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  1. Artyom.. He was born in on the outskirts of Moscow. His father was a man of the military and wasn't with Artyom a whole lot. When he was though they played 'Gun Fight' and enjoyed themselves as much as they could. He grew up a rough child as his family wasn't quite rich, his mother was a English teacher in a local school. This allowed him to learn English, a little bit.. His life was like the ordinary Russian child. Although he was really a quiet child. His days past quickly and soon came time for University.. But his father wanted him to join the Russian Military! He of course looked up to his father and decided that he would follow in his footsteps and join the army. The first few years were tough but he managed to get through.. Although.. it all changed that day. He was deployed to Chernarus with his fellow squad as a Airborne soldier. Though while parachuting a gust of wind blew his squad into separate locations. He managed to land safely in a forest area. He heard the yelling and screaming on the radio.. He decided to stay back and recon the area before entering in guns blazin'. After setting camp in the wilderness for a few weeks now there was radio silence.. This was his time to move in and strike.. to find out what happened to his team..
  2. Mark's POV : After the events of our warden getting shot my character went into hiding. He remained on the island and slept for a couple of days. He had a bottle of liquor on him and decided to drink some to ease off the situation that happened earlier. In all he gets drunk and stumbles over the bridge and hears people talking so he swears and yells at them to give the island back. They argue back on fourth and my character goes up to their gate and yells a bit more. At that point he gets told to leave or he will be shot. He ends up complying and walking away. As he's passing the bridge he hears a shot go off so he runs to cover to hide. After he sees someone get shot he puts his hands up and comes out with them up. He walks in their vision and ends up getting shot. He doesn't fall to the ground and takes multiple shots still with his hands up and begging for his life. After a couple seconds he tries to move with his hands up and gets shot yet again and dies.
  3. *Mark hears the conversation and presses down his PTT* *You hear a young child like voice as he speaks* "My name is Mark Stoc---kon. I'm currently at a church in Severograd i need some help, i'm slowly running out of food because i've barricaded my self in a building. I'm at a church outside of Severograd. There are alot of infected outside. Please help me.. Mark out." *Mark lets go of his PTT and takes a seat turning on his light*
  4. Born in a small hospital in the center of Pasco, Washington. The date is 9th of July 1995. His mother held him in his hands knowing that he would grow up to become someone special and do great things. He grew up in Pasco in the 90's like a normal kid, living in a good neighbourhood , playing Football and generally having fun. His mother stayed at home caring after him but his father on the other hand was The Sheriff Of Pasco. He was a great man and cared about his loving wife and son. Their days went on as Mark and his father played and enjoyed life. But all great things must come to an end. You see his father was hated because he busted many criminals and they wanted redemption and so they sought vengeance against his father plotting a terrible plan. It was a normal night where his mother was tucking him in. "Goodnight my sweetling." said his mother and kissed him on the forehead. He smiled and closed his eyes heading off to sleep. Not an hour after he had fallen asleep he had woken up to smoke filling his room. Their house was on fire! He quickly got out of bed grabbing a small piece of cloth covering his mouth so he could breathe. He rushed to his parents room but flames had taken over. He looked down the hallway to see his mother calling for him frantically as he ran down to her. She held him tight and managed to get them out of the house. The house was in flames at this point. The whole neighbourhood was outside in shock as most of them calling the fire department. His mother fell on her knees crying about what had just happened. He was also in shock and held her mother dear. After a few minutes the fire department had arrived. They were fighting the fire and him and his mother were being treated by Paramedics that had also arrived on scene. His mother cried saying "I..I know who did it... I say him th..row it.". When the Deputy asked him who it was she said the name "Jack Snopy". He has recognised that name because his father was attempting to take down his "Empire". That was his goal now. After the house fire his father was dead and there was a memorial and burial of what was left of his corpse. But one thing had changed. He was going to catch that man. He lived his life devoted to become a deputy. Graduated as the Valedictorian of his class. He got into training and managed to pass. He did go through rough times and managed to conquer them. He decided to take a break and travel as he did occasionally. This time he was going to Russia. He headed out and had a good time drinking, clubbing and all and all having fun. Now he was on the countryside so it was quiet on the days. Then THE day came. He had woken up all tired to a banging on his door. He got up and put on clothes. While he was getting dressed he glared outside the window to see... as he describes it "Turned to shit". He had brought one of his rifles with him because he enjoyed shooting and maybe he needed it for protection. He opened the door and there was nothing there. He was puzzled but devoted on finding out what had happened. He grabbed the few things he had taken with him and set off scavenging the wasteland. One day he was a fire at a small farm and decided to head there. When he got there he was greeted with welcoming arms. There was a steady population there and it was truly thriving. He lived there for a while until again a day came where things changed. There was another group that thought they were better than us and decided to harass us and try to say they were "Better.". We had had enough and decided to surprise them with a counter offer. Although we had thought hard, we had lost. What made it worse that there was a huge fire that reminded him of back before. After that he once again was a scavenger running away from danger. He is still looking for his friends....
