. In 2007, as the conflict in the neighboring Chechen Republic got worse, the insurgency had spread into the east of Ingushetia. His home village of Sunzha had suffered. The insurgents terrorized the native population for they did not comply to their needs and wants. Sadulaev, with other friends from his home village, established a milita to resist the insurgents pouring from the east. The small milita launched successful operations across several years against the insurgency, and the enemy pulled out of the village. The milita then disbanded and Sadulaev served as a police officer. Though the threat from the east was gone, a new one was glooming from the west. News from the close neighbor nation of Chernarus about a spreading outbreak increasingly worried Sadulaev. The government of Ingushetia organized a task force comprised of ex-militants and those who served in the army. Sadulaev felt obligated to join, and so he did. The task force was deployed close to the borders of northern Chernarus, near the coastal town of Svetlojarsk. Though to Sadulaev and his comrades the situation seemed calm, the higher ups knew that the containment will not succeed. In cowardice they fled the area, and Sadulaev with his comrades were left to fend for themselves. With no supplies, it was impossible to hold the defensive posts. His comrades fell before him to the hordes, and he together with the last few surivors fled. With no way of going back home, Sadulaev was left in a land he does not know. He longs to see home, and his only drive to survive in the lands of Chernarus is to see his family and friends again, hoping they have not fallen to the outbreak and escaped.
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