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  1. Nice read, graphics need a overhaul though. Looking forward to interacting with this group. Glad to see @Hoferis playing again. <33
  2. This was a fancy read and definetely some well done graphics by the homie @CutieN1RU. Couldn't fail to notice that the "The Order" banner is in there twice, once up top and once at the very bottom. (pls fix thx <33) Apart from that, I am looking forward to our interactions together.
  3. *cough cough* You're missing the point where Sobaki doesn't actually have a base. I'm not going to reveal everything about our group but, we're happy where we are now about bases and base raiding. Additionally, walls are not hard to build. It takes about 5 minutes to build a single wall. Anyway, Gulag Gaming TBA :
  4. Yeahhhh, no. Big - 1 on the entire rule section there. Taking things OOC to find out who lives there just so I can ask a admin to MAYBE raid a base with their permission is absolutely stupid. I'll say it again, it's a apocalypse. Anything goes. The fear factor of nothing you own being safe should be there. No one should be able to abuse the rules and say that you can't raid them due to OOC reasons. If you're so invested in your roleplay, maybe make a simple stash in the woods where you can store your items and only use a boared up house for the roleplay. There should be no sense of security in a world like this. You're going to get raided, you're going to lose your loot. Don't store it all in one place.
  5. No, you're right. It wouldn't be fitting for a roleplaying server to send you a pop up notification on your phone when a individual is touching your door. It's a apocalypse you're not going to get warned. That's what makes raiding and being hostile so great. Anything can happen at any time. Just gotta live with the pros and cons of having a base.
  6. Your example lacks one fundamental aspect fella. What if they're offline and we literally can't roleplay with them? If they're going out of their way to build a base and store items inside, they should have the manpower to defend it. If not, then go and make some stashes or a base you can protect. The wasteland isn't forgiving and I don't think that going offline should grant you permission from getting your doors kicked in.
  7. Could you kindly explain how this system would work in any shape or form? Do you expect people to go up to peoples bases and say // anyone home, i'm tryna boom boom your walls fella.
  8. Simply to put it, NO. There is no real way to monitor or limit offline raiding. Besides, if you're scared you're going to get raided, make stashes. Additionally, yes there is always a risk that someone else is around for you to get caught. Sobaki is always watching. - 1.
  9. Dear @AcSword, I'm sorry that you haven't had the best of experiences with Sobaki. I've read what you've said about our goals and appriciate the feedback. I'll personally be helping @Masonand @Mike with goals even though I'm currently bed bound due to my current battle with lung cancer. I hope you can like the new and improved goals rather than the current ones. Have a splendid day, Benji.
  10. The time and effort that would go in is simply not worth the outcome as of now. However, if there was a substantial amount of people that were dying to have their swords and shields to engage in combat with chickens and it outweighed the people that opposed it. Go right ahead. But, to put it simply, there really isn't that many people that do this type of roleplay for the Dev team to dedicate their precious time into doing this rather than to more important things.
  11. I don't understand how you can fight a pack of wolves with a sword and a shield. Unless, the wildlife you're refering to are chickens and farm animals that can be killed with the dozens of blades and other objects that are already in-game. The crafting part doesn't really apply in the current lore in my opinion. We're still in a developed stage of society but I highly doubt there is a blacksmith producing the chainmail armour. I simply don't see a reason for a fancy medieval suit to be added into game along with it's swords and shields and ect.
  12. -1. This would clog up the loot tables and simply doesn't have that wide range of people that will use it in roleplay. I just don't see people using swords and shields in battle when a rifle is common these days. The mod looks well made but, not fit for the era that we're in.
  13. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- You would hear the click of the PTT and followed by 3 hours of snoozing on the radio before stopping after the radio falls out of the sleeping mans hands. "What are ya fellas on about again? Sobaki ain't going no where without a fight. Stop babbling on the radio and do something in person. Later on." -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
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