  5. The Mist Might Have Taken My Sight But Nothing Can Stop Me From Talking To My Friends!
  6. Campfire : Check | Guitar Songs : Check | Having Fun : Check
  7. Matt Chillas


    Superfred the hero that we need.
  8. Pre-Outbreak ====================================================================================== Muhammed Furkan or "Freddie" was born on 9th of July 2004 in a small hospital. His father Mehmet Furkan and his mother Pembe Furkan. He had a little brother called Timucin Furkan. ===================================================================================================================================================================== Early Life ===================================================================================================================================================================== Muhammed Furkan grew up in a small townhouse in Nicosia. He had to move to Southern Cyprus when he was 7 years old where he attended The Junior School where his English teachers taught him fluent English and he had Greek classes where he learned to speak the language. He spent years there making friends and getting to know everyone. One birthday he got a Xbox 360 and he had fun on there playing it night and day. His father enjoyed fishing and hunting and he would occasionally go with him. He would go to the shooting range as a kid and learned to shoot a gun. Then came the day when he learned of his little brother was coming to life. They wanted to move back to the Northern side because the doctors were better there and they wanted him to learn Turkish and be born as Turkish. So they did, they moved back to the Turkish side where he went to the TED school. He also enjoyed music so his father got him guitar lessons. There he went fishing even more when his father got a boat and hunting became the occasion. He learned to shoot other guns like a pistol and an Armalite 15. It was a normal day at the school when they heard the news. ===================================================================================================================================================================== Post-Outbreak ===================================================================================================================================================================== Everyone's parents rushed to get their children from school and his father also got him that day. There were UN peacekeeping forces deployed in Cyprus long before it happened. They were looking for soldiers to enlist and the Cypriot army had long gone to Turkey where it was spreading to. UN listed that anyone could apply that was older than the age of 18. He and his father applied and got accepted. They were told that they would see each other but Muhammed was deployed to Miroslavl. After a few months he was sent to Chernogorsk, his goal to rule law and order. The duty he has and the time he will spend is to enforce the law.
  9. Matt's POV : Me and my friends were heading to NWA (North West Airfield) and we were behind a jail building and one of my friends was in the tall radio tower , I was looting 3 garages and my other friend went to the Jail building. About 5-6 seconds my friend said on the radio that he was getting help up. I quickly rushed around to cover and to watch what was happening. There was one man outside going into the jail house and he had a field backpack in his hand. I waited and saw my friend attempting to escape and he shot once i believe and hit one of the males. He was also hurt because he was limping. I covered him as he attempted to escape. I shot one of the males so my friend could retreat. At that point we backed off to the right side of the ridge for cover. That moment the server timed out. We reconnected and i was back in front of the jail building. I was covering until my friends came because they said " Don't let anyone leave.". So i saw a different man than the man that i first saw with the backpack in his hand running out with a gun to most likely take advantage of the timeout so i aimed my gun and shot him multiple times taking him out. After that things settled down and we made up with the guy that was still alive.
  10. As i said FailRP basically what he did was he was prone and went into a crouched position did a 360 when there were 2 guns to his head and ended up shooting us.
