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  1. My name is Manos. Before the breakout i was working as a bartender on a small bar midtown Athens , Greece. I had a normal social life with friends and girlfriend. when the first wave hit my parents, George and Mary 80 and 76, were the first people that i lost followed by my buddy Pavlos and tens of others that i used to hangout. After the power plants went down there wasn't much of an option on which social media will use to find each other. That's when i had to find a purpose to live and go check if my older sister was still alive. Anna lives or at least used to live in a small town 500 km north from Athens. After the breakout she was the only person i felt like i had to find. That feeling of loneliness was pushing me to her .Heard rumors that everyone was moving more to the North, where those creatures can't stand the cold weather, and so was i hoping to find my sister Anna.
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