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Chase Carter

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  1. Chase Carter was an aspiring Chernarussian politician, a true wordsmith, he was class president every year since the 6th grade. He loved to help people in need and loved to uphold the law. After his dreams of becoming a politician died after losing an election for the second time, he became a lawyer. When the outbreak started, he held down a small camp in Elektrozavodsk consisting of all of the survivors he could find. He was their leader and knew how to inspire people. Chase had a dream of completely eradicating the land of Chernarus of the infected. Sending groups of people on missions to kill all surrounding hordes of the undead. Until one day, a group of bandits robbed and took over the city of Elektrozavodsk. Chase watched as they executed everyone in the camp. This fulled his hatred towards bandits. He was able to get away from the executioner but now he's alone, with no one to lead, he is lost. He now seeks revenge for the brutal killing of his people and wishes to rebuild the safe haven that he once had.
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