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  1. Peter Woolley grew up with Aunt and Uncle for most of his life, after his parents left him as a child. He never really thought much of his parents, since he didn't have many memories of them to begin with. His Aunt and Uncle never seemed to get that he really didn't mind having them as parents, they were always trying to do fun things to "keep his mind off it". 17 years old, he goes to Midtown high and excels at his courses. He likes to think about various different things at once, often lost in thought, leaving him to be somewhat misunderstood by most. His Aunt decided to take him on a much needed vacation, so she decided to take Peter with her to Chernarus for a summer getaway. Leaving Peter’s Uncle to work at home, the pair flew to Chernarus in late June, where they experienced the beginning of the outbreak. Peter lost his Aunt to the infected 4 months after the outbreak. Now lost and alone, Peter is hoping to use his quick wit and smarts to get himself out of Chernarus and to somewhere that’s safe, that is, if it even exists.
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