  11. Server and location: Server 1 , Grishino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 15:10 Your in game name: Matt Chillas Names of allies involved: Richard Fisby Name of suspect/s: KidSmithSta (Discord) IGN : Unknown (Logs Will Tell) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: My friend and i were in Grishino and we were hanging out attempting to make the new bases and build things. A man comes up and chats us up. He says that he was a Officer and remembered me. We were talking with him when he pulled the M4 that my friend had lost. So we wanted it back. We decided to rob him and continued with it. We pull our guns out and tell him to get on the floor and he does. While i'm pointing my gun at him he crouches up and takes out an M4 from his backpack and guns me down while i'm standing there. Then proceeds to shoot at my friend.
  12. until

    The Champ Matt Chillas Is Sure As Hell Coming! And I'm Coming To Win It ALL!
  13. Matt Chillas's POV : I woke up in the double red locked in by the door, not a few minutes later a guy that i previously met 2 days ago was outside the door and with some officers. They unlocked the door and made me come downstairs without a weapon. Once i was outside they attempted to tie me up but i did not let them tie me up on the first try. After that they said that i was being detained for " 2 counts of Murder ". We went to the PD and i was interrogated. After i gave my side of the story the officers gave ONLY 2 options to the public. Either take all my things except a can of food and a water bottle or kill me with a firing squad. The public decided to let me live. But i was not going to lose all my things so i thought in my head that the public should decide my fate and let them choose their own opinions of what should happen to me. So i pleaded my case which the officers didn't let me do in the start and said " This man has killed 2 people". With my talking skills i managed to convince i was innocent to the entire crowd and they let me go without any punishments. After i was let out of the jail cell i wanted to box a little to relieve the stress i was in after that entire thing. I challenged an fellow boxer it seamed. We got in the cage and started fighting. I was knocked out the first round. After that i still wanted to fight and reclaim my Championship back, and so i did. I fought everyone and didn't get knocked out once. I was beating everyone and even officers of the law that had training to fight. They came the championship fight i fought and won that fight asswell. There was this woman that also wanted to "beat me up" so we fought. Of course i won. Then the man that took my championship wanted a rematch. Of course i accepted this challenge. The fight began and i was winning. 5-6 punches later he was on the ground. I went back to my corner and waited till he stood up so i can give him 2-3 more knockouts to embarrass him. He stood up and went to get his things. Then comes the woman rushing into the ring. She starts punching me as i defend myself then a couple more people start to rush in. After a few punches i manage to knock out the woman. But there are at least 3-4 people cornering me in the corner of the ring. I can't put up a defence and try to plead for my life until i get knocked out and killed.. - Sorry if it was long.
  14. Server and location: Server 1, Grishino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 05/11/2018 / Server Time : 19:15 Your in game name: Matt Chillas Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Unknown (Logs Will Tell) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: I was boxing in an event with one person. People decided that they wanted to gang up on me because i won against them and everyone started hitting me and eventually i got killed.
  15. Matt Chillas, His story started in 2003 when his mother gave birth to him in London. He grew up at a nice public school and attended all of his classes like a regular kid.He grew and became a quite clever young man. His mother was Muslim and his father Christian. His father served in the Chernarussian military for a while and he would go visit him there very often. He would enjoy seeing his father because of all the memories that had shared together. His favorite thing to do with his father was to go camping. He also enjoyed fishing and hunting for deer and boars. He was visiting his father when it all happened.He was staying at the International Hotel in Chernogorsk. He was packing his bags that day and he glanced at the TV and saw a news report of the outbreak.His mother rushed to him immediately and took him downstairs to their car. There was a huge crowd of people in the lobby rushing to leave and he lost a grip of his mother. He ended up on a bus heading away from Cherno to Solnechiy. The bus ran out of fuel and had to stop. It was night by now and he needed the rest. He was alone not able to communicate with the others because he didn't know Chernarussian. He looked at the backpack he had packed and it had only a few things in it, a picture of his home with his family and some clothes. He knew he had to find them. That morning he took some water and some canned food from the passengers belongings and headed of on his quest to find his mother and father.
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