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  1. @Dom Is Dead so you go around with a child briefcase yeah? ur point is just stupid. Losing my gear wouldnt be an issue IF I GOT KILLED. But simply leaving the server to have no loot is stupid. How do u not understand lol
  2. @Jamie I also get what you are saying. But happily go play the game for 6 hours for it to go to waste not even by a gunfight. Then tell me not to whine lol
  3. @Dom Is Dead I get what you are saying, but when your character kinda needs to be geared it sucks alot.
  4. I played on the DayZ RP server today for 6 hours and in that time I managed to get fully geared and travelled across the whole map. I had full TTSKO with a Ballistic Helmet and an olive balaclava. The 12 Slot Olive Vest and the 40 Slot Olive ALICE Pack. I also had an AK74 with 2 mags and around 100 5.45 ammo. A Skorpion with a mag and around 40 380 rounds. I also had a FNX45 with the sight and 3 mags. I logged out with my friend to get some food and he needed to go also. Yes I understand that doesn't sound great as this is an RP server but there was no one else on the server so this wouldn't have affected RP gameplay. When I came back, I logged into the server as a fresh spawn with no loot and I was confused. This also happened to my friend. I would accept it to be a bug if it was just me but it happened to him also. We both have never experienced this in DayZ before and I have nearly 200 hours on the game so I've had my fair share of bugs. Is there any way we can get our gear back? Its just annoying to have wasted 6 hours when i have some of the best DayZ loot I have ever had in my time playing this game. Many thanks, GEORGEOLVR
  5. Mark Raven, a 26 year old man born and raised in the United Kingdom. He was born in the South East of England but never clarifies where exactly. Growing up was hard for Mark as he didn't have a lot of parental guidance and had to learn for himself. His dad left at a very young age and his mum was addicted to drugs and that was more important than looking after her son. He had very few friends growing up as he never trusted them after what his dad did by leaving. His Education wasn't the best so chose to join the British Army straight out of school when he was 16. Although it was tough for Mark initially, he gradually picked things up and felt more comfortable there than he ever was at home. Going on multiple tours was okay but he felt his time in the Rifles was over and wanted to move things forward in his career. Therefore he signed up after 5 years in the Rifles to join the Special Forces. Initially, Mark was rejected from the Special Forces but was moved in to the SFSG (Special Forces Support Group) which he did for around a year and applied again to join the SAS. Training was tougher than he ever imagined but he was consistent and kept striving forward. In later months of 2014, Mark Raven was deployed to Northern Iraq to fight against ISIL but was sent back early on injury. During recovery, Mark went to Sniper school to learn how to be a sniper as being on the frontline was becoming too much for him. He was very skilful and gained a decent reputation with the instructors and class. The instructors forwarded him to the Lieutenant of Squadron E in the SAS. He was apart of many Operations after and was a big use for the SAS. This all went downhill when there was word of an unusual outbreak in a former-Soviet Republic country called Chernarus mid 2017. A Task Force was created of 4 elite soldiers from different countries. 1 member was from Sweden the other 2 were American. The Task Force was sent there to help the UN peacekeepers in any way possible. Although it was more dangerous than they ever thought. 2 of the members were killed in action and the 3rd was taken away throughout the night when Mark was sleeping. Ever since, Mark has had countless thoughts he may be dead but this wasn't for certain. His Communications were damaged and had no way of getting back to the UK. His goal is to try and find his comrade that went missing...
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